About Annette

I am a freelance photo editor working from home, which means I am constantly swamped in paperwork and children’s books. I live just south of Boston, Massachusetts with my 10 year old son (but please don’t label me a mommyblogger!), and my techno-geek, news-obsessed husband.

I’m a wannabe photographer, crocheter, cook, and sp@m killer. I’m addicted to listening to sports talk radio, watching bad tv, reading books, and of course I’m a frequent blog surfer (lurker.) Don’t hate me because I’m a fan of the Red Sox/Patriots/Bruins/Celtics. In that order. I grew up in Maine so it’s pretty much in my blood.

My current obsessions are decluttering and trying to live a simpler life! Oh, and I sort of run too, but most people would look at me and call it flailing. Either way it burns calories.

You can email me anytime at catnip35 at gmail dot com.

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