a little air

Did you know if you have a laptop that you’re supposed to clean out the air intake grills?

Well, I do now! Duh.

I wondered why my computer was running super hot. So I googled possible reasons. Air intake? What’s that?

Oh, those things on the front that I thought were speakers? Huh.

I thought I was killing yet another motherboard just by using it so much. Yes, I murder laptops on a regular basis – this is my third one in about 5 years.

Do you think maybe it’s because I never cleaned the air intake grills and they fried? ~headslap~


It’s Monday.

It’s been raining for 2 days. And it’s cold.

I didn’t get a chance to nap all weekend. But I didn’t get anything accomplished either.

I cheated and ate a piece of chocolate last night. Okay, okay. I really had 2.

The stupid cat meowed in my ear at 5:30 this morning. I didn’t have to get up until 6:45, but couldn’t get back to sleep.

We missed the bus because I wasn’t paying attention to the time, so I had to drive Josh to school. Now my feet are wet.

I have a pile of paperwork to deal with and I don’t want to do any of it.

My Biggest Loser club had our monthly weigh in yesterday. And I lost 8 pounds this month!!!!!

8 pounds in March.

9 pounds in February.

3 pounds in January.

I’ve lost 20 pounds.

I’d call that a milestone.

Nothing can kill my good mood, not a ton of work or lack of sleep, not a messy house or bad weather. Today is a good day, no matter what else happens!

….and I’m PC, but we’re both going to win

She’s the Mac. Not only is Leighann awesome, and she’s a fellow Blog Nosh editor, and I’m jealous of her Mac, she’s also my roomie at BlogHer! Since I’m on a run of good luck with my plane tickets, we thought we should both trying to win a free stay at the Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers during the conference from Z Recommends! Since we’re already planning to be roommates, we’ve decided if one of us wins the other gets to stay in the room too. 🙂 And a sweet swanky Executive Club Level room it is!

Now, it’s not like me to do a post about a contest, but this is one I contest I really want to win. Especially since it’s worth about $800! I bet you want to try to win it too. But I’m not going to tell you how because I want it!!! Okay, okay, I will tell you how, you just have to check out this post. the requirements are easy, a blog post like this one (but geez you probably don’t want yours to be like this one!) for your first entry and a tweet for your second. (But be sure to read all the directions.) Humpf, but you better not win. Cause it’s mine. Mine, I say! Or at least Leighann’s. Which is as good as mine.

Btw, not only is Z Recommends giving away a stay in the hotel, but if you missed your chance to buy a conference pass before they sold out, they have a contest for that too! But I’m not entering that one because I have my pass and I’m trying not to be greedy here. 😉 I’m just sharing the love with you. Mwah!

Hot by BlogHer week 2 challenge

(Sorry I’ve been MIA. My internet went out suddenly Wednesday am. I got it back late in the day but it sure did put me behind for work yesterday so haven’t had any time to play!)

For week 2 I again chose the fitness challenge. It’s where I need the most work. Why shirk it if I’m serious about this? The challenge was to write down all of your body measurements as well as test your endurance in a few physical tests.

I’m not brave enough to post my measurements. I’m just not there. I did write them down though, so as my body changes I’ll know exactly what my progress is. I do wish I had done this a month ago! I know I’ve changed because I’ve gone down a full pant size and the smaller size is getting a bit loose!

I will tell you how I did on my endurance – embarrassing as it is. Now these have to be done without pausing – you pause and you’re done.

1. jumping jacks – 74

2. push-ups – 14 – yes, I did the girl ones and I still stink at push-ups!

3. crunches – 53 – I can do more when I’m on my balance ball but it’s not blown up so these were the real ones on the floor.

4. squats – 131

Well, clearly my weakness is those freaking push-ups. They’ve been my Achilles heel for years. I’m not sure I’ll ever be good at them, but I’m going to try!

Are you all good at any of these? Which one is your weakness? I tend to avoid the exercises that I’m not good at so I never get better. I’m committed to change that. How about you?

a favor

Please send prayers, good thoughts, good wishes, good karma, anything you can Shannon’s way.

Cancer sucks.

Closing comments so you will maybe go comment over there instead. Please?

eerily alike

I had such a great weekend! Josh got to play with his cousins like crazy and I had a chance to visit and catch up with two of my oldest friends. There is nothing like talking to people who’ve known you forever. It’s always like no time has passed since you were together last.

Funniest part of the weekend: both of my good friends have chickens (this is in Maine people – it’s like normal to have chickens roaming your yard there!) and neither are people I would have expected when we were growing up to ever own chickens and yet they do and both of them gave me fresh eggs! God I love these women. (Growing up they were as opposite as can be – little do they realize how much they now have in common!)

Wouldn’t it be great to have fresh eggs everyday?! I told DH I want CHICKENS!!! aaaand he nipped that idea right in the bud. (I don’t think I would ever actually get any eggs out of it anyway because of George the Mighty Hunter who can kill a bird even with a bell on his collar.) DH may have told me it was white trash to have chickens in the suburbs but he was mostly kidding. (Meaning where WE live of course, NOT where they live!) You don’t think my neighbors would mind a hen wandering over for a visit do you?

Anyway, I made the best crustless quiche ever with some of those eggs, maybe I’ll give you the recipe, maybe I’ll just keep it my little secret! It was so good I may have eaten three quarters of it by myself on Saturday. Just. Maybe. But crustless means fewer calories right?

So here is a photo of me and one of my friends, who came to visit me at my parent’s house. When she comments here she calls herself Cluckers. After her favorite chicken. For real. She pets her chickens like cats. They really are very very soft!

If I wasn’t wearing my glasses and had pulled my hair back (and you haven’t also known me forever) you probably wouldn’t know which one was me. (Hint: I’m always the one wearing black.) Seriously, I look more like her than I do my actual sisters. We’ve been freaking people out for a good 20 years.

I love you girls. And you’ll both always look sixteen in my head. I just can’t help it. xoxo

2192 days

Someone who shall remain nameless <coughDHcough> stole my camera for his business trip and so I am unable to take a photo of Josh to post for his birthday today. My baby is 6! ::weeping::

Instead you get a photo of my very bad hair, his kool-aid mustache, and a really dirty truck taken last week.


Happy birthday sweetie, you are my heart and my joy, sometimes my nemesis, often my shadow, and always my baby. I will love you forever.

ps. If you have any interest in reading the birth story, I wrote it up last year in two parts long before anyone was reading here. It’s a pretty good one. And some people like that sort of thing. I think.

weighty issues

So it’s been 14 days since I last reported my weight loss. That’s because last week was that week. You know the one week every month where you put on about 3 pounds in water weight and you crave everything in and out of sight – negating any recent losses? Yeah, that was fun! Not. I’ve recovered from it now and I’m refocused on my goals.

Since March 5 I’ve lost 2 pounds. Ugh. Not what I was hoping for but I’m not going to let it get me down. 2 pounds is still 2 pounds. I won’t knock it, but I want this coming week to be better.

Anyway. Part of the reason I am generally doing okay is that my husband and I are in this together. He’s been working hard at losing weight since January 1st. Frankly, I might have given up mid-January if he wasn’t doing this too! I think this is the first time we’ve been on the same page about getting healthy – at the SAME TIME. What a difference that makes!

Here’s the part that makes me crazy. While I’ve lost 17 pounds, he’s lost 37. I love him, but I kinda hate him a little bit too. (Not really, I’m just jealous!) THIRTY frickin’ SEVEN pounds. That’s just amazing to me. He’s gone down 2 pant sizes – that’s 4 inches! Does anyone know what to do with lots of men’s dress clothes in great condition?? Ebay maybe? What a waste of money.

Okay, so I had some goals for this week and I’ve done pretty well accomplishing them. Over at Hot by BlogHer we had to pick from either a diet challenge, a fitness challenge, or a personal challenge. I chose to do a fitness challenge and my goal was to add in weight training to my routine. I’ve been using my 3 lb hand weights all week, mixed into my regular workout.

I’ve also started in using our stationary bike this week. I’d like to do that at least a couple times a week to change up my routine so I don’t get bored with working out. I plan to ride it for at least a half hour tonight in addition to the weights.

This weekend I’ll be at my parent’s house so I will be using their mini-trampoline, hand weights, and maybe the treadmill. I always do really well on my diet there because they always have lots of healthy food around. However. Tomorrow is Josh’s birthday and we will definitely be having cake on Saturday with all his cousins.

I will be having a slice of cake (it’s not going to be chocolate so I can) otherwise I’ll just be mad at the world and that’s no fun. I can work it into my calories for the day and I don’t expect it to be an issue as long I don’t start shoveling handfuls into my mouth out of desperation. ~ahem~

I’m looking forward to seeing what our challenges will be next week. Every little bit of support and motivation I can get is key for me and it really helps to know I’m not in this alone!

I’m sorry this is so long! How are you all doing with your goals?

ps. I had a post up at GNM Parents yesterday, talking more about the changes in my diet – this time about whole grains. Make you read the comments too – they’re fantastic!

it pays to be dumb sometimes

I had a bit of good luck today, even if it was because of my own stupidity I’m pretty freaking happy about it!

So I’ve been feeling pretty guilty about spending the money to go to BlogHer. Especially the part that costs the most – the plane tickets. Last time I checked it was going to cost me $370 round trip. Ouch. Even though I have my conference ticket and the hotel room booked I just hadn’t been able to bring myself to get the flight taken care of. I don’t know what I was waiting for – but I’m really glad I did.

We do our best here to not use any credit cards. We definitely have debt, but little on our cards. We consolidated all our extraneous debt awhile ago into a home equity loan and resolved not to pay for anything with credit cards. That’s worked pretty well so far, but I knew I couldn’t pay for the plane ticket with cash and I think the idea of putting on credit was what was making me insane bothering me.

Anyway, I digress. So this morning I was upset with myself when I realized that I was late making a payment on the little bit I owe on the one card we use for emergencies. Somehow I missed that they changed the due date from around the 22nd to the 15th. Can I just say WTH? I hate it when they do that! I was unhappy with Bank of America mostly for the attitude they gave me on the phone. I won’t blame them for me not paying attention to my due date, however, I do blame them for being nasty about it.

That awful conversation spurred me to call Citibank, with whom we’ve had a card for 14 years but haven’t used in awhile. I wanted to find out what the interest on purchases was and so I could use that as my emergency card instead of BoA. In the course of the conversation with a very nice woman at Citicards, she not only lowered my rate below BoA’s, (here’s the important part!) she reminded me about my points and that I should use them before they expire.


I don’t have points accruing on that card….

Oh. Yes, apparently I do.

Well. When hubby opened that card back in college it didn’t have points, but somewhere along the way they started giving them to us. AND WE DIDN’T FREAKING KNOW IT!!

Yeah, dumb.

But apparently to my advantage.

Because guess what I did with those points?!!

Yep. I was able to buy my tickets to Chicago directly through Citibank’s point redemption network! I had enough points to get non-stop flights at the times I wanted! Woohoo!! (And I even had a few points leftover!)

No more guilt! No more whining! Yay! Almost half my trip is paid for without going into more debt! I seriously could cry I am so happy about it. I could bawl just thinking about it.

I think the moral of the story is – check your credit cards for points programs. Except everyone already knew that but me. Duh.

second verse, same as the first

Sick day #2.

Josh is better but still had a slight fever of 99.8 so he couldn’t go to school again. He’s a little more energetic though he’s sneezing a bit. I think he’ll be fine tomorrow. I hope.

He was so pathetic yesterday. He barely ate anything and pretty much just sat on the couch. Here’s my evidence of a rare spontaneous nap:

I actually had to pull the blanket back a little because I thought for sure he would suffocate under there. He didn’t believe me that he really slept until I showed him this as proof!

So today, while he hides under his blanket and reads every book he can get ahold of, I’m washing my hands til they bleed and pounding vitamins, airborne, and tons of water in hopes of staving this thing off. As Stimey would say, blerg.

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