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It killed me for most of the summer to not talk about our vacation here! Now that it’s over I finally can! I didn’t ever mention it because I felt weird about too many people knowing I was leaving the house for 10 days. We’ve had a lot of break-ins in our town and I didn’t want us being away to be too obvious.

Sooooo, we went to Florida, on the hottest week of the year. Yep.

I really don’t like heat, but I got over myself and had 10 days of fabulous! We tried to do fun things every morning and spend the afternoons in the pool, (at least, Josh and I did, while Damon worked.) Only one day out of the whole trip was too thunderstormy to swim. As long as I can get in the water I’m happy. 😉

We went because Damon has a new job, where he will mostly be working from home, but one week a month he will be in the office in, you guessed it, Florida. Josh and I got a chance to tag along to St. Petersburg this time since we had a free place to stay and school hasn’t started here yet.

Okay, I’ve bored you enough with the words, here is our trip in pictures! (For all three of you that actually want to see them!)

Man, those pelicans stunk!

The beach!!

St. Pete Beach was absolutely gorgeous. Next time we go, we’re spending more time there.

We don’t have trees like this in New Hampshire!

An armadillo made out of junk car parts? This is one of Josh’s favorite pics!

We should have seen an alligator right here, but it was even too hot for them. Ugh, the sweat.

After Damon’s work week was over we left St. Pete and spent a few days in Orlando.

The Lego store…need I say more?

Damon had some issues taking pics with his iphone. And he used to be a photographer??! Hee. Okay, it was just a liiiittle bit sunny out, and he couldn’t see what he was shooting. Also, the only day I didn’t wear black. Ahem. Did I mention the sweat?

The best part of the day at Magic Kingdom. Seriously. Minnie air kissed me on the cheek. So ridiculously cute.

Kennedy Space Center was my favorite day. There was lots of air conditioning…

We can’t pass up an opportunity for a Vulcan hand sign. Ever.

And really, what is a vacation without one of these?

ps. I have to give a shout out to my MIL and her husband for staying in the house part of the time and doing tons of chores for us! And another to my friend’s daughter “C” for checking in on my cat the rest of the time! Thank you!


This one is just for my parents.

Happy Anniversary! I hope your day is just what you want it to be. I love you both so much.

xoxo Annette


Did anyone else read this article in the NY Times last week about getting rid of all of your stuff and living with very few belongings? I’m just so intrigued by this. I’ve been feeling the weight of my “things” for a long time now. I’ve started to take steps to declutter, but I think there’s a whole mindset to living simply that I would like to explore.

Recently, in preparation for that horrible yard sale, I went through 10 big plastic bins that have been stored in our basement for all of the time we’ve lived here. We literally moved them from one storage area in our last house to another storage area in this one. (And really, they were in the one before that too, they were just in cardboard then.) It was such a waste of space! (And money to move it!) It was almost all junk.

Only about one bin worth went to the yard sale, one bin was worth keeping, and the rest went into the trash. That’s so depressing, and yet it was an incredible feeling to free myself of those things. Seriously.

I’ve decided I’m taking the next year purge to myself of some more of the stuff I don’t really need. I also have too many things I’ve kept for sentimental reasons, but don’t have any use for. At what point do you rid yourself of those things? Life isn’t about what you own, is it? I don’t think I would ever go as far as the woman in the article did, but I know I need to downsize my belongings, and my life.

this is why I’m working so much this summer…*

…so I can pay for home improvements instead of attempting to do them ~badly~ myself.

Goodbye baby poop brown. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

In about two weeks our house will be a lovely shade of, um, kinda boring beige. But fresh! And clean! With pretty brick red shutters/front door/garage door, and white trim.

We’ve suffered enough with the poopy tan for over four years. It’s taken me that long to 1) afford to hire someone to do the work, and 2) pick the darn colors!

Top=good. Bottom=bad. You all likey?

I hope so, cause I’m not changing my mind. Again.

* and also, why I’m not at BlogHer. Sigh.

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