and then there was cake

Josh’s party was completely awesome. We had gorgeous weather, and fabulous guests. 🙂 We didn’t run out of goodie bags, but it was darn close! I have never had that many people in my house, but it was so much fun!

I spent all day Friday baking and prepping. All day.

I hope I never have to make a Lego cake again. But it was worth it just this once:

The knobs are half a marshmallow! Pretty stinking cute if I do say so myself!

Then I added the shortbread minifig cookies:

It looked a little like an army – guarding the cake with their lives!!

I had lots of shortbread dough leftover, so I cut rectangles and then added dots to look like Lego bricks.

Damon said they looked like Legos only in a Picasso kind of way, and someone else called them dominos. ~ahem~ I called them delicious. Phhhtttttt.

party on

Okay, I have officially lost my mind.

So we’re having a birthday party for Josh this weekend. AT MY HOUSE. His birthday happens to fall on Saturday this year so naturally that seemed appropriate for a full out party. I am so dumb.

Last year Damon was out of town on Josh’s birthday and we did very little for it. Josh was so mad at us! It seemed (even to me) like every kid in his class last year had a huge party and he was the only one who didn’t. He was so upset he actually told all of his friends he was having one and they were all invited. Uh, no. And oy. Yes, I made him go back to school and tell them the truth.

We started planning this one shortly after that little incident. This party is a year in the making. So it should be well planned yes? Heh.

So yeah. Anyway, we invited every kid in his class. It seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

We also invited a few of his close friends from his class last year, as well as a few close friends that have kids around the same age and live nearby.

And almost everyone has said yes.

Not that I wanted anyone to say no!! I really like everyone we’ve invited, but still…

Put it this way; I’ve made 28 goodie bags so far. Twenty-eight. And I’m afraid we’re going to run out.


A couple of things are going in my favor.

  1. I thought in advance to ask one of my friends with older kids if they can help monster kid-wrangle, and at least one if not all three are going to actually do it. And yes, Nicole, I am paying them whether you like it or not. pffft.
  2. Most of the parents are planning to stay. I’ve bribed them with adult friendly food. (Pulled pork!)
  3. Josh doesn’t want any typical party games. It’s a Lego party, and we’re going to just play Legos!
  4. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous. Partly cloudy and 71 degrees. 71 degrees! In March! In NEW HAMPSHIRE! We can throw the kids play outside!!

Even so, I’m still a little scared. And clearly, insane. And I hope I didn’t just jinx myself and it’s going pour buckets on Saturday instead.

Dear Josh, you’d better enjoy your party, because I’m never doing this again. Love, Mom.

Sigh. Maybe.

At least getting ready for the party has kept me too frantic to have time to think about the fact that my baby is turning 7. ::weeping::


Most evenings we let Josh have one tv show before bed. Usually he has a snack and plays Legos while he watches, but once in awhile I have the pleasure of cuddles instead. Tonight was one of those rare nights, and I don’t ever take them for granted. Damon has been out of town for a few days, and Josh needed some mommy time.

Josh cozied up to me on the couch, and then George snuggled up to him. Sigh.

Josh loves his cat, and George loves his boy.

My foot fell asleep but I didn’t move an inch. There was no way I was going to be the one to disturb them!

Walk MS

I have this amazing friend. Let’s call her “Amy.” Okay, that’s her real name, but whatever. 😉

She is one of those people you see everywhere, usually volunteering for something. She serves on boards and committees, helping out at school, at church, throughout the town. She always delivers the prettiest cookies for the bake sale, and makes a homemade meal for her family every night. She accomplishes more in one day than any other 5 women I know put together.

She the kind of woman you might look at and want to hate because how does she do it all? She makes the rest of us look bad!! But you can’t hate her, because she so darn nice. She will do anything for you, for any one of her circle of friends and family, and most especially for her kids. You have to love her, just because she is Amy.

She is strong, and beautiful, and funny, and always smiling. And she has Multiple Sclerosis.

Since this is MS Awareness Week, it’s a perfect time to let you all know I am participating in Walk MS on April 18 with Amy and the rest of her team and we would really appreciate your support. It’s super easy to donate online. If you want to donate but aren’t comfortable doing it online, send me an email ( and we’ll work it out.

If you have any questions about Walk MS check their FAQ page.




I’m going to tell you one little fact that speaks volumes about my life right now; I just *now* (as in this morning) took the Christmas lights down off of my front porch.


Of course, the 5 strings of lights are now wadded up in a ball on my kitchen table and I hope to do something about that before the week day is over. That something will probably be be to stuff the whole thing in a Target bag and throw it in the garage to deal with next November! (At which time I will curse at myself, and go buy new ones.)


I’m sitting at my desk surrounded by paperwork, books, and Legos. I can’t move from my chair for the amount of work hanging over my head. And when I have a moment to stand up and stretch I step on Bionicles and bruise the poor soles of my feet. Sheesh. I’m on a tight deadline with one rush project, and have two more looming. Work is good to have, but well, yeah. Their vacation was not my vacation. I cannot tell you how glad I am that our so-called vacation is over!


On Tuesdays I volunteer at the school library. Mostly I put away books, hundreds of pounds of books. I’m also the checkout girl, making sure they’ve brought back their overdue books before they get another, that sort of thing. Sometimes they ask me to help them find just the perfect book. And once I got to read to a first grade class. (They even listened!)

Some of the fourth graders laugh at me because I’m terrible with names. They try to make me guess who they are. I see the same kids over and over, every Tuesday, bright, smiling faces of kids who want to be in the library, who clearly love to read, who get as many books as they can every week. I love it there, even if their names escape me, their happiness doesn’t.


Today is Tuesday! I get to ignore the pings of emails, silence the ringer on my cell, and forget about the Christmas lights on my kitchen table. I get to go to the library.

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