It’s horrible nasty slushy weather out there today so I thought a touch of bright orange would help my mood. Here’s a round up of my favorite photos from this fall, and luckily they all had a touch of orange in them. I miss Autumn weather already!

Photo Oct 04, 2 41 20 PM

Nov 02, sunset

Photo Oct 29, 5 22 07 PM

Photo Oct 20, 5 20 23 PM

Photo Oct 06, 11 54 44 AM

apparently it’s National Cat Day

I couldn’t just let the day go by without a mention of George!

He’s happy, and super snuggly, and even likes to play again. He follows me around all day, finds every sunbeam that shines into the house, and he’s certain Josh is part of his kitten pack.

I know things can, and eventually will, take a downturn for him again at any time, but for now he doesn’t seem sick at all. Almost fourteen years ago we adopted this sweet young cat that someone had just dropped on the side of the road and left there. I’m soooo glad we did.

Photo Sep 27, 5 20 29 PM

goodbye summer, you were fabulous

I’ve been meaning to share a few of my favorite photos from this summer, and well, ugh. I started going through all of the images I took over the last few months, and then I got overwhelmed by the sheer number of them and kind of gave up. My photo “filing” system is incredibly bad. Like every couple of months I tend to dump everything from my iPhone into a folder on my computer and call it good. I have some stuff copied over three or four times, and some things I seem to have lost completely. I need a better way but eh, organizing photos is so boring and I’d rather just go take more pictures.

Anyway! We had a very busy summer, with Josh going away with friends for a week, and then with his grandmother for a week, and then we all went to Florida for another week. Then there were all of the small weekend or day trips we tried to do, plus, you know, working at our actual jobs. I’m tired just thinking about it! Looking back through the images makes me smile though, so I hope you all like them.

daylily in Maine

Daylilies at my mother’s house in Maine.


We spent ridiculous amounts of time at the pool. When he was home anyway!

spider macro

I’ve been trying to get 10,000 steps a day, every day. Taking photos on my walks keeps me wanting to go so I have A LOT of critter pics.

beach sunrise

I’m not generally one to get up in time for sunrise, but it was worth it in Daytona Beach Shores.


I think everyone in Florida owns a surfboard. Right?

lighthouse stairs

Lighthouse stairs. Easier going down than up. Especially when it’s 95ish out. That’s temperature AND humidity. Ahem.

hard rock cafe

Humongous touch screen at the Hard Rock Cafe in Orlando.

Ferris wheel

Ferris wheel at the Marshfield fair. Probably my favorite summer picture ever.

I hope your summer was as fabulous as ours was. Now on to my favorite season, Autumn! (We won’t speak of what comes after that.)


I had a new obsession this summer, fueled by a birthday/mother’s day present I bought myself with some cash that unexpectedly showed up in the mail – an adorable little 3-in-1 lens called an Olloclip* that attaches to my iPhone. One lens is a wide angle, one is a fish-eye, and most importantly (to me!) the third is a macro. If you’re not familiar with macro photography, it’s basically an extreme close-up on a subject, making it larger in the photo than it is in real life.

Sounds easy! Um. No not so much! As I quickly discovered.

There is definitely a learning curve to taking decent macros.

First, you have to be extremely still. Even the slightest movement, like say breathing, will cause major blurriness.

You also need really great light and you have to get extremely close to the subject. Objects in camera are much closer than they appear! Insects don’t like this very much. Okay, at all.

I have many many photos of things that I thought were going to be great shots as I took them but when I went back to edit the images they were often blurry and/or out of focus. The worst are those perfectly composed frames that are ever so slightly out of focus. Just a hair closer and it would have been perfect. Arghhh!

My persistence paid off though, and I managed to get some fairly nice images. Here are a few of my favorites. (Which you’ve probably seen before if we’re friends on Instagram or FB, sorry!)


leaf macro

I think that’s me in the reflection.

moss spore macro

In case you’re wondering, those are moss spores. Really.

dragonfly macro

I took this while standing on a sidewalk for many minutes with cars whizzing by me. I’m certain they were wondering what the heck I was doing. I’ve named this dragonfly Patience, as she was very patient letting me take her photo.**

flower macro

I guess I should have titled this post “Green” eh?

Have you tried taking macro photos? I’m going to try to get a single snowflake this winter, but I’m not sure it’s possible. Any other suggestions?

*Not even a little bit sponsored. Unless you count my mother-in-law who gave me the money I used to buy it!

**I’m just pretending she’s a she because the name fits. I wouldn’t know how to tell otherwise.


I’m pretty swamped with work this summer but when I have time to spare to take a walk, I’m kind of obsessed with taking photos of flowers. It’s just that time of year, if I don’t do it while everything is blooming now, I’ll totally regret it come January! I’ve been trying to post about one photo a day on somewhere social media just because it makes me happy when I look at my own profile pages and see them. Yeah, dork, whatever.

Here’s a selection of purple images I’ve taken over the last couple of months, I hope they make you happy too. 🙂




Iris close up.

iris 2

Same iris.


Purple coneflower, also known as echinacea.



In case you’re wondering, these were all shot with my iPhone and edited in the Camera+ app.


through the wires

Little League is finally over. We lost in the 2nd round of playoffs on Saturday, and while I’m a little sad it’s over I’m also all “Woohoo, our weekends are freeeee!!”

Every Winter when we’re holed up in our house avoiding the cold and snow, we look forward to all the things we can do when it’s Spring again. And every Winter I forget that Spring means baseball. Our lives are not our own during baseball season. There are two or three games a week, including every single Saturday, plus practices squeezed in when we can. UGGHHHH. We love it AND we hate it.

I have a serious case of bleacher butt and I think I’m going blind from looking through wire mesh so often. I don’t even recognize my own kid without a gray metal X crossing his face.

In the first round of the playoffs last Tuesday, Josh had both a great catch at 3rd base and his best hit of the season. We were down 2 players but we still managed to beat the 5th place team.

Well, just before he made the great catch, Josh was hit by a line drive in his right foot. He shook it off and kept on playing.Turns out, it hurt like hell and he never said anything because he knew if he didn’t keep playing they would have to forfeit the game. He’s right, they would have only had 7 players and would not have been allowed to keep going.

I can’t even with THIS KID. If that had been me, I would have been writhing on the ground calling for a whaaaambulance!! But he never complains. I don’t understand.

Anyway, he mentioned the foot a few times during the week but it never seemed THAT bad and wanted to keep playing. Okay. Well, by the end of the day Saturday it was feeling pretty awful. By the end of the day Sunday it was swollen and he was hopping on one foot. Off we went to urgent care and while the x-ray came back clean he has to use a boot and crutches for the next few days so the sprain has time to heal. His field trip to the Science Museum tomorrow should be super fun! Is it wrong that I’m secretly glad that I can’t be a chaperone this time? Forget I said that.

So all that for the love of baseball. If he can do that, I’ll sit and look through a wire fence all day, any day for him.

Photo Apr 19, 5 26 06 PM

Photo Jun 04, 5 38 32 PM

Photo May 04, 8 00 52 AM

Photo May 04, 7 55 33 AM

As long as I can take pictures while I’m there!


is it really only 8 am? no wonder I can’t think of a title

Photo May 05, 11 13 30 AM

I ran for 9 minutes without stopping this morning. I’m going to go ahead and call today a win even though it’s not quite 8 am. It doesn’t matter how the rest of the day goes. My Fitbit and my Map my Run app both prove it.

Last summer you all know I was doing great, losing weight, and loving running. Then an Achilles heel thing happened, and the holidays happened, and a medication change happened, and winter weather happened, and work happened, and a very bad attitude happened. Mostly the latter.

I’m not in the same place I was, but I’m working on it, getting out there as often as I can. It sucks to feel like I’m pretty much starting over, again, but I almost forgot that the more you do it the better it is. Duh.

So this morning I did my 2 mile run/walk intervals, and part of that time I ran 9 minutes without stopping. I ran without gasping for air, without my legs burning, and without feeling like I’m being stabbed in the hips.

Although I may not be able to stand up (or walk, or OMG climb stairs) later, today is definitely a good day. It might even be good enough to get me through tomorrow too! I could sleep from now until Friday and still win. Resting on laurels and all. Maybe. Maybe not so much.

What’s going on with you guys? Good things, bad things? Vent if you need to!

trapped under a cat

I’ve been remiss in keeping up my crazy cat lady image so I thought I’d give you an update on old George.

He’s still old. Elderly in fact. He’s also still alive. We weren’t too sure he would be by now so this is a good thing!

He’s also still pretty dang cute. Unfortunately, he’s big on trapping us for long periods of time in strange places. Since he got sick we feel kind of guilty when we have to push him off so there’s a lot of this going on.

Photo Feb 26, 7 55 10 PM

I think he’s happiest laying on Damon’s iPad. Damon isn’t particularly thrilled about it. I’m fine with it though, since his second favorite place is on my neck/armpit/face.

He still has kidney problems, is too thin, and has to eat crazy expensive food. (He’s not supposed to much dry food now, it’s too hard on his system.) It’s taken MONTHS of trying different canned foods but I’ve finally found one that’s he’s actually willing to eat AND he doesn’t throw up.

Lemme repeat that. HE’S NOT THROWING UP.

If you’ve been reading here for any length of time you know what a frigging miracle this is. Go ahead and search “cat puke” on my blog and you’ll see it’s been a running theme for many years. Go on, I’ll wait here.

Of course, the horking finally stopped about a week AFTER I broke down and bought a steam carpet cleaner because the regular old spraystuff just wasn’t cutting it on the cream rug anymore. Yeah, it’s cream, not cream with tan spots as otherwise assumed. Ahem.

So now I take regular trips to the Pet Smart for the most expensive, organic, grain free, preservative free cat food on the planet instead of being able to grab whatever is on sale at Target. You guys, this means he eats better than we do. Sigh.

Worth it?

Photo Apr 18, 8 17 12 AM

Yeah, we think so.

Photo Jan 26, 8 09 01 AM

I hope I haven’t jinxed us by writing about it. ~fingers crossed~

Photo Mar 16, 9 15 36 AM

If I don’t answer the phone, it’s probably because I can’t get up, and not because I’ve fallen, but because I’m stuck here under a cat and I don’t have the heart to move him.

a visitation

I was holding his hand but talking only to her. Somewhere deep inside I knew who he was and that he wouldn’t speak, but his grip was strong. I tried to look at him but I couldn’t focus on the figure before me.

Then I remembered and began to weep, my own silent sob waking me. The tears, hot and fresh, were real but his hand was imagined, though my palm still felt a warm impression, as if he’d really been there.

I closed my eyes, laid my head on my damp pillow, and tried to fall to back to sleep.

It’s not the first time he’s visited in my dreams, nor I expect, will it be the last. It’s a rare appearance but if these are the only moments I can still spend with him, I’ll have to take it them as they are.

I love you too Pop, come see me anytime.


my heart belongs to Boston

From my very earliest memories – listening to Red Sox games on the radio – I’ve loved Boston. Trips to the Aquarium and the Science Museum, Celtics and Bruins games at the Garden,  shopping in Quincy Market, riding the T, and of course, going to Fenway have just solidified how much I love it. I may not have a house in the city proper yet, but when someone asks where I’m from, I rarely mention the suburb I sleep in, I just say near Boston. Because, you know, it’s BOSTON.

I don’t really have the words to express how I feel about what happened at the Marathon because oh children…but I do know that Boston is strong and resilient, and well, pretty bad-ass. As horrifying as the event itself is, the response from everyone, everywhere, the outpouring of love and support for the runners and their loved ones, is equally extraordinary.

When I finished my little 2 mile running route early this morning I thought, okay now turn around and do that 13 more times. Yeah. That’s what marathon runners do. I have so much respect and awe for runners and the families that support their racing. Especially the ones who run the Boston Marathon with it’s crazy hills and even crazier residents lining the streets.

No matter how much someone out there wants us all to fear the city, they won’t win. I know that nothing is ever going to stop me from going to Boston, to sports events, out to dinner, to the museums, and maybe even to watch the next Boston Marathon. Maybe especially to watch the next Boston Marathon.

Photo Apr 17, 12 01 25 PM


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