end of a yard sale queen

There’s not much I loved doing more than getting up early on a sunny Saturday morning, planning my route of attack, and hitting as many local yard sales I could. Whether I was searching for Legos, yarn, furniture, tools, or just out looking to see what was there, I spent an awful lot of time picking up lots of useful treasures. While I may not have been a hoarder level yard-saler, I certainly had more of such treasures than I ever could use. What’s the harm? Not much in the way of cash. A few dollars here, a few there. My wallet was not where it hurt.

The real cost, well, that was in the overwhelming amount of stuff in my home. It was also in the time spent, keeping those items clean and organized. I had a nice big house with a spare bedroom and three different family rooms. They all needed furniture and decorations. And they all needed to be maintained. (And you all know how much I hate to clean!!)

I spent time and money on storage solutions for craft items I never used, jewelry making supplies, paper crafting supplies, and far more yarn than I could use up in ten years. So, I gave most of it to charity. I kept only what yarn I had a real plan for, as well as the painting supplies handed down to me from my father, and released the rest of it. I haven’t missed any of it, not for a single moment, and I won’t buy ANY more until I’ve used up what I have.

The 3 family rooms worth of furniture? That’s now down to one. Three bedrooms down to two. Two dining areas down to one. We don’t have a garage or a shed. We have a tiny outdoor closet that just fit the bikes and a few small tools. We don’t even have bureaus in our bedroom – if it doesn’t fit in the closets we don’t keep it.

I haven’t checked the local paper for a single yard sale, and I don’t plan to any time soon. As much as I love the concept of yard-saling; reusing things instead of throwing them into landfills, saving money buying used instead of new, and helping your neighbor make a bit of spare cash, well, I just can’t do it right now. I don’t need anything, and I don’t want anything, and I have no space for anything – that’s what I keep telling myself!

Now, whenever I have a free Saturday morning, I hit the Farmer’s Market instead. I’m still supporting local merchants and I’m getting good fresh food for my family. I can’t buy a single thing there that could clutter up my house! I come home with this instead:


4 Responses to “end of a yard sale queen”

  1. Anne on August 6th, 2011 11:11 pm

    Nice job. I have gone to the Farmer’s market in my area, but I don’t like to cook enough to make it worthwhile. I just buy the fruit.

    I have yarn for at least six Project Linus blankets stuffed in various places in my bedroom. I talk myself into it when there are double discounts to be had by telling myself it is all for charity. It is a half truth.

    My real weakness is books. I am now regularly donating books that I haven’t even read yet. When everything is a dollar at used book sales, it isn’t the hit to my wallet. Costs less than a movie and is more fun for me. Except there is no room in my house!

  2. moonspun on August 7th, 2011 6:59 pm

    Wow…that is inspiring! What a process for you to go through and realize what you didn’t need. We have a small house and too much stuff. I have not been to a yard sale all summer and know wha tyou mean. I am also being more critical of what I have around and have kept in a while. I had great plans for that shelf, but I haven’t hung it up in a year. So maybe it’s not meant to be…and I try to let it go. Luckily my hubby is all about decluttering, so if I say ‘take it away before I change my mind’ he will run it right out to the car!

  3. mumma boo on August 10th, 2011 6:16 pm

    I like the way you think! I’d much rather haunt the local farmers’ market than yard sales. We’re on a mission to declutter as much as possible around here. Of course, my MIL isn’t much help when she sends home half her attic with my daughter after every visit! 🙂

  4. Amira on August 12th, 2011 11:18 pm

    Yes, exactly. My mom’s a borderline hoarder and after seeing the disaster it turns into, I can’t stand to keep things longer than necessary. No more “I’ll need it one day” mentality and that closet rule is a good one: if it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t stay. Or I have to get rid of something else, but not keep both, you know what I mean?

    It just like the bigger your purse, the more you stuff into it although you won’t really need everything in it. Once I stuffed a full first aid kit in my bag because there was room for it and I miiiiight need it. Shit gets ridiculous!

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