Sometimes you just need to go to the beach.

Josh and I went to Maine for a couple of days to hang out with some of my family. It was nice to play a little hooky from work!

On the way back home today we turned 3 hour trip into a 6 hour one by detouring to the beach. We had no schedule to follow and since Damon is in Pittsburgh for a couple of days we had no reason to hurry back.

It was a perfect day to play.

(More photos on Flickr.)

end of half days

Kindergarten is over. I surely didn’t cry! More like doing the happy happy joy joy dance!

Today was “move up day” – he spent time with his new teacher, met his new classmates and did a little science project. And now he’s happy about going to first grade next year. Yep, just about what I figured would happen.

Of course he’s only been home a few hours and he’s already told me he’s bored. I told him if he was really bored that I would find something for him to clean. Heh. He disappeared to his room pretty quickly.

So here was Josh on the first day of school:

And here was Josh today:

It’s a little hard to tell with the perspective being so different, but holy cow has he grown! Same little half smile though!

finally, the Boston BlogHer BBQ post!

In all the craziness lately I completely forgot to tell you all the Most! Important! Thing! that happened last week!

Josh lost his first tooth! At the Boston BlogHer BBQ! In the donated Friendly’s ice cream! šŸ˜‰ (Dang, we had good sponsors – Peapod, Springpad, Home Free Treats, and Hebrew National in addition to Friendly’s.)

It wasn’t the ice cream’s fault though.Ā  It was the fruit salad I made. He went to chew a piece of pineapple – hit his top teeth on the bottom teeth and ~crunch~ the very loose tooth was hanging and bleeding. Poor kid! I’m sure it hurt like crazy.

He wouldn’t let me touch it so I figured I’d deal with it at home later. So I gave him ice cream to soothe it. Next thing I know he’s standing there grinning at me with a little itty bitty tooth in hand. Whoo hooo!!!

So better late than never, I just want to give a shout out to my BBQ peeps, Susan Getgood, Fairly Odd Mother, Chicky Chicky Baby, Susan Forshner, Boston Mamas, Momisodes, Daddy Scratches, More than Mommy, Miguelina, Mommy Bytes, Karen, the Meal Makeover Moms, Mommy Niri, Liz, Alex Casey Baby, Good Girl Gone Blog, and oh geez I know I’m forgetting some!

It was such a fun afternoon that I heard rumors that plans already may be in the works for another meet up in the fall. I hope so! And for those that are going to Chicago – it’ll be great to know a few faces in that a vast sea of bloggers!

transitions and temper

These last few days of Kindergarten are killing me. Josh does NOT want it to end and it’s making him as cranky as I’ve ever seen him. My normally happy-go-lucky kid is moody to the extreme. Moody isn’t even the right word. Sulky is close. He’s 6 going on 16, I swear. I just can’t wait for it to be OVER!

I seem to recall the same thing happened with preschool last year. The last week or so was horrid and I kept wondering and worrying about how I was going to deal with the bad attitude and temper for the whole summer. Just him and I all day, every day. Oy.

And then *poof* the minute school was done we created a new routine and all was well in our world.

I can only hope that’s exactly what happens again starting Wednesday next week. Hope and pray.

I know he’s going to miss his teacher whom he absolutely adores. I know he’s going to miss his friends, many of whom he will see regularly anyway. I know he’s nervous about going full days next year, even though the time will fly so fast he won’t even notice it happening. I know he’s afraid of harder work, of math and science, of homework, even though he’s can do it all now if he wanted. I know he has anxiety over cafeteria lunch, and field trips, and oh, everything new all over again. I do know this.

But I also know he will be fine. He will be more than fine. He will blossom. He will excel in anything his tries. He just has to try it first.

We have more than 2 months before he can try though, and I think that’s what bothers him the most. The waiting. The anticipation. The scary idea of FIRST GRADE. Oh my! The whole summer ahead to think and worry. (Gah – he’s so much like me!) This is what makes him cranky and temperamental and ready to cry at the drop of a hat. This is what is going to make me go slowly insane.

School ends Tuesday. So I just have to make it to Wednesday. Then all will be well in my world again. Right? Sigh. I really hope so.

what I think about Vista

I just lost a whole day’s worth of work because of my stupid laptop. Vista sucks. Oh yeah, and Vista sucks.

Hopefully I can pick up the computer from the repair guy soon.

ps. Vista sucks!

I just need to whine a little

Edited to add: Sometimes whining does the trick – I feel much better today and I’m still alternating hot and cold so it continues to heal. Yay – no doctor for me this time!

My neck hurts! Wah! I don’t know what I did but I guess I pulled a muscle on Wednesday afternoon. That’s when it started bothering me. While I was sitting on the couch. So yeah, I have no idea what happened.

Every day I wake up and think ‘well surely it’ll be better today.’ But it’s not.

It started spasming this afternoon so I’m alternating between cold packs and heating pads now. I’m very certain I overdid it yesterday by going to the Boston BlogHer BBQ (more on that soon – but it was so worth going!)Ā  If it’s not better tomorrow I think I’ll have to go to the doc. Ugh.

I don’t want to drag this out like I did with my back in February but I also hate to go in to only have them tell me either to keep doing what I’m doing and it will heal, or that I need PT again which is so expensive. (It falls under my deductible and I do have a pretty big deductible to meet, again, ugh.)

Anyway, I just needed to whine a little. Thanks for listening peeps. xo

ps. Damon finally gets home late tonight. It’s been a really really really long week. And we get to do it all over again next month. Triple ugh.

ditching catnip

Just a note on comments – my own comments that is. I’ll be changing from commenting as Catnip or Catnip35 to AnnetteK on everyone’s blogs. (Although I’ve already slipped up today!)

I’ve wanted to ditch the Catnip alias for some time now, and have the same commenting name as my twitter account. Having different names has been confusing to everyone – including me! I’m crazy enough as it is, I don’t need to make this harder for myself.

Hope you all have a great weekend! xoxo

The continuing saga of Batman in Vegas

(See part one of the saga here.)

So Josh and I are surviving Damon’s absence but it sure hasn’t helped that the weather is really cruddy this week.

The only things entertaining us are Josh’s extremely loose tooth, and the random photos of mini-Batman that Damon’s been taking all over Las Vegas the conference hotel. Note to hubby – more actual VEGAS please. Ahem. I’m trying to live vicariously here.

So apparently Batman really can fly:

Oh wait, he’s just stuck the window with gum. Nevermind.

Batman prefers Macs. So do I, I just can’t afford one!

Are all photographers generally messy or just the ones I know? Not that I’m judging mind you, after all, they are my kind of people.

I think Batman is a bit anti-social, turning his back onĀ our friendsĀ and all.

Hey Russ, long time no see!

Batman is tired and needs a nap. Ooooo, let’s ride the escalators first!

Good night Batman, I’m sure we’ll see more of you soon. Especially since I have nothing better to blog about.

PS. to Damon, Happy Birthday babe. Love you, miss you, and hate that you’re gone on your birthday. We might have to have cake in your honor. Heh.

it’s starting to pay off

I don’t wanna work, it’s raining, my house is trashed, my husband is 2800 miles away, he took my camera with him, I stayed up too late reading, my roots are showing, I broke my glasses, and twitter has killed comments.

And yet, I’m in a pretty good mood. Something must be wrong with me.

Oh, wait!

It might be that I tried on every pair of pants, capris, shorts as well as every skirt in my entire closet and most of them went in the ‘get rid of’ pile. Cause they’re all too big!

I guess all that running and counting calories might just be worth the effort eh?

All I have 2 pairs pairs of capris, one skirt, and a couple ratty shorts that actually fit. Nothing else.

So now I get to go shopping!! (Especially with BlogHer coming up quickly – it’s time to start thinking about what to wear!)

Only drawback? Who is going to pay for my BlogHer wardrobe???

skunks, pinatas, and Batman, oh my

It’s been a little crazy around here.

How am I supposed to get any work done when I’m constantly on call to rescue stuff?

And then I wasn’t home to see this visitor, but my boys caught it on film for me. Good thing George wasn’t outside! He really is dumb enough to chase a skunk. Been there, done that.

That’s just great. Not. Guess we’re avoiding the backyard at dusk for awhile.

Yesterday was busy partying with some friends:

He spent over an hour in an extremely cold lake and didn’t mind a bit. He’s also changed his mind about swimming lessons! Woot! Good thing, because he really didn’t have a choice. He’s going like it or not, but it’s easier if he likes it.

And now today, DH is a plane for Vegas for a week long business trip. The one that I *was* supposed to go on until the Star Trek Experience closed and I decided going to BlogHer was better after all.

Batman went with him to document the journey for Josh:

At the airport, and on the plane:

It’s gonna be a long week, but most likely an entertaining one!

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