I know he’s just a cat

(Updated below.)

But he’s been my baby for 13 years. He was my baby before I had a baby. He’s my shadow and Josh’s best buddy.

George isn’t doing great. He’s lost a bunch of weight over the last few months. We did some bloodwork earlier in the week to rule out some things and tomorrow he’s going to be sedated so he can have an ultrasound and x-rays.

Fingers crossed we can figure this out and it’s an easy fix.

Update: George has kidney disease and possibly some issues with his liver, both common in aging cats. We’ll be treating with a renal friendly diet and, of all the strange things, Pepcid. It’s really hard to cut those teeny tiny pills into quarters. It’s even hard to shove a 1/4 of a pill into George’s mouth and make him swallow. He’s too smart for me to hide it in his food. Anyway, for now we’re just going to love, and pet, and snuggle him as long as we have him.

there’s always next year

Fenway Faithful. Red Sox Nation. Whatever you want to call it. Some of us just can’t help being fans. Tonight is their last game of the season and no matter how sucktastic this year has been, and it’s been really, incredibly bad, I still love my team.

We went to a game a couple Sundays ago – I think it was the last game they won – and we had a fabulous time.

That’s Pedey at bat, right before getting on base and then scoring. (I admit, he’s my favorite, mostly because he just seems to love playing.)

The best part about the game though, came after it was over. It was the last home afternoon game so they let all the kids who attended run the bases. No, really. We got to walk out on the warning track. Josh got to RUN THE BASES AT FENWAY. He got to high five Middlebrooks and Lavarnway. It was completely awesome.

We’ll be back again next year, still cheering for the home team, still hoping for a playoff spot, still badmouthing the Yankees. (Please beat them tonight!*) We’ll be there again the year after that, and again, and again. Because we can’t help ourselves.

In return, we want a manager and coaches that cares, a team that wants to play hard and win, and ownership that appreciates the fans. We want good baseball. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

When does Pitchers and Catchers start?

* Ugh. That was just pathetic and miserable.

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