george is mad at me

“Leave the cat alone!”

“Stop harassing the cat!”

I repeat these phrases multiple times a day.

Well, I’ve been the one annoying George the last two days. I blame DH. Heh. He mentioned it was time for more George pictures on the blog and I realized he was right. So, I followed the cat around all last evening trying to get a good shot. He didn’t cooperate at all.

I had to entice him with the camera string and here’s the best I got:

I tried again this morning but…he had a vet appointment at noon so he couldn’t go outside. That made him even more irritated. Every move I made, he followed me, and meowed at me, but if I pulled out the camera, he wouldn’t even look at me.

The outside is so close and yet so far. Sad kitty:

Then I brought out something that really caught his attention:

What’s this? Ahhh, the kitty carrier. Let’s check it out:

Okay, I admit, that’s a really crappy picture of George, and geez look at all the clutter! However, I included it because unbeknownst to me, I snapped the image just as a little boy ran through the room. Click on the photo to enlarge it and you’ll see what I mean, (and look at those cute toes!) Welcome to my world.

Uh, oh. Here we go. Off to the vet:

Poor kitty. He didn’t like his visit at all. Whenever he goes to the vet I always warn them when they take him out back for blood work or shots. He bites. He scratches. He hisses. He’s pissed. And the stress? It makes him shed and drool. It’s awful.

Anyway, his only diagnoses? Probably worms (thanks to his disgusting mice habit) and….yes, my friends, he’s fat, (also probably because of his disguising mice habit.) Not my fault at all.

You’re on a diet now George:

I know it’s depressing sweetie. Been there, done that.

a small favor

By any chance if I’m on your blogroll (yeah I’m talking to all three of you) can you please, please, please change it over to my new url? Love you, mwah!

BTW, if I’m on your blogroll, and you’re not on mine, comment or email me k? So I can fix that!

this isn’t really about strawberries

Yesterday, the boy and I went strawberry picking. Dude, strawberry picking is way more painful, (knees and back) than I remembered. It was also way more boring than he expected. The flat was about half full when he stood up and said with a sad little face “I’m tuckered.” Sometimes I could just squish him he’s so cute. I filled up the flat and we got out of there just in time for the skies to open up.

So we get home with our six pounds of strawberries. Really, six. That’s a lot of freaking strawberries, and I can to wash and de-stem them all. I knew he was bored tired so I let him pick out a movie and I set him up in the basement. I cleaned the strawberries.

Cut scene to an hour and a half later. Suddenly the house is very quiet. There’s no movie playing in the basement anymore. I’m still at the strawberries. (Okay, I get distracted easily.)

I call down to the basement “How was your movie?”

No answer.

Hmmm. “[insert boy’s name here]” I called again.

Huh. Maybe he went up to his room while I was on the phone with my mother? “[insert boy’s name here]” I call up the stairs.

No answer.

I glance at the front door. No way. He knows better. I think. But he’s only 5. He does dumb things sometimes. I argue with myself.

I open the screen door and call out, loudly this time. “[insert boy’s name here]!”

Deafening silence.

Cue Jaws music banging through my head, causing syntax overload.

I race back to the basement, screaming now “[insert boy’s name here]!!!!” Visions…well you know what the vision are.

Then I hear it. A faint “wha?”

My head explodes. I run down the stairs.

It’s not a boy who’s run away from home. It’s not a boy who’s fallen and hit his head on the hard floor.

It’s a boy who FELL ASLEEP during his movie.

A boy who then denied he was ever asleep at all. As he wiped the drool from his pillow creased cheek.

And then I squished him. The End.


Did you all see the launch of Blog Nosh Magazine yesterday? If you missed it, guess what? It’s not too late because there’s new content on it every single day! New bloggers to find every time you go there! Now that’s my kind of place.

What’s Blog Nosh? Just what it sounds like – a place where you can find lots of yummy posts to read, chosen by lots of yummy editors. Find a post you like? (all of them?) Then head on over to the blogger’s site and read some more. You can also check out the Editor’s page to see who’s choosing all this savory stuff! If you go today you can see my first Homemaking Blog Nosh pick! (Stimey!)

Don’t forget, I want to see all of your most luscious links in my inbox for both the Homemaking Channel (gardening, cooking, organizing, home design, crafts) AND for the Entertainment Channel (TV, books, movies) so I can nosh on your blog too! (catnip35 at gmail dot com)

If your blog is featured on Blog Nosh Magazine you get this tasty morsel of a button for your sidebar!

So delicious, it makes me hungry to look at it!

What are you waiting for? Go on!

ps. You know you can email ANY of the Editors on ANY of the Channels right? They would LOVE to hear from you!

oh my!

We have a first over at ChapterBytes. Our first only male writer has written his part of the story. Backpackingdad is, self-admittedly, very comfortable in the mommyblogger world, so when I approached him to write for us I knew he would be awesome. I was right.

When you’re done reading (and commenting 🙂 you have to go see his “alternative” chapter posted on his own site that he tried to pass off as his real chapter yesterday. I almost had heart failure when I first saw it. My plan was to make the next writer turn it into a dream. It actually took me a minute to realize it was a joke. If this “book” ever got published for real, I’m totally putting that chapter in.

another bullet post

I have a million things in my head and the only way to deal with it is to spew it all out in stream of consciousness bullets! Ready? Okay!

you found me!

See? I told you it was the same! Now you just need to bookmark this site or add me to your feed reader!

What craziness! I just bought the domain on Friday, and this evening I told DH I wanted to get this done soon, meaning the next couple of weeks! It was finished before I could blink. Maybe he should do this for a living. Heh.


I’m taking our other vehicle for it’s annual inspection this morning. (Yes, we’re just that dumb to have both vehicles requires inspections and registrations in the same month.) It’s old too, and I’m very very scared. After last week, nothing can surprise me, but I’m really hoping for no major system failures! Cross your fingers for me, k?

Updated to add: Four hours and $500 later it’s inspected. Phew. Best part – going for a walk with the boy to the closest Chinese restaurant for lunch and getting back before the thunderstorm hit. Or maybe that I didn’t have to buy another new car? Worst part – I can still smell the oily stink of the waiting room now that I’m home. I think it’s in my clothes. Blech.

uh, hi!

Hey, how ya been? I’ve been a little busy this weekend with *gasp* real life stuff! During my craziness I never got a chance to tell you Chapter 5 of ChapterBytes went up on Friday! Oops. 😉  Erin met the challenge and it’s getting really juicy…

I ate a lot of ribs this weekend, what did you do?

a kindergartener

My boy officially becomes a kindergartner in a couple of hours.

I just dropped him off for his last day of preschool. I’m not really sad about it or anything like that. I just can’t believe how fast the time has gone. He’s no longer a cute squishy cuddly baby. He’s a tall knobby-kneed cuddly boy. A very energetic boy, that I have to entertain all summer long. Help me.

In the madness of this week…besides my vehicle issues, did I mention we have overnight guests tonight too? (One of my many brothers and his brood from down south.) I’ve been cleaning like a madwoman AND I had to cook yesterday for DH’s work today. It’s Hot Dog Day. Every Friday all summer one person in the office is responsible for a meal for everyone and they have a hot dog steamer – hence Hot Dog Day. It’s a little weird, I know. (I made crock-pot baked beans, remind me to give you the recipe soon!) I digress, as usual. In the insanity, I completely forgot something very important. Teacher gifts.


I got there this morning to find some of the other moms had brought them in. I knew I had to do it, I just hadn’t remembered to get it done. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to do it, I just happen to have the memory of a snail. I have adored his teachers this year and so has he. His only sadness about leaving preschool is that his very favorite teacher won’t be moving on to K with him.

Anyway, I resorted to the only thing I could think of on the drive home. Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards. It helped that it was on the way home. I’m pathetic.

So tell me, what did you give for end of year present to your kid’s teachers this year? (Or did you skip it?) Or, what would you give if you had to? And, how much did/would you spend?

And what can I do to fix my crappy memory?

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