daydreams and naps

For those of you who have asked, I fully enjoyed my three days of freedom. Though I didn’t get a single nap. I long for a nap.

The boy came home yesterday afternoon, and somehow he seems older, or taller, or something different that I can’t put my finger on. This happens every time he goes away. And yet when he got out of their car to greet me, he had just awoken from a nap, and was still sleepy. He leaned on me a bit for steadiness, started to walk to my car, then came back and leaned on me again. ~sigh~ He turns six next month, and in moments like this I can still see the baby he once was. Sleepy eyes and warm hugs do that to a child.

I remember when I was the child, waking from a snooze after a long drive in the car. Those were the best kind of naps; riding in the back seat, my temple resting against the cool window, listening to the sounds of my parents talking. Not really listening to the words, but to the melody of the voices. That and the music from the speaker at my ear just low enough to lull me.

Riding in the backseat means no cares in the world. No attention needs to be paid to road or machinery. Not even an obligation to stay awake for the driver’s sake. Just the free opportunity to let your mind wander, to let your imagination float before you, and let your daydream become a full out dream.

Sometimes I would sleep so hard in the car I would have trouble waking. I would get that strange tingling in my brain when you’re aware you’re sleeping and you know you need to wake but you just don’t want it to end. I would finally stir and feel the crick in my neck and cotton in my mouth. Those discomforts were no matter to a child, still lingering over the last remnants of reverie. Grasping at dreams of flying in the clouds, of playing in the snow, of what life is yet to come.

Now I wonder what he dreams of when he naps in the car, or gazes out his window in daydream.

I want to ride in the backseat with him, and doze right alongside. But I’m the mom, the driver, and I can only glance in my rearview mirror and hope his dreams are as good as mine were, back when I could still fly through the clouds.


While I was away over the weekend, my dear husband spend a considerable amount of time fixing some little things here on my site. Some adjustments will just help me in the background, but other changes will make it easier for you all to navigate.

The best change of all is that my SEARCH function now actually works! It is in the upper left hand corner, and it does search all the text of my posts, not just tags. Yay!

You’ll also notice you can see the tags for each post, as well as the categories they are filed under. And squeee (!) look in my left sidebar at my sweet new tag cloud! Go hover your cursor over it, I’ll wait…

Isn’t it the cutest tag cloud ever?!

Btw, if you are using anything other than (or it would be great if you could change it.  If you’re using the old atom feed I can’t guarantee it will work in the future. So update, I beg you!  🙂

wii conversation

So this morning, while still snuggling in bed at my mom’s house, my boy and I were talking about our plans for the week. I mentioned my his aunt “C” and his cousin “S” might be coming to our house this next Saturday to hang out with us.

“Aunt C wants to check out the Wii Fit.” I said. “So we can show her tennis and the hula hoop, and all the fun stuff we do on it.”

“And you know what else?” he said.

“What?” I asked, assuming he was going to say that he would be able to show his cousin the Lego Star Wars game…but no.

“We’re gonna make her do yoga!”

Bwahhaaahhahhaha!!! Somebody knows how much I hate yoga, and apparently wants to torture my sister.

friday is always a good day for bullets

Apparently I’m a slacker, a blog slacker that is. The rest of my life is going at break neck pace. This calls for bullets!

checking in

Hey peeps! Here’s what I’m doing today:

Blog, work, work, wii fit, work, work, work, groceries, work, work, work, tweet, work, work, work, work, facebook, work, work, work, hug my neglected kid, work, work, work, work, ignore dishes in the sink, work, work, work, work, work, work, do dishes right before hubby gets home, work, work, work, bed.

I did find a few minutes recently to write a new post for GNM Parents – I hope you’ll go check it out!

What are you doing this fine sunny Monday?

flashback friday: love look at the 2 of us

Edited to add: If you’re here from Proposal 2.0, I linked to one of my older posts because I think it gets the point across that your wedding (and hence your marriage) should be what you want it to be, not what everyone else wants it to be. My best marriage advice – take lots of candids!

It’s the Valentine’s Day edition of Flashback Friday over at My Tiny Kingdom! I’ve been waiting for this one just so I can post a couple of my wedding pictures!

My wedding was exactly the way I wanted it: small and simple. We were outside, under a big white tent, with sixty of our closest family and friends, and great food that I can’t remember eating. It was hotter than heck though, 99 degrees wasn’t part of the plan. Other than all the sweat it was the perfect day!

The best wedding photos are the unplanned ones, aren’t they?! We have tons of candids because there were a bunch of professional photographers as guests. I don’t know why we bothered hiring one! I’m glad we did though because he caught this one in between the set up shots:

It seems like we have more kissy shots than anything else, but this is my favorite:

Sometimes June 24, 1995 feels just like yesterday. (And then I look at my very, very tall hair. Yikes.)

Love you baby. xoxo

simple egg drop soup

Some days I crave Chinese food in the worst way, especially the soups. Oh, how do I love hot and sour soup and egg drop soup. This is one of those days!

Instead of ordering out I make a simple, quick, and low calorie egg drop soup that is just as satisfying, and better for me, than the restaurant version.

Simple Egg Drop Soup

One cup of water.

One bouillon cube (Preferably low sodium because holy cow do you know one regular bouillon cube is almost half of your daily sodium allowance??!)

1/2 cup to 1 cup fresh bite size spinach – I use baby spinach so I can throw in the stems and all and I don’t have to tear it up.

1 large egg

Microwave the water and bouillon in a large mug 1-2 minutes until it’s boiling and bouillon has dissolved.

Beat one egg with a fork in a separate bowl.

Slowly slide the egg into the water (or equivalent broth) and stir gently. Add in the spinach.

The hot water will cook the egg and wilt the spinach perfectly!

Now enjoy your 84 calorie lunch!

By the way, you can replace the spinach with anything you prefer: diced scallions, julienned Chinese peapods, bean sprouts, cooked carrots, water chestnuts, kale, etc. I just happen to like spinach in my soups and generally have it on hand.

the post that turned into an ad for Trader Joe’s by accident

I think it’s a good day for random bullets!

boring stuff

My first PT was good today, but of course my back didn’t spasm at all while I was there so she didn’t get to see it. Typical. She does think I bruised at least one rib as well as the muscle strain. There’s only one good stretching exercise for this but she did use the ultrasound on the area and it felt good at least for a little while. I’ll be going back twice a week for the next 4 weeks. Oh, what fun.

I am going out this evening for my second of four nutrition classes. I found the first one pretty interesting and I’m looking forward to this one – on cooking green vegetables to make them more palatable – I hope that’s true! She’s supposed to bring a bunch of recipes, we’ll just see if any are good enough to share!

By the way – have any of you been reading mothergoosemouse’s series Cheap calories and couch potatoes? All four posts so far have been very good. It’s just the sort of thing that’s been on my mind lately.

To help me with my goals I’ve been using a site that converts any recipe into calories. Since I make so much of my food from scratch it’s often hard to count calories. This makes it so much easier! I’m sure there’s a bunch of them out there but this one is the easiest that I’ve found so far.

Sorry to bore you with all of this! I’m boring myself silly. Hopefully my life will get interesting again soon. 😉

at least it’s not broken ribs!


Here’s the update on my appointment for my back: the good news is I have a physical therapy appointment tomorrow morning to figure out the best plan of action, the bad news is it’s an injury that takes some time to heal and muscle relaxants won’t really help so we’re not trying that now. What I’ve done is pulled the muscle that runs underneath my shoulder blade. It’s one of those muscles that connects to everything and when it spasms it pulls on all of my rib muscles and constricts my lungs like a tight band – which is why it hurts to breathe.

It’s also a muscle that never gets a chance to rest – hence the long healing time. It’s used with every breath I take, every move I make. Heh. Yeah, I’m never too down to make bad puns! And HEY, I don’t have any broken ribs! w00t!! You know me: always glass half-full. 🙂

The only time it feels okay is when I’m lying on a heating pad or in the shower. Unfortunately I can’t do either of those all day long! As it was I went to bed at 6:30 last night because I just could not take it anymore. I seriously don’t know how people function with chronic untreatable pain. Seriously. I’ve taken my mobility for granted.

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