fall ball

So once again, I am doing a lot of this:

(I’m really not very good at taking pics with my iphone!)

while I do a lot of this:

(My son is not actually in this picture. Whoops! I don’t know why it’s only one I took. I’ll try to remember the real camera and get one of him next week!)

Yes, Josh is playing Fall Baseball. Yippee.

Really though? It’s better than soccer. There’s no whining in baseball, and there was always lots of whining in soccer. Something about all that freaking running.

The best thing about fall ball is there are no practices, only one game a week, every Saturday. It’s meant to be just for fun for those kids who really like baseball and don’t want lose all of their skills between seasons. I use the term skills pretty loosely here. Oh yeah.

The teams are of mixed ages, and Josh is the youngest on his. He doesn’t seem to mind the age and size differences, and he isn’t the worst player, so it’s going better than I anticipated. He also hasn’t been hit by a wild pitch yet, unlike a number of his teammates!

Anyway, this was supposed to be about me. On Saturday I was sitting in the stands starting a new crochet project, when a friend and fellow crocheter came over to sit with me. Her son was on the other team, and from the bleachers on the opposite side she had spied someone with fingers flashing. She knew that person had to be knitting or crocheting. And then she saw my hair.

I really am that obvious.


So who can guess what my new project is just by looking at the pattern? Hint: it’s part of Josh’s Halloween costume:

(That’s gold and burgundy, not cream and purple. Dang user error iphone.)


I made these on Friday as a baby gift for a friend that recently had twins. They were so easy and I’m really happy with how they came out!

all i want for christmas is a craft store gift card

The obsession continues.

I think I pulled a muscle in the back of my left hand, and yet I continue to crochet.*

The good news is, not only did I sell the burnt orange hat/scarf set to a bloggy friend, but I brought some things to a real life craft show and sold 3 hats and 6 scarves. Woohoo! I have the Christmas money I was hoping for!** And yet I continue to crochet…

Let’s just say a few of Josh’s teachers are getting scarves for Christmas. 🙂 And maybe a few other people too.

Here’s a couple of lap blankets I made for the craft show but they didn’t sell. I’m not sure I’m happy or sad about that, especially since the orange/brown one matches my bedroom and I could, ya know, keep it. Both are a bit over 3 foot square.

Can you tell I like burnt orange?

I kinda like purple too, especially mixed with gray:

I swear I work in other colors besides purple and orange!

Like red. I love red.

Somehow this scarf ended up 8 feet long. No joke. I might not have been paying attention when I started it, I just kept on crocheting…

*I really do have other stuff going on besides crocheting and dealing with George. It’s all just too boring to write about. More boring than yarn and a cat? You know that’s pretty bad.

**And it’s quite possible I might spend it all on yarn at Michael’s and AC Moore’s Black Friday sales!

crocheted hats

I’m still crocheting. Crocheting is the new blogging you know. 😉 Last year at this time I was writing daily (NEVER AGAIN!) nablopomo entries. This year I can’t stop buying yarn and dreaming about what I can make out of it.

I decided I needed to add some hats to my collection of scarves. I think I’m getting pretty good at them (especially since I’m winging it – I never learned how to follow a pattern!) and they’re so much quicker than scarves.

I took photos of a couple of them so you all could see samples of what I’ve been doing. (Okay, so do you know how hard it is to take a picture of yourself? Really hard!)

I love this burnt orange yarn. It’s similar to a set I made for my MIL for Christmas last year. The yarn is a super soft suede. It’s Lion Brand but unfortunately it’s being discontinued so I’ve been buying it in every color everywhere I can find it. I made the same set in black suede too.

This is Lion Brand Homespun in two different purples. I didn’t have very good lighting – trust me, it’s purple! I kinda wanna keep this one!

Seriously – I stink at taking my own photo! Do you see the “I feel ridiculous” look on my face? Oh yeah. And it might have been a little better if I’d thought to put on some make-up first. Oops!

Anyway, I have some lap blankets in the works too, and I think I’m going to try a shawl next. I’d really like to learn how to read a pattern so I can make socks and stuff. Of course, I’ve been saying that for years, I’m just too lazy to do it!

yarn crazy

I spend my Sundays pouring over the sale flyers, cutting out 40% off coupons and then trolling the yarn aisles of every craft store in a 15 mile radius around my house. The days when a 50% coupon shows up, well,  woohoo!

I spend my evenings crocheting like mad. I’m obsessed with the softest yarns, the prettiest colors, and of course the cheapest prices I can find. I’m hoping to sell a few scarves and maybe a blanket to make some Christmas cash, but I won’t be too disappointed if I get to keep some of it for myself! (Not the cash – the scarves!)

Yes, they are are soft as they look. 🙂

crocheted ssssssnake

Last spring I saw this post on Krista’s blog and I knew I had to try making a crocheted snake for the boy myself. It took me forever and I had a bit of trouble with the head, but it’s finally done!

I did a few things my own way, including using pipe cleaners on the inside so I wouldn’t have to worry about the boy getting poked with wires. I also used a bit of felt for the tongue instead of yarn, I thought it would hold up better since it’ll actually be played with.

Btw, I’ve never learned how to follow a pattern so I was winging it! Pretty cute, huh?! But, um, never again! Next time I take on a crocheting project I’m going back to straight lines.

the craftiness

I’ve been alone for 5 hours. How terrible am I if the boy was starting a bit of a cold and I let him go anyway? Yeah, I suck. I let him go, with promises that if he gets worse or he wants to come home early they’ll call me. Now I have a pounding headache and a sore throat. Karma, people. Karma.

Anyway, you know the list of stuff I had to do? I’ve actually managed to get some of it accomplished!

Woohoo! The only annoying thing was, I spent an hour at the craft store looking at the mats and frames, picked one out, and when I got it home the opening was too small. Grrr. The I went digging around in my craft closet and found the perfect mat. Dang. Who knew I had one all along?!

Speaking of the crafty. Are you ready to see what I do?

Paper #1 is the one I’m giving to my cousin:

She likes purple. A lot. Otherwise, I generally do more muted background colors. Are you wondering what you’re looking at? It’s a handmade paper with flower petals, leaves, and other organics embedded in the paper making process. The greenish tinge here and there? Sometimes a flower petal will bleed unexpected colors while it’s drying. Purple tends to bleed green, red tends to bleed blue, that sort of thing. It helps make each one completely one of a kind.

I generally get all of the floral stuff from around my yard – that’s how I made this one. I also have a pile crappy old computer books full of leaves from my old house! I had such a pretty Japanese Maple there. Anyway, big heavy (otherwise useless) books are a great way to dry and press leaves and petals.

Sometimes I’ve made the paper out of something special that a client specifically wanted. Like rose petals from a Valentine’s Day bouquet, or used a wedding invitation in the center with a nice border made from the envelopes. I think if I set up an online shop I’ll have a special order section for this kind of request.

Here’s what it will look like framed, sans glass just for the photo, yet my photography skilz still bite:

Uh, yeah, when I put it all together for real, I swear it’ll be straight.

Paper #2 was my backup paper. I had lots of purple pulp leftover so I made an extra. I still have purple pulp leftover so I’ll probably make a third one. I hope someone else likes purple!

Paper #3 is one I made about a year ago and never did anything with it. If I remember it was my back up paper from the last wedding present I made!

This one was made with rose petals, and bits of stuff out of old potpourri that I had on hand.

All three of these are about 8×10 and I mat them to fit in an 11×14 frame.

Paper #4 is smaller, about 3×5 and I’ll mat it to fit in an 8×10 frame:

That’s it. That’s what I do when I have time. I’ve tried tons of different crafts, and I still do some of them, sometimes I crochet, sometimes I make jewelry, once I had access to pottery equipment and I sold some cute pots. A couple years ago I had a business with a friend in Virgina where we took anything old and crappy and reused it in a new way, such fun! Now, the paper making calls to me. This is what I’m supposed to do. This is what I want to try to sell.

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