Today is my 15th wedding anniversary! Fifteen years. I can’t quite wrap my brain around that. It went by much quicker than it sounds. We still like each other. And we both still have all of our hair and teeth. I consider that a success. 😉

This is actually one of the only anniversaries we’ve had that both of us remembered it ahead of time. Usually at least one of us, and on occasion both of us, have forgotten it. One year we got an anniversary card in the mail from my MIL and we both went: huh, our anniversary must be coming up. Except it was that day and we didn’t figure it out until the next day. Duh.

I think anniversaries aren’t that big of a deal to us, because really, it’s every day that’s important, and we both know it.


This weekend is also my 20th High School Reunion. Yikes! Now that makes me feel old.

We’re having it at a HoJos. No, really.

This is the first time I’ve been able to go to a class reunion. Funny thing, our 5th reunion was the same day I got married. I remember thinking at the time what a great excuse that was not to have to go! For our 10th and 15th I was living in Virginia and couldn’t travel back for them. So I literally haven’t seen most of these people in 20 years.

Other than their Facebook profile pics I have no idea what to expect. And we all know FB pics lie. They’re all photoshopped to make everyone look younger and skinnier than they really are. Except mine. Of course.

holding on

His hand has always fit into mine perfectly. For years now my response to standing next to him is to hold out my hand. His response was always to take it. There is safety in holding hands, comfort, and silent communication.

This spring has shifted that, ever so slightly. His instinct to reach out hasn’t changed but more often than not instantly pulls back, then glances around in case anyone saw him. Apparently seven is too old to hold hands with your mom, at least if your friends might be around.

Sometimes, even in the school parking lot, he forgets to pull away, and his fingers press lightly against my palm. I don’t remind him, and I can’t help but grin.


I was sitting in a rocking chair a couple of days ago, sewing a Toy Story pillowcase for his bed. He had just picked out a few yards of fleece for a new blanket and there was enough for a pillow too. Suddenly, he looked at me and asked if I could work on that later; he wanted to sit in my lap. He snuggled in, as best he could do with those long legs, and let me rock. Never say no to a seven year old boy who wants to sit in your lap, it just might be the last time he ever asks.


He lost another tooth at school yesterday. He wanted to keep it a secret, I’m assuming so he could test the tooth fairy, but he couldn’t contain himself and told me within minutes of getting off the bus. The tooth fairy left a dollar last night, more than expected. He told me this morning that it must be because he’s such good kid. Yes, yes that’s exactly right.


Tomorrow is his last day of first grade. It’s move-up-day, when he finds out who his new teacher will be, who the other kids in his class are. His excitement is palpable. As much as he will his enjoy his summer vacation, he would be just as happy to start second grade on Monday.

I’m glad we have the summer together though, to read books and play legos. Because I once he’s in second grade, I doubt he will still believe in the tooth fairy, or sit in my lap, or forget himself and reach out to hold my hand anymore.

fire pit!

Okay. We might have had an ulterior motive for taking down the swing set and incorporating it into the treehouse

…because the only place on the property we could build a fire pit was right where the swingset was!

Our town has all sorts of regulations about fire pits; including that it has to be at least 50 feet from the house and 10 from the woods – considering that most of our acreage is woods that really limits us!

As soon as Damon was finished with the treehouse complex, he built this:

NOW who wants to come over and play? 😉

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