the politics of hate

There are very few things I hate in this world but I truly HATE politics. Not people, but the political machinery that is grinding away at all of us.

I know how I am going to vote, and I know what issues call to me. I research those issues with what I hope is an open mind, on my own, in as many places as I can. I read both Huffpo and Fox News in hopes of finding some truth in the middle. There is no middle. They both make me gag with their slimy bullshit sensationalism. The rise of the new muckrakers is upon us and no one seems to care.

I don’t need incessant phone calls, or endless TV ads, or crazy pants rants on Facebook, or whatever other medium people want use to try to sway me. Everyone spreads half-truths, tells outright lies, or resorts to personal attacks so I’ve just stopped believing anything I hear. Most don’t even know that they are perpetuating lies someone else created. I’m just sick of it all.

It scares me when I see how truly hateful some people can be. Especially on the internet where some sense of anonymity turns what I would assume are normal rational adults into fear mongering jerks who will attack on a whim.

We all dig our little hole in the ground, call it our position, and never waver again. Not even a lean in one direction or another. There is no listening to what others have to say, no hmm, maybe you could be on to something there. I only see my-way-or-the-highway arguments, name-calling, and belittling of others opinions and feelings. La la la la, I don’t hear you, I’m right, you’re wrong, screw you.

How is this ever going to get us anywhere? Where is the compromise, the kindness? How are we ever going to dig ourselves out of this mess if we’re all in our own little holes with no room to shift?

It worries me greatly.

kid-friendly pasta salad

You guys, I just discovered I haven’t posted a recipe here since 2010. You know why? Not because I don’t cook every single freaking day. Because, ugh, I really do. No, it’s because I mostly cook really boring things, like brown rice. And soup. Soup and rice don’t photograph particularly well!

When I do make something that’s actually pretty I always forget to photograph the ingredients, the process, and sometimes even the finished product. We eat it and then I think, “crap, I should have taken a picture!” I would make a terrible food blogger.

Anyway! We all know that since school has started again we all have potlucks looming. I made a pasta salad this weekend that is perfect for a potluck or picnic because it doesn’t have mayonnaise in it. My kid doesn’t like mayo! It’s like I don’t even know who he is. Of course, I’m not really eating mayo these days either – I love it, but it doesn’t particularly like me. So! This is my new go to salad.

I’ve made this a lot recently, and it’s just perfect; easy, light, and kid-friendly.

Mix it all up and finish seasoning to taste. You might need a little more olive oil or vinegar. I don’t measure mine so I guessed at the amount!

We love this salad exactly like this but you can use the recipe as just a base for the raw veggies your family likes – onions, chives, olives, shredded carrots, diced cucumber, celery (gag) or whatever.

If you want to make it a complete one dish meal add in some cold diced chicken and hard boiled eggs. I’ve also made a similar one using cold pesto as the dressing instead of the olive oil vinegar and seasonings. So good!

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