A little back story for you; when we bought this house a little over 4 years ago there was a swing set on the back lawn that was perfect for Josh (who turned 3 the month we moved in) and we asked to keep it in the contract. The sellers were more than happy to leave it behind – they really didn’t want to tear it down and move it anyway.

There was also a treehouse behind it, a bit into the woods, but of course Josh was far too young for it and we didn’t give it much thought for a long time. We knew the treehouse would be nice to have someday, but that it would need some work before it could be used. We just took down the ladder and left it be.

Fast forward to now, with a 7 year old boy getting bigger by the day, a swing set getting a bit rickety from tons of use, and a lonely treehouse with a rotten floor.

And a husband who is apparently really great at building things.

He has spent the last few weekends tearing out the rot, replacing support beams, putting in a new floor, and combined the components of the swing set that were still in good shape into a big kid complex!

Doesn’t this make you wish you were a kid again? Who wants to come over and play?!

I can’t get away with another cat picture post can I?

I can probably answer that one for myself. No. So you’re getting a mommyblogger brain dump instead.

I don’t have writer’s block. I just don’t have any time. Right now I’m in a different stage of production on six different books. Four of them in super duper tight deadline mode. Arghhhhhh! I feel like I have a white rabbit running around the inside of my brain muttering I’m late, I’m late, I’m late….and I really hate being late!

Then there’s baseball. Why oh why did I talk Josh into playing baseball this year?? Because I knew he would love it dang it, and he does. And I would too if only I had time to go to all of it. Two games a week, one a week night and one always on Saturday, plus Sunday afternoon practices. My weekends are wicked fun.

Did I mention before that Josh won’t let me talk to him during games? Apparently I embarrass him or something…just like I used to do to my mother when I played softball. That? Would be karma, biting me very, very hard.

Sometimes coach asks me to be dugout mom, that is, keeping the kids from killing each other when they are waiting for their turn to bat. Back when Josh played t-ball that really was like herding very funny cats. Alas, they are cute little kitties kiddies no more. With first and second graders, it’s more like herding howler monkeys, they’re fast, loud, and are always trying to climb the fence.

Except they really are kinda cute. (Even though they all hate that word!) There’s just something about a seven year old wearing a batting glove:

Anyway. This is my life right now. Work interspersed with baseball. And very little sleep.

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