Let’s take a poll, sort of. I would do a real poll but I seem to be technologically challenged in that area. Meaning – I need to install the polldaddy plugin and sadly my husband has neither done it for me, nor taught me how. ahem.

Anyway, I’d like to know how many of you pay attention to high fructose corn syrup in the foods you buy?

Do you avoid it at all costs?

Do you allow some but not a lot?

Do you forget to check on the label and only discover it after you get home? (or is that just me??)

Do you not believe that it’s any worse than any other sugar so you don’t worry about it?

Has the recent news about possible mercury contamination in HFCS made any difference in your thinking?

weigh in

I think I’ve mentioned before I that I have more than a few pounds to lose. It’s not something I’ve discussed here much because, well, it’s just not something I talk about much ever, with anybody. However, it’s something I think about a lot. We all have our ups and downs, and I’m on an up. I hate it.

If this were a completely anonymous blog I would freely say more, but there are just too many people I know who read and that makes it hard for me on this one. I love you all dear family and I don’t want you to go away, but you do make me self-censor. Maybe I’ll get over that, maybe not.

Anyway, my recent soup obsession and my Wii Fit happiness both stem from a goal to eat right, exercise daily, and get healthier. I am keeping that resolution.

Some of my friends have similar goals. One of them asked me if I wanted to attend a nutrition class with her – and I think that is a pretty good first step. So starting tonight and for the next 4 weeks I’ll be learning how to bust my sugar cravings (goodbye sweet chocolate!), how to cook more greens so they, um, taste good, how to eliminate bad fats in favor of good (oh, oh, I know this one – no more bacon and butter, duh!), and lastly all about the glycemic index – which I’ve heard of but don’t know how to incorporate into my life.

If I learn anything useful at any of these classes I promise to post! I also promise to post if anything awesomely funny or embarrassing happens. Because I’m all about the full disclosure. Well. Disclosure of anything but my actual weight. Because I’m not as brave as Yvonne. Yet.

The second step that starts this week is a Biggest Loser contest amongst some of my local friends – because a little friendly competition never hurt! And I really like to win! And I really want to beat Nicole! ( 😉 You know I love ya babe!) Weigh In is Sunday at 2:00 pm. There will be no Superbowl snacks in this house!!

So all this is to say, in my semi-funny way, that I hope you all don’t mind if I discuss some of my progress here once in a while. I’ll try not to make it into a weight loss blog, but frankly this is what’s on my mind and I need to get it out.

Now I need a favor – tell me your best weight loss tip, trick, habit, whatever you think might help. I’ll go first – I keep on course best when I keep a food journal and write down every single bite, every single day. Your turn…

a little (blog) housekeeping

Cause you know I don’t do real housekeeping!*

What else am I doing besides getting upset about stupid laws? If you care to click some links…

I have a new guest post post up on GNM Parents today, on keeping your kids occupied while you work. It looks like I’m going to have a regular slot there every two weeks from now on, so why don’t you just go ahead and put GNM in your feed readers? So you don’t miss a single word of my very sage parenting advice! Heh. But just don’t believe a word of it.

One of my fabulous editor’s picks is on Blog Nosh today. Of course it’s fab, it’s written by Whoorl! It’s guaranteed to make you snort. Yeah, you’ll get the pun after you read the post!

I was invited to join Schmutzie’s Grace in Small Things Ning group, and I can’t say no to Schmutzie. I’ll be posting all of my 365 GiSTs over there if you want to read them. While you’re over there checking it out, you should join too. It’s an open invitation! I have to say, it is enlightening to have to come up with at least 5 good things about each day, no matter how small.

Phew, I’m tired! And now you know why. 😉

*If I wasn’t so embarrassed tired, I’d post a picture of my very full and dirty kitchen sink!

CPSIA insanity

Okay by now you’ve all heard about CPSIA and it’s effect on the handmade toy industry and the small businesses that will suffer under it. I haven’t discussed it here because so many others have said it all, and better than I ever could.

But there is an aspect of it that I just heard about this morning and it is completely blowing my mind. (Thank you to Minnemom for the link!) For those of you who won’t click links, I’m reprinting the entire press release here:

Contact: Jenni Terry
ALA Washington Office

For Immediate Release
January 26, 2009

ALA Files Comments, Urges CPSC To Exempt Libraries from Regulation Under Consumer Product Safety Act

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The American Library Association (ALA) today filed comments with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), urging the commission to issue notification confirming that the new lead limits under the Consumer Product Safety Act (CPSIA) do not apply to library books and related materials.

Under the CPSIA, which was passed by Congress in August, children’s products are required to undergo stringent testing for lead and phthalates. Currently, the General Counsel of the CPSC  is interpreting the law  to  apply to ordinary, paper-based books for children  12  years of age or younger, so that all such books and product would have to be tested for lead content.  Therefore, public, school, academic and museum libraries would be required either to remove all their children’s books or ban all children under 12 from visiting the facilities as of February 10.

The ALA’s comments explain that the new CPSIA standards applicable to children’s products should not apply to library books on library shelves prior to February 10.  Since a library’s books are neither “produced” nor “distributed” by the library, the law should not apply to library books.  At this point, however, the CPSC has indicated that the law will apply to libraries.

Additionally, the ALA’s comments reaffirm the comprehensive evidentiary support the publishing community has supplied the Commission that children’s books do not present any of the health or safety risks to children that the law aims to address. This evidence provides an ample basis for CPSC to exercise its regulatory authority to determine that books inherently satisfy the new lead standards.

Emily Sheketoff, executive director of the ALA Washington Office, said it is critical the CPSC take these comments into consideration.

“If the commission does not correct their ruling to include library books under the regulation of the Consumer Product Safety Act, communities and schools across the country are going to be shocked and outraged on February 10,” Sheketoff said.

“While we understand the process the CPSC must carry out in order to ensure this law is properly enforced and that the safety of our nation’s children is protected, we believe the commission is wasting time and resources by zeroing in on book

The ALA’s letter to the CPSC can be viewed here

Did it blow your mind too? When I first read it I almost thought it was a joke or a misunderstanding. It is neither, it is real. This needs to be fixed and it needs to be fixed now.

busy days

I’m sorry I’ve been too busy to blog! The mummies are gonna kill me. No I’m not watching horror movies or having terrible nightmares. It’s a new book and it’s kicking my a$$. Mummy pictures are not pretty, or apparently very well photographed.

The other thing keeping me busy? Well let’s just say that Wii tennis is kicking my a$$ too. Ouch.

I’ll be back soon!

flashback friday: this makes me giggle!

This week’s Flashback Friday over at My Tiny Kingdom is “This makes me giggle.” I don’t think this song should make me giggle, but it does. Back forever ago, or about 25 years, my best friend Teresa and I were in love with The Monkees. Yep. She had a thing for Mickey and my heart belonged to Davy.

(If you needed to click that link to find out who The Monkees are, well then, you might just be too young to be here!)

We watched the show (in reruns!) faithfully and listed to all of their albums on cassette. We weren’t just “Daydream Believer” fans though, no not us. We loved the weird stuff, “Auntie’s Municipal Court,” “The Porpoise Song,” and this one, “Zor and Zam” from the album and movie Head:

We were like 10 year old, what did we know? We just thought it was funny! Apparently I was anti-war before I knew what anti-war was!

It makes me giggle to remember how much fun we had singing along to these songs, watching those old shows, and plastering my bedroom walls with Teen Beat cutouts!


Things I’m wondering lately.

So the real the question is…


or contacts?

Huh. To heck with glasses or not, perhaps a better choice would have been make-up! Or better lighting. Or a good background. Or focusing. Or, ya know, make-up.

ps. Forgive the squinting, I just chopped up onions.

pps. I really want to know if I should start a cat blog too!

cool cat

Did I mention I had to keep the boy home from school this morning because he had a fever? He was feeling fine by lunchtime, of course. Besides reading lots of Calvin and Hobbes (I’ve had to order another book because he’s reading them so fast) he spent a good amount of time harassing poor George. Not really though, cause George loves attention from his boy. If they’re not following me around, they follow each other.

This afternoon the boy snatched my camera (who knows why he didn’t grab his own!) and disappeared. He came a couple of minutes later to show me this:

Dude. I laughed so hard I cried.

At least the boy’s photography skills are improving.

And somehow George doesn’t seem to mind one little bit.

it’s a good day

All politics aside, this is one of those days that someday people will ask “where were you?” I want to remember it, partly for my boy, who being five is far more concerned with reading Calvin and Hobbes and laughing at deranged snowmen to pay any attention to that “boring stuff” on all the tvs in the house today. He won’t remember it, but I will for him.

It’s nice to witness a good historic moment. It seem most major events are bad news, and this is a nice change of pace. It’s a good day.

soup obsessed

I think I spent the whole day in the kitchen today. I bought some great pork ribs cheap yesterday along with a 4 lb chicken for 3 bucks!

I had the ribs in the oven by 9 this morning (3 hours on 250 =  perfect ribs no matter what sauce you like on them) so we had our “big” meal of the day for lunch. I like to do that as much as possible, although it’s hard to do on weekdays. I just think we all feel better if we have our smaller meal at night.

I also roasted the chicken to make soup with. I used my new Pampered Chef dish that my friend Nicole gave me for Christmas – I seriously love it. An hour and a quarter on 400, (covered) and the chicken comes out gorgeous.

We’ve been on a soup kick around here lately. Partly because it’s been so cold and snowy (another 7 inches last night!!) that it’s nice to have a soup cooking all the time, and partly because we’re (always) trying to eat healthier. We seem to eat a lot more veggies, and much less meat when we have soup. I’ve been skipping the pastas more now and going for brown rice, barley, black beans, and quinoa in our soups. It’s a good way to get more whole grains and fiber in our diet without really noticing it.

I have a hard time digesting whole grains when they aren’t cooked well so I can’t really have most of the whole grain breads on the market. If you can see the seeds I can’t eat it. Same goes for pasta. The whole grain versions are really hard on me. The only one I can eat is Ronzoni’s Smart Taste, which is basically a white pasta with added fiber (6 grams per serving). I just wish they would make a frozen ravioli or tortellini out of it! We love cheese filled pastas but they are all seem to be made out of white flour so we don’t have them very often.

I find myself obsessively reading ingredient labels for fiber, protein and sugar content lately and I’ve noticed some interesting things. Since we cut white rice out of our diet I just bought whatever brown rice was on the shelf. Last weekend I had three different brown rice brands to choose from. A well-known brand that was the highest price, a never-heard-of-before brand that was the lowest price, and an organic brand that was mid range.

Automatically I chose that lowest price, because, of course, rice is rice is rice. Right? Wrong. The no-name was only 1 gram of fiber per serving. I just happened to glance at it and that really surprised me – I thought it would be more! So I looked at the top name brand – same serving size but it was 2 grams of fiber. Huh? Okay, so what was the organic? 3 grams! Weird isn’t it? I suppose that means the organic is less processed so more of the rice germ remains?

Apparently I need to learn more about buying organic, and I need to pay even more attention than I am. If that’s really possible.

Btw, I bought barley on the same trip and wouldn’t you know, it has 5 grams per serving! It’s slightly more expensive than rice but I guess it’s worth it.

Bored yet? I know I’m analyzing my food way too much. Hopefully I’m not the only one!

Anyway, I have my rice, barley, and veggies cooking right now, just waiting for me to throw in the chicken. That means I have to go tear apart that darn carcass. That’s the only bad thing about making soup!

So what are you having for dinner?

ps. Got a good soup recipe for me? Make sure you leave me a link in comments, I’m always looking for new soup recipes to try out. (As long as it’s not beef!)

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