just for laughs

Poor George. Whenever I need a giggle he gets to wear a hat.

Hope you all have a great Halloween! I’ll try to be back tomorrow with a picture of Josh’s Jedi costume.

this little piggy stayed home

Wednesday evening I noticed Josh had a little cough. Last night when I put him to bed I noticed he was a little warm. Yep, he had a slight fever, 99.2. This morning it was 101. Josh doesn’t get fevers very often so I figured since it’s Friday I’d better take him to the doctor while I had the chance. Why do kids always get sick on Fridays?!

By the time he had his temp taken by the nurse it was up to 102.5. That with a bunch of other symptoms meant the dreaded flu. They won’t test for H1N1 because he is otherwise healthy. Apparently the state is afraid they are going to run out of testing supplies so they only test those with health problems or who are bad enough to be hospitalized. The assumption though, is that it is H1N1 because that is what is going around, mostly among kids. Whatever, either way the symptoms are basically the same, and it’s no fun.

We did get some Tamiflu for him so hopefully he won’t have a bad case, but we’re stuck at home until his fever is gone for at least 24 hours. I have no idea when that will be and it’s really screwed up my weekend! I’m supposed to be in charge of a haunted house tomorrow, but I really shouldn’t go now in case I’m contagious. (If I’m going to come down with it too I would be contagious before I have symptoms.)

We were also supposed to go to my new baby nephew’s baptism on Sunday and obviously we won’t be going to that either. ~sigh~ Darn it, I really wanted to get my hands on that baby!

At this point I’m just hoping Josh is better in time for Halloween. We’ve worked way too hard planning his costume! (Luke Skywalker from Return of the Jedi, all in black with a hooded cape, one black glove, and a GREEN lightsaber. Blue will just not do.)

The final icing on this no good very bad day was finding out my laptop bit the dust. It wouldn’t boot up this morning and my go-to computer guy just couldn’t make it better. The system board is deader than dead. (The laptop killer strikes again!) I either need to replace it or get a new computer. About the same amount of money either way.

I think I’d better get crocheting. I’m gonna hafta sell a lot of scarves to pay for a new computer.

yarn crazy

I spend my Sundays pouring over the sale flyers, cutting out 40% off coupons and then trolling the yarn aisles of every craft store in a 15 mile radius around my house. The days when a 50% coupon shows up, well,  woohoo!

I spend my evenings crocheting like mad. I’m obsessed with the softest yarns, the prettiest colors, and of course the cheapest prices I can find. I’m hoping to sell a few scarves and maybe a blanket to make some Christmas cash, but I won’t be too disappointed if I get to keep some of it for myself! (Not the cash – the scarves!)

Yes, they are are soft as they look. 🙂

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