more than a whiff of spring now

Overheard while the boy was playing legos yesterday: “I’m gonna make something totally freaking awesome!”

Yes, apparently I am raising him as if we’re still living in Maine. In the 80’s. heh. Right on.


Anyway, the snow has finally melted enough that I was able to go out in the yard today. I managed to get a bit of raking done, cleaned up the veggie garden area, and took a walk around the perimeter to see what’s popping up. It was fantastic to get out and breathe in some fresh air! Okay, it’s only 50, but I’ll take what I can get.

I was so very happy to see the day lilies are up about an inch, and are all over the place. I also have some tulip tops peeking out under the front picture window. I transplanted them from the backyard last spring but I was too late for them to bloom. Someone at one time had a flower garden smack dab in the middle of the lawn and that clump was the last of it. I have no idea what color they’ll be – I can’t wait to see! There are a few violets showing their leaves, but no flowers yet. I have thousands of violets that have spread across the entire lawn but they are the thickest right at the edge of the woods. Really they’ve become weeds, but they’re so pretty I don’t mind much! DH minds – they mess up the possibility of perfect grass 😉

The forsythia have just the bittiest of buds. For me, the forsythia blooming is the first sign of real spring. It’s always the first thing in my yard to have lots and lots of color and it covers up all the winter brownness of the woods. I had a great photo of them in full yellow happiness from last year – and of course that’s the image I wanted to get off my old laptop to post here. No such luck. I’ll just have to wait for new blooms and take the photos over!

No sign of the hostas yet, but they are are all in the spots where the snow hasn’t melted, in the shade of course. I hope we don’t have another storm, I have a plant swap coming up at the end of the month with some friends and I’d like to take some with me. The previous house owners never split any of the hostas so they are terribly overgrown. I did some splitting and moving and trading last spring, but there is sooo much more to do.

This week my goals are to do a bunch more raking and work on my rock wall – it’s sliding down a hill! I also need to dig up the lilies that somehow ended up behind the forsythia in the woods, (who does something like that??) I meant to last spring but never got to it. Anyone want to come over and do a little yard work?? There’s plenty to go around!


2 Responses to “more than a whiff of spring now”

  1. beaglemum on April 6th, 2008 1:57 pm

    i want to come over and help…. but it is a bit of journey & i have to keep working on cleaning out closets. ugh! then print out and mail the taxes… double ugh!

    we did a stream clean up yesterday to get out in the fresh air a bit too! 6 large garbage bags of litter later, and the place looks great…and 1 bag was just recycled bottles/cans — so i took them to the recycling center already. we had fun with our 20-something neighbors and i gave them bagels and oj as a bribe!

    today is rainy.
    g says woof… she is on my lap for a cuddle, hence i am typing with 1 hand.

  2. catnip35 on April 6th, 2008 2:23 pm

    You are kinda far away to come help! It’s cold today, so I’m getting nothing done. My g says meow back.

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