on the market

After weeks and weeks of slaving over this house, it’s finally on the market today!

We put in new carpets, painted almost every room, cleaned every inch, (okay well, I hired someone to clean every inch) got rid of almost everything we own, and staged the heck out of the place. Not to mention all the the yard work we’ve done to add a little curb appeal. My fingernails are still black from planting tons of flowers. (It goes really well with the white on my elbows from painting trim!)

Did I mention my realtor also stages the house as part of her normal routine? Love it! She’s the only realtor I interviewed that does that. But people! There are fake plants in. my. house! Let’s just say they’re growing on me… 😉

Really, the whole thing came out gorgeous, if I do say so myself, and yes, I still want to move!

George thinks I made things nice just for him:

I am so ridiculously tired. Can I have a nap now too??

Tomorrow I clean the laundry room. Oy. Anyone want to come organize my pantry or clean the inside of my refrigerator? ~sigh~

ps. If you want to see the actual listing leave a comment and I’ll email it to you. 🙂

no more stuff

My last couple of weeks have been filled with frantic get-it-on-the-market-quick house prep. It’s utterly exhausting. I have emptied every closet, cupboard, drawer, and nook, and sorted out what’s to keep, to giveaway, to recycle and what’s just plain trash! It’s amazing how much trash a house can hold.

We’re painting, packing, changing out flooring, deep cleaning, and basically finishing up every little project we’ve been putting off for years. I go to bed at night with muscles aching, and get up the next morning and do it all again.

Remember last summer when I had my yard sale? Well, we suspected at the time that a move like this might happen and we wanted to get a head start on decluttering. So we got rid of all of the stuff in our basement storage area. It’s a good thing we did. I don’t know if I could deal with all of that too!

When we first started this process we thought we’d get rid of about 50% of everything we own. In reality it might end up being about two thirds. 2/3s! Can you imagine that? Look around your house and tell me, could you give up more than 1/2 of it? A year ago I would have said no way, and yet here I am doing it.

I’m trying not to be sentimental about “stuff” anymore – I know that the stuff doesn’t hold the memories and really it’s just holding me back. I also no longer save everything that might be useful someday. It never will. It’s a lie I’ve telling myself so I didn’t have to part with it all.

I’m tired of having a big house so I have extra room store these things. I’m tired of dusting tchotchkes because they’re there. I’m tired of constantly shifting things around but never really using them. I just don’t want them anymore. I want smaller, fewer, cleaner, better organized. I want to live to do things, not to have things.

I hope you all don’t mind going through the journey with me. 🙂

this is why I’m working so much this summer…*

…so I can pay for home improvements instead of attempting to do them ~badly~ myself.

Goodbye baby poop brown. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

In about two weeks our house will be a lovely shade of, um, kinda boring beige. But fresh! And clean! With pretty brick red shutters/front door/garage door, and white trim.

We’ve suffered enough with the poopy tan for over four years. It’s taken me that long to 1) afford to hire someone to do the work, and 2) pick the darn colors!

Top=good. Bottom=bad. You all likey?

I hope so, cause I’m not changing my mind. Again.

* and also, why I’m not at BlogHer. Sigh.

fire pit!

Okay. We might have had an ulterior motive for taking down the swing set and incorporating it into the treehouse

…because the only place on the property we could build a fire pit was right where the swingset was!

Our town has all sorts of regulations about fire pits; including that it has to be at least 50 feet from the house and 10 from the woods – considering that most of our acreage is woods that really limits us!

As soon as Damon was finished with the treehouse complex, he built this:

NOW who wants to come over and play? 😉

how not to spend your sunday

So we notice a little stain on the ceiling in the foyer, just under one of the upstairs bathroom sinks. Well, technically not we. The boy noticed it a couple of days ago and I mentally filed it away to mention to dh. Apparently I put it in my mental circular file. Luckily dh noticed it himself yesterday and decided to do something about it first this this morning. Me? I would have remembered it about the time the ceiling caved in and we were all asthmatic from mold exposure.

So yeah, the drywall was more than a little damp as he cut into it. And so the hole got bigger and bigger, looking for the dry edges. Out came damp insulation, yuck. Out also came some some strange radiant heat tiles that hadn’t been used in years. We didn’t even know the system was in there. It didn’t take dh long to find the leak – since it’s still dripping – just a small pinhole in the copper fitting on the cold water pipe. Unfortunately, it will need to be replaced. As will the ceiling:

Wicked classy eh?

Perhaps I should have titled this “I wished I played the lottery this week.”

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