new school jitters

Mine. Not his.

So yeah. We moved to a brand new city, a new state even, and that means a whole new school for Josh. He seems FINE with it. While I’m trying not to admit that I’m a bit of wreck!

I’m one of those people who spent her whole life in the same house, the same town, with the same kids, at the same schools. I loved that life. I had good friends and a happy childhood. I want the same thing for my son, and yet I can’t help wondering, what if this new place changes all of that for him?

So far, everything about this move has been awesome for all of us. We looove it here. Of course we miss our friends but we are just SO much better off now.

But what if, WHAT IF, his new school is the ONE thing that isn’t great?? That is, in fact, horrible? What if we’ve made a terrible mistake? What if he turns into a different kid here? What if he has trouble making friends or fitting it? The what-ifs are killing me. Aaack!

Did I mention I’ve had a stiff neck and shoulder for almost two weeks? Ya think that might be where I’m holding my stress??

Oh, those dang doubts. They sure do creep in when you least want them to. Like 4 am.

I had a dream last night (I NEVER talk about dreams but I had to this one time!) about Josh’s new teacher. Who we don’t even know yet! She was this faceless entity whose idea of a reward for the kids was to let them sing or dance in front the class. Not a punishment, a reward. I swear, THIS would have been my worst nightmare when I was kid! And my kid is soooo much like me! In the  dream he started to hate school. Josh hate school? Aaaand then I woke up. I felt horrible!

Now okay, I know it was just a dream but what if it was really some freaky premonition? If Josh comes home from the first day of school and tells me his teacher made him sing in front of the class? Duuude. I’ll be homeschooling the rest of the year.

Have any of you moved your kids midway through school or did your parents move you when you were a kid? What was positive and what was negative? Do you have any ideas on how I can help him transition? Or should I just leave him the heck alone and he’ll get through it? ~ahem~

Believe me when I say he does not seem worried at all. (I hide my issues well.) His new principal gave us a tour of the school already. He saw his classroom, although he hasn’t met his teacher yet. He knows exactly where he has to go at morning drop off, how to go through the lunch line, where the gym is, those kinds of things. He loved it there. Honestly, I don’t really thing he’s going to have any problems, but, but…what if?

We have one more week until school starts. By then my head might just roll right off my shoulders. Ow. Where’s my heating pad?


2 Responses to “new school jitters”

  1. Amira on September 1st, 2011 1:52 am

    Oyi, I can understand how apprehensive this makes you; I would be a wreck too!

    I don’t know Josh, but from what I read about him, he seems laid back and chill in general. And of course, as you mentioned, not worried at all about it. I’d say to take his lead and keep the personal anxiety at bay, but keep an eye on how he’s responding to it all. It seems like you two have a great, open relationship, so I’m sure he’d talk to you about how he feels or if anything happens.

    It sounds like you’ve done all the right things helping him transition so far; at this point, you probably just have to leave him alone (sorry!).

    (Last thing, I promise) My family moved to the suburbs in the middle of my 4th grade year, so that meant a new school too. Now, my parents didn’t do what you’ve done with Josh (touring the school and so on), so it was nerve-wrecking being new alone, but on top of that having no idea what to do or where to go.
    Eventually I made friends and we still keep in touch to this day!

    So you never know just HOW GREAT things will turn out! Besides, where’s the optimism?

    He’ll be fine 🙂

  2. Erin on September 1st, 2011 3:16 am

    I went to five different elementary schools in six years and yeah, sometimes it was kind of hard. But mostly it was great because it taught me to be adaptable and to make friends quickly. I’m sure that some of that is my personality, but those skills have definitely helped me in my adult life.

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