on teeth and talking

Josh was just giving me a rundown of his favorite characters on Star Trek: The Next Generation starting with Data as his favorite, and I quote “wast but not weast is the captain.” He slayed me, both in content and in delivery.

I should probably correct him every single time his Ls come out as Ws, but I just can’t make myself. I know he’ll grow out of it soon enough or school will beat it out of him. It’s like the last vestige of babyhood and I can’t help but secretly revel in it.


He has two loose teeth, bottom front. Problem is they aren’t loose enough to fall out and the adult teeth are already coming in behind them. They’re more than halfway up already and he’s looking a bit sharklike. With a family history of crooked teeth he’s already likely to have braces, (I spent four years in mine) and we don’t need to make it any worse!


He’s adamant he’s not giving up his first loss to the tooth fairy. He wants to keep it. I understand that, as somewhere in this house are my own first teeth. I know, gross. I was obsessed with teeth as a kid (I spent a lot of time at the dentist so go figure!) and for years I thought I would grow up to be a dentist.

Anyway, I suggested that we could write a note to the tooth fairy and tell her the situation. I told him she would understand and she might just give him some money anyway but he doesn’t believe me. He doesn’t think she’s that nice.


Soon he’ll start to lisp from missing teeth, and his THs and Ss will sound like Fs. Maybe then I won’t mind so much when his Ls become just plain Ls instead of Ws. My baby is not a baby at all, but a very big boy. (One who talks so much my ears want to fall off, lisp or not!)

kindergarten crush

Waaaaaay back when I was in kindergarten I had a crush on the cute blonde boy who lived down the street. Conveniently, we rode the same bus and always sat together. I ~might~ have kissed him once (on the cheek, I swear!) and got yelled at by the bus driver. I wasn’t too smart – we were sitting in the front row after all!

The crush was mutual and twice he mailed me love notes, stamp and all. One of them even asked me to marry him! I wish I still had them so I could scan them to show you, alas, they were destroyed a few years later. I had brought the notes to school when we were in 8th grade (we were always friends but the crush had long since ended) because the boy couldn’t remember sending them and he wanted to see them.

Anyhow, a horrid boy got a hold of them, and in a moment of terror we thought he was going to hold them for ransom or pass them around and torture us with them. Instead he ate them. No really, he ATE them. Lost forever in the gullet of the disgusting kid who liked to fill his hollow pens with dead flies from the windowsill at the back of the classroom. Sigh.

All evidence of my kindergarten crush…gone forever. Except in my memory. A memory that was jogged recently by the antics of my own kindergartner.

Yes, Josh has a crush and it’s oh so very mutual. It’s been going on for awhile now. Since, hmmm, the first day of school. The other boys were teasing: “Josh likes {girl1}, he’s going to marry her” in singsong voice every morning. Except he’s bigger than all of them so it doesn’t amount to much. The response I taught him? Roll your eyes at them and say “what…ever” as nonchalantly as possible. We’re all hoping that works.

Apparently though, {girl1} has some competition. Oh the drama! I heard through the grapevine there’s yet another girl who likes him. The other girl’s mom approached me at the latest birthday party and said “Are you Josh’s mom? All I ever hear about school is about Josh. Just so you know, Josh is {girl2}’s boyfriend, he just doesn’t know it!” Yikes!

Then I saw with my own eyes how much he flirts with her, with all the girls. All the other moms saw it too! We all laughed about it but I know I am in deep, deep trouble, and I’m really glad summer is almost here! Josh and I both need a break from kindergarten crushes.¬†

I’m scared of first grade. I think the moms of those girls are too. Oy.

I’m not gone, I just have blogger block

My brain is mush. I just can’t think of anything interesting to write about.

I had wonderful company (my friend Teresa while her husband Bill is in Ethiopia!) last weekend but that would be a very long story. I have more company (one of my sisters – yay!) coming this weekend but that story hasn’t happened yet. I have an aunt who is very sick but that’s not my story to tell.

I held a day-old baby on Monday but I had to give her back. ūüėČ I have weigh-in coming this Sunday but I don’t think I’ve lost a pound this month. Josh is going to start t-ball tomorrow so the time suck begins again. I tried to go without wheat for a week, and I keep forgetting.

The rain is keeping me from gardening. Work is slow this week, although I’m sure it will get busy just as soon as my sister arrives. I’m not entertained by anything on tv. Twitter is irritating me – too many retweets, celebrities, and promotions, blech. Whatever happened to original thought and conversation?

I’m more than a little cranky. And worried. Very tired. Not to mention restless, boring, and repetitive. And perhaps whiny? Geez, I really need to get over myself. And I need to find my funny. It seems to have run away from home.

Yeah. I’m all over the freaking place. Give me something to write about would you? An idea, a question, anything you want to know about me? Help. I need to blog through the block.

what I did yesterday

I got my hands dirty!

And I loved every minute of it.


Ever since I’ve had a home of my own, I’ve bought myself flowers to plant on my birthday. When I lived in Virginia I could buy pretty much anything I wanted and put it in the ground right away, but up here in New Hampshire I have one choice – pansies. They’re the only flower that won’t die on me before mid-May.

As soon as the nursery down the road from me opens this morning I’ll be there buying as many purple pansies as I can. Happy Birthday to me!

(Last year’s pansies!)

Do you ever do anything special just for yourself on your birthday?

Please remember Maddie and Thalon in your prayers today.

Easter Baby!

Happy Easter!

This photo is of Josh’s first Easter in 2003 when he was only a couple of weeks old.

Boy, did he ever hate that hat. I thought I would get this adorable baby pic with the perfect little bunny hat and a perfect little smile. But no. Not my kid. Funny how he was still cute even though he was screaming, so yeah I took the picture anyway. And it’s perfect.

week 4 challenge

Water. Water. Everywhere. And I drank it all.

I did the Diet Challenge at Hot by BlogHer this week – to up my water consumption and limit non-water drinks to only 2 per day.

We all know the best thing you can do when you’re trying to lose weight is to drink lots and lots of water. And I did that at the beginning but I’d been slacking lately. This challenge was great because it reminded me that I need to keep doing this – every single day. Forever!

I’d gotten into a habit of drinking flavored waters (the 0 calorie packets that you add to a water bottle) instead of plain water and I think I’m getting too much splenda in my diet. I don’t really like using a lot of artificial stuff but I was starting to rely on it to get something sweet. I definitely cut back on flavored waters – only 1 per day this week. My other non-water drink was one cup of coffee each morning.

I certainly didn’t suffer by limiting non-water drinks so I am going to keep going with it. Thanks for a great challenge Christina. I needed the reminder!


On a side note, I’ve decided I’m going to experiment going wheat free for awhile. Although I don’t have Celiac or a wheat allergy, I do think it’s possible I have an intolerance or low-tolerance for it digestively.

That said, I’m not going to start this week. I’d like to get past my birthday next week first – dang if I’m not going to have cake on my own birthday. But I am going to start cutting back significantly while I research the best way to go about totally eliminating wheat. I don’t eat a lot of bread now, however, I do like tortillas and pastas. I’m going to pick up some brown rice pasta or quinoa pasta but I need to find some kind of substitute for wraps.

Any wheat-free suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. I know there is wheat in lots of unexpected foods so I’m going to do some more careful label reading, again.

How are you all doing?

for Maddie

There is something about this blog community that makes us feel like we really know each other. Even though I’ve never met Heather in person I feel like I’ve known her for some time, especially since we’ve both been Blog Nosh editors.

I also felt like I knew her sweet 17 month old daughter Maddie with the blonde curls and big blue eyes and beautiful smile. You couldn’t see a photo of her without loving her and I’ve always looked forward to reading Heather’s posts about her.

Maddie passed away at the hospital last night. This is unfathomable to me. 17 months old.

Heather has asked that in lieu of other gifts or flowers that a donation be made to the March of Dimes in Maddie’s name.

Heather’s site The Spohrs are Multiplying is still down from all the many new vistors but her wonderful friends are working to get it back up. In the meantime you can find updates at A Mom Two Boys.

Maddie, you will be missed. Heather and Mike, words cannot express how sad I am for you.

life’s little irritations #11

I haven’t written one of these in awhile but it’s time I did. Because I am quite irritated. By my workout pants.

Since it’s been getting warmer I’ve been wearing a jacket on my walks less and less, and without a jacket – guess what? I have no pockets! Why, why, why, oh why, do exercise clothes not have any pockets?!

I have keys and a cell phone that I bring on my walks everyday. I have to lock my house, and sorry but I’m not going 2 miles away on foot without my cell. It’s just a girl-walking-alone safety issue. I can’t be the only one who has to carry something when I workout. It was the same thing when I used to go to the gym. I don’t want to carry a purse, or have to use a locker. I just want to carry my dang phone and keys!

So I stick my keyring in the waistband of my pants and hope they don’t fall out, and I carry my cell in my hands. I just know I’m going to trip and drop it down a drain one of these days!

I want workout pants with just one cute little pocket. Preferably with zipper or some other way to keep things from falling out. And I don’t want them to cost a fortune. Humph.


I had one of those great weekends where I lived my life instead of being stuck on the computer.

Friday night I spent hours at my friend Nicole’s making these for a bake sale on Saturday:

Really freaking cute but a really big pain to make! They are Bakerella’s cake pops and they were of course, a huge hit at the bake sale. (Dang, we should have charged more!) I think we did pretty well for our first try at these. The¬†funniest part was when someone¬†saw them and¬†recognized them from her site!

Those chicks are so cute you could just eat’em! But no I did not. Not one single bite. Josh’s face lit up when he bit into one though, so I know they were good.

After our very successful bake sale, I had to brave that special kind of he!! known as Wal-Mart on a Saturday afternoon since I had put off the trip all week. I survived, but barely. What was I thinking?! You can bet I needed a nap after that!

Today we all spent most of the day outside enjoying the beautiful weather. It was 55 and sunny. Perfect for yardwork. I raked for hours, uncovering all sorts of lovely green things popping up. Including these little cuties:

One of my hens had chicks! Hee hee, you really have to go read the old post to get this. These are one of my favorite plants – partly because they are really hard to kill. Just so you know the size – those chicks no bigger than my thumb. They look larger here than they really are.

We also just had a bit of fun outside, Josh riding his bike and DH and I shooting some hoops in the driveway. Josh has been practicing his “chimney climb” and he begged me to take this photo and put it on my blog – yes, he knows I have a blog but he doesn’t really get that other people see it!

Frankly, I was pretty impressed not just that he could do it, but how long he could hold it! I’m very certain I couldn’t do that. Maybe by this time next year though. Heh.

So what did you all do this weekend? I hope you had nice weather to enjoy too!

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