this is the time sucker

Now that my son is getting a little older I’m starting to get my life back. No more diapers, no more tantrums, no more entertaining him 24/7. He’s five, so he can do so many things for himself. He can dress himself, and brush his teeth, and get a snack and build a lego set.

However. All that time I supposedly got back? It’s now spent either driving him somewhere or sitting on the sidelines of his sports programs. Last fall it was soccer, and now it’s, of course, t-ball. Yes, I know it’s only going to get worse as he gets older so I’m looking at the bright side. That is: how freaking cute are 5 year olds playing baseball?? in their freaking cute little uniforms??

This is his typical outfield stance. Oy. At least he’s not picking flowers like some of the kids.

I had to show him this picture so he could see how silly he looks with a glove on his head. He agreed. I’ll see in a couple of hours if he remembers not to do it again!

Once in awhile, the ball actually comes toward him. And once in awhile, he actually stops it.

This is how he spends most his time in the dugout. He’s hungry. A lot. Good thing his mommy packs plenty of granola bars.

Now, here’s the best part. Sometimes, he actually gets to hit the ball! Except…I can’t seem to get a photo of it. He’s a lefty, so he’s already hit the ball in this photo.

Yup, that’s a chain link fence I’m shooting through. It’s harder than you might imagine. I got a little better at it when he was running the bases:

I got the bars in there on purpose! It frames the shot! Okay, I’m lying. But look, he’s mid-air! He’s also really fast. I never got another good shot of him running, only pictures of his dust.

Anyway. In case you’re wondering what I’m doing today – this is it. Again. But this time I don’t have the camera. DH has it with him on his trip. So I can’t even entertain myself by taking pictures. I’m praying for rain.

not as bad as I expected

Nothing to see here folks! Only because I’ve done nothing particularly special except survive the week.

Okay, that’s not true. The week so far has been extremely easy. The boy has been on his best behavior, I have no idea why, and my co-workers have left me alone. I sure hope I didn’t just jinx myself by saying that! Mostly he’s been playing outside, inside, near me as much as possible, but playing, playing, playing. And STILL not asking for TV. Woohoo!

So what have I been doing? Well, I started that other website, and once I did it, I felt the pressure to write. Someone has to start the first chapter! What the heck have I done to myself?

I’ve also been trying to keep up with the housework, which I would normally let slide during the week, since my MIL is thinking about coming for the day Saturday so she can see the boy’s t-ball game. It would be nice if the house was semi decent before she shows up, though we all know she loves to come here and compulsively clean it for me. And I do so love her for it! Kinda wish she’d come more often! Heh. We once made a deal that if she ever came to leave near us, they could come over every night and I would be happy to cook as long as she cleaned up. We both thought we were getting the better end of the bargain!

See ya’ll later, maybe when I have something real to write about!

ChapterBytes launch!

I’ve been working up a little something new. I love to write, don’t you? You wouldn’t have a blog if you didn’t! But do you like to write fiction? Well I do that too, but here’s my problem, I get a few chapters into my Great American Novel and I give up. Here’s my solution: let’s write a book together! All of us!

Intrigued? Go check out ChapterBytes and if you’re interested in writing for it send me an email at chapterbytes at gmail dot com.

it’s gonna be a tough week

DH left for a business trip at 4:30 this morning. He’ll be back sometime Saturday evening. I can only hope nothing pressing comes up with my work, because it’s going to be enough for me to be a single parent all week. How in the world do people do this ALL the time? The boy is currently eating a lunchable for dinner and it’s only the first day. Don’t judge me please….

trees blooming everywhere

Over the last two weeks most of my trees have come into bloom and I been taking a few pictures. Sundays are always a good day for gardening (or like today, just plain ole yard work) and of course that always make me want to talk about gardening!

The first picture is my little mystery. It’s a very pretty little tree on the edge of the woods that looks like a scrub tree for much of the year, but for about a week it looks like this. It blooms at the same time as my flowering cherry but I don’t think it is one because the leaves don’t have serrated edges. Does anyone know what it might be?

Next up is my very traditional hot pink rhododendron. It just love it.

Okay, now here is my (formerly) least favorite bush on my property. It’s so big it might as well be a tree. Last year it was in poor shape and I thought about whacking it back to ground level and seeing if it would regenerate. At the time, I really didn’t care if it did or not. Somehow white flowers seem a little pointless. I like pinks and purples and yellows, but white? Meh. Well, I’ve changed my mind and I’m really happy I didn’t mess with it, because, just look at this white azalea:

Imagine, it’s five feet tall, and five feet wide, and completely full of flowers. Gorgeous! It’s doing much better than my poor little pink azalea in the backyard that has neither flowered or leafed out. That one might be in for the whacking instead. And no I’m not going to show you a picture of the poor thing!

Now, what flowering tree post would be complete without a lilac? Certainly not this one!

I love lilacs. I’ve wanted lilacs at every place I’ve ever lived, but never had them until now. Can’t you just smell it??

Hope you’re all having a great Memorial weekend!!

saturday is a good day for a meme

I’ve been slacking – I was tagged almost a month ago by Jungleswife for the Four Things Meme! Oops! I thought today would be a good day to do this so I don’t have to think too hard 🙂

Four Jobs I’ve Held

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over

Four Places I Have Lived – and no I don’t live in any of them now

Four TV Shows I Like – only four???

Four Favorite Foods

Four Places I would Rather Be

Four People I am Tagging – goody, a chance to tag some of my new readers! and I’m tagging more than four because I can 🙂

Stay at Home Mom – well you aren’t really new here…but I’ve never tagged you

Mrs. Because I Said So

New Kate

Kaza’s Place


Tropic of Mom

And anyone else who wants to do it too!!

life’s little irritations #6

I guess I haven’t been too irritated lately, it’s been awhile since I posted one of these!

Today’s irritation: tailgaters.

Now this post is going to make me sound like a goody two shoes old fogey fuddy-duddy, well that’s fine, cause I am. Or at least I am now.

I have a history you see, of speeding. I KNOW! I’ve been a leadfoot since the day I got my license. There was the time in high school when I sort of made my cute little Dodge Omni “fly” and my passengers both hit their heads on the ceiling – and they were wearing seatbelts. I was pretty sure by the loud crack we heard that I had snapped my undercarriage in two – but no.

There was also the time back in 95 when I rolled the same bestest car ever cute little Omni over, because wha? yeah, I was speeding, (and there were deer involved, but really huge moose-like Maine deer!) and hey, I didn’t snap the undercarriage in two then either! Just everything else. I digress, that’s really story for another post….

Now I am a leadfoot in recovery, mostly because I’ve had a few too many speeding tickets over the years, and I’d really really really like to not have anymore for a very looong time and my insurance company would probably really like that too I’m trying to be a responsible mother. My biggest problem now is if others are speeding I can’t help but speed too, but somehow I’m the one that gets caught.

My cure for this is my cruise control. Especially if the speed limit is really low. Like 25 mph. I don’t ever get caught going 78 in a 65. Nooooooooo, I always get caught going like 37 in 25. So I set the cruise, like any good fogey, at about 4 mph over the limit. I know, you hate me, you really really do, cause you’re the one stuck behind me. I’m so sorry, but really believe me when I say, I do it because my checking account can’t take another fine I’m doing you a favor by not letting you speed either. Because…I KNOW where all the speed traps are, don’t you people pay attention to these things?!!

Anyway, I just want to know, why oh why do people have to TAILGATE? Let’s be clear here – I’m not even talking about teenagers who I understand are still in their stupid phase. I’m talking about other adults, usually with one ear in a cell phone, and driving much much larger vehicles than mine. Really, no matter how close they get, I’m not going to go any faster. Do not try to guilt me! Dude, all that tailgating does is it really makes me want to slam on the brakes and and then sue them for rear-ending me. (Just not when the boy is in the car with me, I swear.) I worked for an insurance company once, I know very well who would be at fault here, and it’s not the old fogey chick in front. Just sayin’.

the tv experiment

As you’ve heard before, I’ve been an insane person the last week or so. I’ve got dishes piled high in the sink. I’ve got nothing to wear because I haven’t done the laundry. The family room looks like a tornado hit it, a little boy tornado that is. Pathetic. However, it does mean the boy actually played with his toys…

I made the boy have a (mostly) tv-free day yesterday because he’s been out of control asking me to let him watch. I know it’s partly my own fault. When I get super busy with work I do let him watch more tv than normal (I am in the room with him, but still) but it’s the constant asking that was driving me nuts. So we did an experiment. I told him he would not have any shows all day, unless I decided he could. The deal was that if he asked for it, not only would he not get any, he would also have to pay me a quarter out of his job jar. He didn’t ask once. It was a beautiful thing. I only offered it twice, once for part of an episode of Twister Sisters, and once for an episode of Berenstain Bears before bed.

The thing is, I’m one of those people that thinks there is some value to television. Yes, even for kids. He has learned some amazing things that I never would have thought to teach him myself, just by watching The Magic School Bus, Zoboomafoo, Super Why, or Time Warp Trio. We also let him watch shows on Discovery, TLC, Animal Planet, and the National Geographic Channel, partly because we like them too, and partly because that science stuff fascinates him and it’s awesome to see him soak it all in. And yes, we love the Food Network, and that definitely encourages him to try new foods as well as wanting to help me cook.

But. There’s always a but isn’t there? This is five year old boy. What he really wants to watch is Power Rangers, Spiderman (cartoon, NOT the movies), Transformers Animated…you get it. And that’s the stuff he’s asking for. Yes, I have those things on my TIVO, yes I let him watch them once in awhile, but geez, stop ASKING me. Or it’ll be $0.25 please.

Yes. That’s right. The experiment worked extremely well. There’s not much that will separate a boy from his hard earned job jar money, and tv isn’t it, so the quarter fine will stay in place, and I? I will have peace from “can I have a show?” a hundred times a day.

more on hair

Okay, I really need to talk about my hair again today. Superficial yes, but I don’t care. I’ve already told you a little of my coloring woes, but this is more about stylists.

Here’s the background. I have curly hair. Not super duper curly like one of my sisters, nor just slightly wavy like the other. It’s somewhere in between. I usually encourage the curl instead of fighting it. When I fight it, it just gets fuzzy. Please don’t tell me to use anti-frizz products – I’ve tried them all. Products tend to make my hair flat and greasy. As much hair as I have, the individual strands are very fine and my scalp is oily so I have to wash it every day. I rarely blow dry it, but when I do, I use a diffuser and fluff up the curls.

I have a hard time finding a stylist that understands how to cut my hair. I always have layers in it to combat “the tent” look, you know what I’m talking about. But long layers so I don’t have helmet head either. The thing about layers though, is that I hate it when you can see them, a la, “the shelf”. I like them to blend. It’s a rare stylist that knows how to do invisible layers, and when I find one, I stick with her.

Bless you if you’re still with me, but I went through this whole looong story to say I finally found a great stylist this week after living here for over 2 years. I really love the cut. However. Why, why, oh why must every stylist I’ve ever had attempt to blow my hair out straight??!! Seriously, she just gave me a cut specifically to make it curly nicely, and I’d like to see how that worked out!

Please, someone enlighten me about this. Is it that they glimpse a head of curly hair and see a challenge? Are they taking pity on me because I tell them I usually air dry? Do they think I don’t have the knowledge to blow it out so they’re going to show me how? Are my curls actually ugly and they’re trying to give me a hint? Is it that they’re just trying to be nice and pamper me in their weird way? Do they think they’ve combed out all the curl during the cutting process and they don’t want to re-wet it and start over?

Isn’t curly hair finally back in style? So what’s up with the straightening? Someone out there, if you know the answer, please tell me!! I really want to know.

Mmmmm, Guacamole

Since I’m still slammed with work this week (penguins are cute but they all start to look alike after awhile and I still have a long way to go) and I bet you are too, I thought I would post the absolute easiest recipe in my repertoire. This is the dish I always bring to parties.

Easy Guacamole

Mash avocados very smooth. Add all other ingredients and mix well. Cover with saran wrap so it is touching the top of the guacamole (so it will not brown before serving.) Chill until ready to use. Stir again just before serving.

Now I’m craving some guac and chips! I hope you like it as much as I do!

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