sorry, it’s mostly about snot

It’s been that kind of week.

It’s been that kind of week. And it’s snot over yet.

apple picking

When I was growing up my family had a mini apple orchard in our backyard. I was spoiled with homemade apple crisp and applesauce throughout every fall. I’m not so lucky to have apple trees in my own yard now, or even enough sunlight to support them if I tried, but we do have lots of orchards in our area.

We went apple picking this morning, and it was a perfect day for it, cool, but sunny. When we got there, we decided to go check out one of the fields a little further away, assuming the close by trees would be fairly well picked over. It was a great decision! I’ve never in my life seen such huge gorgeous apples, nor trees so full of them.

Seriously, every single branch looked just like this one.

The woman working there said it was a bumper crop. Not only did the apples love the rainy weather we had in July, but the owners had brought in extra bees to help pollinate and boy did they ever pollinate! (Did you know there’s been a bee shortage in New England for the last few years?)

Btw, they taste as good as they look too. Those apples were truly glorious.

The scent of fresh cinnamon applesauce is permeating everything in my house right now. I bet if you scratch your screen you can sniff it. 😉 I’m definitely making apple crisp later this week. Who’s coming over with the vanilla ice cream?

farewell GL

Okay I admit it, I watch Guiding Light. Or as of later today, past tense, watched.

I’ve tried other soaps and just none of them even vaguely pull me light Guiding Light always has. It’s an addiction.

I started watching it close to 30 years ago. Thirty. 3. 0.

My mother watched it back then and I would sneak a peek, and eventually got hooked. Luckily I would get home from school just before it started at 3pm everyday so I rarely missed it during it 80’s heyday.

Reva and Josh, Philip and Beth, Tony and Annabelle, Maureen and Ed. Lujack, swoon. Fletcher Reade. Oh my. The bad guys Roger and Alan.

I stopped watching in the mid-late 90s. I just didn’t have time, and there was no such thing as a DVR. But I just couldn’t stay away and started again when I had Josh, and began working from home, and well, got a TIVO. Yup, now you all think soap watching, bon bon eating, stay at home mom. I’m okay with that.

But it’s over. Guiding Light ends today, after 72 years on the air. That just kinda bums me out.

Do I find another soap? Or give up on them forever?

Fess up, you watch one too, right? Was it Guiding Light, or is it one of the many other soaps that sucks you in?

defying sense

I finally found a new show I’ve really been getting into, ABC’s Defying Gravity, and after only 8 shows they’ve canceled it. Come on ABC, you started it in August, never promoted it, and never gave it a chance! What did you expect from the ratings? Dang. Ron Livingston deserves better treatment than that. Maybe we’ll get lucky and SyFy will pick it up?

never forget

I thought about just reprinting my post from last year today but that seemed lazy. I thought writing something new about how my feeling haven’t changed but it’s just too hard to talk about again.

I think all I really need to tell you is that even 8 years later every time a plane flies over my house on the way to or from the airport, just for a split second I wonder if it will blow up. I stop and watch as an apparition of a fireball appears in the sky. And as quick as it came the thought goes away and all is normal again.

I just can’t forget.

first first

Josh’s first day of first grade was yesterday. (Wednesday.) Finally!

He needed to go back to school to keep that big brain of his occupied. Not that I mind having him around! That’s not it at all, I love the time I spend with him, it’s just that I can’t play with him all that much and it’s hard to come up with enough to do to keep him busy so I can get my work done on deadline. There are only so many age appropriate chapter books out there for 6 year old boys, and I can only fit so many Legos into my house!

Anyway, we’ve both been looking forward to school starting but there was something we didn’t anticipate. That is how much he would miss me by being at school all day long.

He cried. At lunch. Hard enough that he ended up eating with the new Vice Principal in his office instead of with the other kids. Because he missed his mom. Me. Because he wanted to have lunch with me. All together now: awwwww!!

I only found out because a friend of mine was volunteering in the first grade lunchroom yesterday and sent me an email as a heads up before school let out. I tried to prod Josh to tell me about it when he got home but he refused to discuss it.

It didn’t help that the bus was an hour (an HOUR!!) late bringing him home. Major bus fiasco that I can’t even try to explain because I still don’t quite get it myself. Seriously, I spent and hour and fifteen minutes waiting at the bus stop, knowing he’d already cried at least once. Ugh.

Today was a little better. He told me he only cried a little at lunch and he stayed with his classmates the whole time. He also said that he made a friend. (Yay! None of his friends from last year are in the same class this year so he has to make new friends.) And the bus was only a half hour late dropping him off. Only a half hour. (So yes, I waited at the bus stop for 45 minutes! Grrrr!)

Anyway we got some great first day of school pics:

When did he get so tall??

And ridiculously cute too. This smile slays me every time I see it:

Cute little bugger.

But this was the picture he really wants everyone to see:

Gee, I wonder why! He’s very proud of that backpack!

Even though I have bedhead this one might just be my favorite:

I think I’ve said it before, but I really love this kid.

(And just to clarify – he’s one step up from me! He’s tall but he’s not that tall.)

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