the fun and the funny, BlogHer style

I’m going to stick my head in the sand for a bit and ignore some of the strange/bad/crazy a$$ stuff that went down at BlogHer. Especially since everyone else is talking about it – I certainly don’t need to. No, instead, let’s talk about me. Me, and the fact that people(!) you can’t take me anywhere! I truly am the epitome of disaster walking.

Before I even got there I dumped most of my in-flight ginger ale on the poor dude sitting next to me on the plane. Ice and all. I got plenty on myself too. After I said sorry a million times all I could think to say was “at least it’s nice and cool – it doesn’t seem so hot in here now.” Yes, I did say that, and he looked at me like I’d lost my mind. Well, it was hot in there! Oy.

It’s good I had two more hours left to dry off before deplaning. If I hadn’t I would have been walking around O’Hare looking like I’d had an accident. If you know what I mean.

The rest of the day weekend I spent stalking seeing bloggers friends I knew and squealing like a, well, like a girl. Squealing doesn’t quite cover it though. I don’t think Stimey has yet recovered my hug attack. I did get a bit of a reputation for my hugs though, didn’t I Pocklock? 😉 Heh.

Friday just got better. Especially lunch, when I got a piece of dear-god-the-driest-chicken-I’ve-ever-eaten-in-my-life stuck halfway down my throat. Do you know what you shouldn’t do when you have a piece of chicken stuck in your throat? Drink water. Don’t drink the water! Because you will spew it all over the table, your lunch, and quite possibly probably most assuredly down the front of your cute new green shirt.

Since I could actually breath, just not swallow, I waved off all the waiters lining up to give me the Heimlich and ran off to the bathroom to stick my finger down my throat to get the freaking piece of chicken out! (Thank for watching my stuff while I was gone Kelby!) Can you imagine if I’d had the Heimlich 3 weeks after abdominal surgery? Just imagine! I’d be known as the girl who choked on a piece of chicken and then bled to death at BlogHer! I’d be famous infamous. And dead.

Moving on to parties. I went to every party I possibly could. And then spent my time explaining/apologizing for not being able to dance/bowl/eat/drink because of the gallbladder thing. I can’t believe I talked about the stupid gallbladder so much. Yikes. Am boring.

Anyway. The parties. They rocked. I wore princess crowns, and bright pink boas, and ate from chocolate fountains (that I was afraid I would fall into – for real afraid – because you know – past history and all) and didn’t eat a cheeseburger, because of the stupid gallbladder, but I was there. I was there for everything I could stay awake for.

I’m really really glad my friends took pictures since I only snapped like 4 the whole time I was there. This was one of them:

This is Leighannthe best roommate ever – she didn’t mind my junk everywhere or my going to bed late or my tagging along with her to lots of stuff! Or when I spilled yet another drink at BowlHer. Luckily not on her. Love you babe!

I can’t possibly link to everyone I met, and hugged, and loved, loved, loved. I had more fun than I ever imagined I would/could/should have. And I really did go to sessions. Pinky swear.

blogher: really in real life

I once said that BlogHer is what happens in the hallways, and these last few days have only confirmed that. There is nothing like randomly running into someone you only recognize from their avatar or their url and having that instant “OMG I know you!!” ~squee!!~ moment with. And then repeat that moment a hundred times over with a hundred different people. And then do it again the next day with another hundred people.

Imagine sitting there chatting to someone for 20 minutes while you’re taking a break and finally saying, “so what’s you’re twitter name? What?! I totally follow you!” It’s actually quite bizarre, in a good way!

For me, BlogHer is also sitting in a hot, crowded, session surrounded by women typing away on their laptops and iphones, intently listening to freaking fantastic panelists and tearing up because you suddenly realize I have found my people. These are my people.

I know what you’re waiting to hear me say, you want me to talk about cliques and snobbery. Not gonna happen. Because it didn’t happen.

Here’s the truth. I have not met one person who snubbed me. I have not witnessed cliques. And not because I haven’t been in the thick of it. I’ve been all over, met a million people, and had my own fan girl moments and honestly, it’s been amazing. I’ve hugged everyone I can get my hands on, and I’ve been hugged right back.

I’m not going to sit here and name drop so-called “big bloggers” that I had dinner with or who I hung out with at this party or that. You know why; because they don’t see themselves that way and the big blogger rock star crap embarrasses them. They are just women (and a few men) trying to have a good time and not hide in a corner because they’re afraid no one will talk to them, just like the rest of us.

Um, hello, most bloggers blog because they have some form of social anxiety. Lucky for me I don’t really. I’m pretty dang good at introducing myself with no expectations. And you know what always shocks me? When someone knows who I am in return.

Let me also say one thing that BlogHer ISN’T about. Swag. I know. You’ve all heard about swag and wondering what we got. Well yeah, some people got some cool stuff if they happened to be at the right place at the right time. The majority of us got a lot of tote bags, water bottles, some toys for our kids, and strange amounts of laundry detergent handed to us. And you know what? Who cares?! It’s just not about the swag! I would much rather collect friendships thank you very much. I have missed a number of opportunities to get “stuff” in order to hang out and have actual CONVERSATIONS. To each their own, but that’s my take on it and probably the last I will say about the swag.

Anyway, I can’t tell you enough how incredible this experience is. Busy and crazy and fun and crowded and overwhelming at times. What I’ve learned, and what I’ve done, and who I’ve met have imprinted themselves on me. I know now that the way I blog is just fine, because it’s my way. I do it for fun, for an outlet, for me and me alone, and I’m much more secure about that than I ever was before this.

As soon as I get home I need to start saving for BlogHer 2010 – in New York City. I’ve found my people, and it’s fantastic. (And yes I have some funny stories for you, soon!)

keep scrolling

Seeing as I’m going to a blogging conference I probably ought to post something on this here blog eh?


Got nothing.

Um. So what are you doin’ this week?

I’m packing….sort of.

Flying alone. Yep. I am. Not worried though. Nope.

Oh, and did you know stupid United Airlines charges $15 extra to check just ONE bag? The outrage!

Yeah, I really got nothin’.

Oh, wait! News! I actually changed my twitter avatar to a REAL picture! I know! It’s so people at BlogHer can, you know, recognize me. If they can recognize me off a itty bitty thumbnail that is.

Anyway. I’m working, and packing, and generally getting ready for my first alone vacation in, well, um, ever. Ever. Alone. Can’t wait. Can’t wait. Can’t wait. I wish I was leaving NOW instead of Thursday.

Let me leave you with this. In my pre-BlogHer preparations today, I charged up my camera battery and cleaned off the memory card. And found…the reason I need a vacation:

There’s a whole SERIES of them. And of the cat, and of his toys, of the back of my head, and of half-black bananas and…you get the picture. (~Snort~ I crack myself up.)

God I love this kid.

But I am soooo tired.

all the stars

(Note: I wrote this just before school ended about a month ago. I never quite finished it or had a picture to go with it. I just found it in my drafts folder this morning and decided today was a good day to take a pic and hit publish!)

You know I’ve been teaching Josh all things Star Trek lately. This is required learning in my family, just as it was mandatory when I was growing up. (My father and my four older brothers were are all scifi geeks too, whether they admit it or not.) Like me, he enjoys both the original and TNG fairly equally. I’m a child of the 80’s, what can I say? (Although Voyager and Enterprise are unwatchable, and DS9 is just meh. Opinionated? Yes I am!)

We have long conversations on our car trips about who’s the best captain, Kirk or Picard. Let’s just say we have differing opinions on any given day, and depending on what episodes we’ve seen recently. 😉 He’s also waffling between Data and Spock for his all time favorite character. It looks like Spock might just win.

Now it turns out that the Vulcan hand sign I taught him is spreading like wildfire through his Kindergarten class. “Mommy,” he says, “some of the kids didn’t even know what Star Trek is! But I told them all about it.” I’m very sure you did!

Then it gets confusing when he jumps over to playing Star Wars. (You know we’re equal opportunity Scifi freaks here.) Usually he’s Luke, but when he plays Legos, he makes Anakin and Darth Vader battle each other. I try to explain the paradox but the existentialism boggles both of our minds.

At the park a couple days ago he and his friends were choosing characters to play. One was Luke, one Leia, one Han. I’m innocently sitting on a swing playing with my new phone when I hear “wait, we don’t have a bad guy.”

“That’s okay,” Josh says, “my mom can be Darth Vader.” Wha?! Heh. I think not.

Now, I can’t wait til he’s old enough to watch Stargate with me too. (Okay, he might have seen a select episode or two already.) It’s a sickness I tell ya.

If you aren’t going to BlogHer, well, I’m sorry for this

It seems like everyone is writing a pre-BlogHer post this week. I’m of two minds about writing one of my own. As much as I am giddy with excitement, I know my non-bloggy friends really don’t understand the concept of going to a conference for blogging. Of all things. Blogging? Wha??

Beyond that, I remember what it felt like last year, (heck, and the year before too) when I stayed home while every blogger I read and wanted to meet was headed for San Francisco. Can you say burning flames of jealousy? I don’t want to make anyone reading here feel that way. Just know my friends, that I wish ALL of you were able to go to Chicago so I could meet each and every one of you.

In any case, most of the BlogHer posts I’ve read have basically been about angst. As in; don’t have any and you will be fine. Good advice, I can live with that. For some reason I’m not at all nervous about flying to Chicago on my own and meeting some 1,000 or so other bloggers. (Mostly) Women bloggers. Geeky (mostly) women bloggers. There’s no reason to have angst about meeting other geeks/dorks/nerds, right? Right. I mean I know I’m one anyway.

Anyway, here is my list of what I will be doing at BlogHer:

And now here’s the list of what I will not be doing at BlogHer:

There. That’s it. I did it. That’s my first real pre-BlogHer post. I hope it was good enough. (Oops, that was my angst showing.) Kidding!!

Seriously, though, you all know I’m KIDDING. I really don’t have angst. I’m just a little snarky.

it’s spidey’s turn

It all started here, and continued here. Now Batman has retired to the toy bin, and it’s Spiderman’s chance to take a trip and hang out with some wicked fun newspaper people.

Introducing: Tiny Spidey in Florida!

Hmm. Not such an interesting view out the hotel window. At least the palm tree is in the perfect spot in case Spidey has to swing out and rescue someone though!

Oh, Spidey has a conference to attend.

Good thing he brought his iphone to sit on, the better to see if trouble is brewing amongst all those journalists. Who apparently are invisible, or something.

Ahhh, back in the room, time to relax.

Wait, are you watching the news again? You media people never stop working. Take a nap Spidey, you look a little tense.

And come home soon, we miss you.

heart hurt

It’s not always easy, or fun, for me to handle everything when Damon is away on business. Especially when the trips are close to a week long. This one has been no exception, other than that we hadn’t been able to get out an do things to distract us.

Today was different, I finally felt okay to drive. I needed to get over to the library and since we were out anyway, I treated Josh to lunch too. It was a pretty good day, spent reading, working, playing, and poring over hand me downs for Josh from one of my friends.

We spent the weekend being lazy. I read actual books. Junk books, but still, I took the opportunity and just read, read, read. Josh played in the sunshine, watched some movies, and um, did my laundry.

See, I’m not supposed to lift anything, laundry baskets included. So Damon had done a load for me before he left, but it was still in the dryer. Josh wanted something to do so I told him to take the laundry out of the dryer, put it in the basket and bring it over to the bottom of the stairs. I figured I could at least get what I needed out of it from there. Next thing I knew he had that basket all the way up 2 flights of stairs, up to my bedroom. Needless to say I was a little surprised. He’s strong but I didn’t know he’s THAT strong! He got $.50 for that chore!

It’s been a tough couple of week for Josh. He’s trying not to show it, but he was very worried about me while I was in the hospital. He asks a lot of questions and he’s very gentle around me, but I can tell it bothers him that I hurt. He hasn’t expressed fear, but I know it is, or at least was, there.

Then right on top of it, his dad has to leave for six days. Not a trip he could possibly cancel. This is always hard for Josh, every night of every trip. But this time seems different, sadder. At midnight last night he appeared in my doorway, not crying, not wailing, not whining. Just full of sorrow.

He spent the rest of the night in my room curled up on his dad’s side of the bed, finally peaceful. Of course I let him stay with me, I couldn’t possibly had done otherwise. The thought of sending him back to his own lonely room just seemed downright mean.

The days are a little easier, they seem normal, like Damon is just at work. But the evenings, it’s the evenings where I have to be gentle with him. We read forever, sometimes me to him, sometimes him to me, sometimes side by side, each with our own book. I let him stay up a little extra, to let him get more tired. It doesn’t really help.

A few minutes ago he cried again. We sat on the stairs in the dark and I held him close while he told me that his heart is broken in two. If this is only day 3, how bad will his little heart be by Thursday?

I’m just glad this is the last business trip for a very long time. Because my own heart can’t take much more of my boy’s sadness.

this should have just been a bullet post

I have spent all my time this week doing just a couple of things – healing, sleeping, and trying to catch up on work. Healing is going well, the other two? Meh.

I’m a stomach sleeper. Always have been. I hate, hate, hate sleeping on my back. Needless to say I can’t sleep on mah belly right now. Or even my side. So I don’t sleep much at all really. Kinda stinks since sleep is what I need the most right now.

Work is tough because I just feel so overwhelmed by how much I need to get done, and yet my brain, she cannot focus. Big bad cycle that is.

Thank god for good friends who have taken my boy for playdates a few days this week. Especially Kristen who had him from 8am to 5pm yesterday. I really needed that. Like desperately.

Speaking of desperation. Damon leaves for another business trip tomorrow. Early Saturday am to late Thursday pm. I’m not quite sure how I’m going to manage.

I can’t even drive yet but I’m hoping to feel up to it in the next couple of days. I’m off all the pain killers so I’m allowed, yet my stomach muscles just don’t feel right and I don’t know what my reaction time would be if I had to slam on the brakes or something.

I still have nothing (no really) to wear to BlogHer and shopping this weekend is out of the question. Next weekend my home girl Nicole is going to drive me around and carry my bags so I can at least get something cute to wear. That hopefully fits. (Good lord, Tim Gunn is going to be at BlogHer Saturday so I need one good outfit!)

My body is so strange right now. I’ve lost an additional 7 lbs due to my all-liquid-all-the-time diet in the hospital. (Not including the 15 lbs of IV fluid gain/loss too.) However, my stomach feels very swollen and I can’t yet button the size I was in before I went into the hospital. That really stinks. I’m hoping the swelling goes down before I need to try on clothes.

The good news is that extra 7 lbs – if it stays off – brings me to a grand total of 34 pounds lost. (Okay so yesterday I subtracted in my head and it was 39. I’m going with 34 but it might really be 39 – I’m losing track of where I started.)

Thirty freaking four pounds. I’ve never been this committed, not ever. Now I just have to get past this little gallbladder hurdle and get back on track. Well, in about five more weeks that is. I do worry that as I feel better my appetite will come back I will put some pounds back on while I can’t exercise. Worry, worry.

Sorry this post was so random! I just looked back and it’s just a jumble, but I’m going to leave it that way, because that’s just where my head is at this moment. I shoulda just done bullets.


it’s good to be home

I am home at last. I napped in the guest bed because I couldn’t get comfortable in my own. Too soft I think. It hurts more to lie down than sit but I do need some sleep. I don’t know how well I will do tonight but it has to be better than being in the hospital.

My boy and my man are falling over themselves to help me. Josh brings me pillows where ever I sit so I can prop up my arms and my back. He likes to be needed and he’s great at fetching. Damon is in the doting phase. Don’t go up the stairs without telling me. Do you need something to eat/drink? Did you take your drugs. Where are you going to sleep? I’m not sure he likes to be needed so much, but he’s pretty good at it.

Everyday has to just get better from here, and I expect I won’t blog about it so much from here out. Even I’m a bit bored by my blog. 😉 Of course the only other thing to talk about is omg how far behind I am in work now that I’ve lost an entire week! Let’s not acknowledge that yet though. Let’s stay in blissful ignorance of the looming paperwork.

Okay, changing subject, so at least one of you admitted to wanting to see some staples. Heh. I will set it up so those of you who don’t want to don’t have to! If you’re in a feed reader or you’ve already clicked over the to the actual post instead of the main page there’s nothing I can do to help you on this one – just stop scrolling right now! Click Read More below to continue reading and to see the photo. If you’re grossed out by that I’ll say good bye here. 😉

Read more

giggle analgesic

I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday. It was, in many ways, a pretty good day and full of distractions – the best one being my sister.

I was seen by my surgeon’s PA late in the morning. She was awesome. She did pull the big honkin’ bandage off of my abdomen and I got my first glimpse of the train tracks on my belly. Well, shit.

I have the small incisions from where they tried to do the laparoscopic procedure as well as the long incision across the top of the stomach towards the right where they had to open me up. Who wants a pic? Hubby votes no, I shouldn’t publish one and Caro votes yes, I should. She’s seen it and didn’t faint so I’m leaning towards her side. Damon will probably never willingly see it anyway! If y’all want to see a photo I swear I’ll post one.

I lost count at 32 staples. Lost the count only because I can’t really see them all from my perspective. But still, that’s a lot of staples. These aren’t the kind you use to hold a few pieces of paper together either. These look like the kind that you build your freaking house with. Yikes. I only remember having 10 or 12 staples with my c-sec. It’s hard to believe, but this surgery was more invasive than that one was.

In any case I was also cleared for…dun dun dun…a shower! Just in time for my sister to get here. Did you know they actually saran wrap your IV to keep it dry? I had one arm completely covered and I couldn’t even bend my elbow, but still, I got a shower! There is nothing better when you’ve gone for days without one. I would take a shower over food at this point. Good thing too, since I haven’t actually had food yet. Broth is good, broth is gooood, broth is gooooooood. ~sigh~

In any case, laughter is really good medicine and I hit the real pain meds less often because I had snickers and snorts for my anesthetic all day and into the night. Yes, she even slept over in my room and put up with all the many noises and interruptions that come with nighttime in the hospital.

Hopefully today will bring more good news. I might get off the IV. Maybe the staples can come out – I don’t know if they do that before they release me or at a follow-up visit. (I know with my c-sec they were pulled on day 3 but it’s hard to judge by that.) Maybe I’ll finally even fart. That I definitely have to do before I can bust outta here! Sheesh.

I really don’t know if I can go home today or tomorrow, no one is ready to say. But I’ll let you all know as soon as I find out.

Thank you again for all of your well wishes and I’m sorry I don’t have anything else to talk about! I hope everyone had a fantastic Fourth of July. (I got to see Nashua’s fireworks display right out my window last night!) It’s okay to tell me if you went to a bbq, I don’t mind living vicariously! xoxo

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