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Little League is finally over. We lost in the 2nd round of playoffs on Saturday, and while I’m a little sad it’s over I’m also all “Woohoo, our weekends are freeeee!!”

Every Winter when we’re holed up in our house avoiding the cold and snow, we look forward to all the things we can do when it’s Spring again. And every Winter I forget that Spring means baseball. Our lives are not our own during baseball season. There are two or three games a week, including every single Saturday, plus practices squeezed in when we can. UGGHHHH. We love it AND we hate it.

I have a serious case of bleacher butt and I think I’m going blind from looking through wire mesh so often. I don’t even recognize my own kid without a gray metal X crossing his face.

In the first round of the playoffs last Tuesday, Josh had both a great catch at 3rd base and his best hit of the season. We were down 2 players but we still managed to beat the 5th place team.

Well, just before he made the great catch, Josh was hit by a line drive in his right foot. He shook it off and kept on playing.Turns out, it hurt like hell and he never said anything because he knew if he didn’t keep playing they would have to forfeit the game. He’s right, they would have only had 7 players and would not have been allowed to keep going.

I can’t even with THIS KID. If that had been me, I would have been writhing on the ground calling for a whaaaambulance!! But he never complains. I don’t understand.

Anyway, he mentioned the foot a few times during the week but it never seemed THAT bad and wanted to keep playing. Okay. Well, by the end of the day Saturday it was feeling pretty awful. By the end of the day Sunday it was swollen and he was hopping on one foot. Off we went to urgent care and while the x-ray came back clean he has to use a boot and crutches for the next few days so the sprain has time to heal. His field trip to the Science Museum tomorrow should be super fun! Is it wrong that I’m secretly glad that I can’t be a chaperone this time? Forget I said that.

So all that for the love of baseball. If he can do that, I’ll sit and look through a wire fence all day, any day for him.

Photo Apr 19, 5 26 06 PM

Photo Jun 04, 5 38 32 PM

Photo May 04, 8 00 52 AM

Photo May 04, 7 55 33 AM

As long as I can take pictures while I’m there!



A Poem by Josh K. *

You have to make the decision!
Are you going or not?
Maybe make the decision while stirring the pot!

What are you going to do?
Make the decision while tying your shoe!

You have the power!
Make the decision in the shower!

What is the day today Dad?
Is it a weekday which is totally unrad?
Should I go to school?

Yay! You say.

* I came downstairs this morning to find Josh had written a completely awesome poem and of course my first question was, can I blog it? So I paid him $o.50 to publish it. It’s my first paid content!

the itty bitty football shirt

You guys.

This was 8 years ago.

This is today.

Can I cry now?

His attitude hasn’t changed much.

I found the old shirt. We decided it was good luck since the Pats beat the Panthers that year.

We put it on a stuffed bear but that wasn’t nearly enough fun.

So we put it on George.

No cats were harmed in the making of this post.

Mostly he just wanted to lie down.

Or rip my face off.

Best photo shoot ever.

Fingers crossed the Patriots win this one!


I can’t make this stuff up

This is what happens when your kid is better with apps than you are:

I got his via email from Josh on Sunday morning. Yes, an email, from my kid, who was upstairs in his room at the time.

1. I have no idea how he got the writing on the photo. All he would tell me is that he used Camera + (on his iPod.)


2. No, his closet isn’t usually that messy but we had company (hi Phil!) staying in his room so we shoved all kinds of stuff in there that day. George loooved that.


3. Technology is weird. Eight year olds are even weirder.

new school jitters

Mine. Not his.

So yeah. We moved to a brand new city, a new state even, and that means a whole new school for Josh. He seems FINE with it. While I’m trying not to admit that I’m a bit of wreck!

I’m one of those people who spent her whole life in the same house, the same town, with the same kids, at the same schools. I loved that life. I had good friends and a happy childhood. I want the same thing for my son, and yet I can’t help wondering, what if this new place changes all of that for him?

So far, everything about this move has been awesome for all of us. We looove it here. Of course we miss our friends but we are just SO much better off now.

But what if, WHAT IF, his new school is the ONE thing that isn’t great?? That is, in fact, horrible? What if we’ve made a terrible mistake? What if he turns into a different kid here? What if he has trouble making friends or fitting it? The what-ifs are killing me. Aaack!

Did I mention I’ve had a stiff neck and shoulder for almost two weeks? Ya think that might be where I’m holding my stress??

Oh, those dang doubts. They sure do creep in when you least want them to. Like 4 am.

I had a dream last night (I NEVER talk about dreams but I had to this one time!) about Josh’s new teacher. Who we don’t even know yet! She was this faceless entity whose idea of a reward for the kids was to let them sing or dance in front the class. Not a punishment, a reward. I swear, THIS would have been my worst nightmare when I was kid! And my kid is soooo much like me! In the  dream he started to hate school. Josh hate school? Aaaand then I woke up. I felt horrible!

Now okay, I know it was just a dream but what if it was really some freaky premonition? If Josh comes home from the first day of school and tells me his teacher made him sing in front of the class? Duuude. I’ll be homeschooling the rest of the year.

Have any of you moved your kids midway through school or did your parents move you when you were a kid? What was positive and what was negative? Do you have any ideas on how I can help him transition? Or should I just leave him the heck alone and he’ll get through it? ~ahem~

Believe me when I say he does not seem worried at all. (I hide my issues well.) His new principal gave us a tour of the school already. He saw his classroom, although he hasn’t met his teacher yet. He knows exactly where he has to go at morning drop off, how to go through the lunch line, where the gym is, those kinds of things. He loved it there. Honestly, I don’t really thing he’s going to have any problems, but, but…what if?

We have one more week until school starts. By then my head might just roll right off my shoulders. Ow. Where’s my heating pad?

Pottermore, more Potter, more reading

I haven’t joined Google+, I reluctantly signed up for Spotify, but for Pottermore, I’m willing to get up at a horrendously early hour and refresh my browser indefinitely? Yep. I know, I know! We are Potterheads, and we’re proud of it. 😉 I managed to get accounts for both Josh and myself, and we’ll just see if the site is worth the trouble. What I do know is that JK Rowling obviously has a brilliant marketing strategist. ~ahem~

With or without Pottermore, things are still All Harry Potter All The Time around here. We’ve read all the books and seen all the movies, and now Josh is re-reading them. He’s planning to be Harry for Halloween, again. We discuss storylines, and theories, and how we would have written things differently if we were in charge. He looks for details he missed in the first read and we talk about in what ways the books differ from the movies, for good and bad. I love what this series has done for Josh’s willingness to read, ability to read, and his constant need to read more, more, more. He was always a good reader before, but this year, he became a became a real, pick-up-a-book-on-his-own-and-read-for-hours-at-a-time READER. The one thing he really wanted in his new bedroom – a comfy reading nook. ~love it~

I am constantly on the lookout for other books to fuel his reading bug. He particularly likes scifi but enjoys mysteries too. Series books are a must – he’ll read stand-alones but much prefers stories that go on and on. These are a few series and authors he’s read recently that we highly recommend:

Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan (We’re definitly going to check out his other 2 series, the Heroes of Olympus, and the Kane Chronicles.)

The 39 Clues by various authors (Fabulous for those who like both mysteries and history. Josh can’t wait for book 12!)

How to Train Your Dragon (Yes this was a not so great movie, but a fabulous series, especially for readers new to sci-fantasy)

Guardians of Ga’hoole by Kathryn Lasky (We only read the first four and Josh grew out of them before we realized there were many more.)

Swindle by Gordon Korman (He is a seriously prolific author and has some other series we’re going to check out.)

The Spiderwick Chronicles by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black (Again, a mediocre movie but really fabulous books.)

The Last Dragon Chronicles by Chris D’Lacey (We just finished the first book The Fire Within, and Josh is chomping at the bit to go back to the library for the next couple.)

Some series that we’ve heard great things about and plan to start soon:

Redwall by Brian Jacques

Eragon by Christopher Paolini

Do any of you have recommendations for similar books?

We’ve already been through all of the Narnia books, The Wrinkle in Time books, everything Roald Dahl ever wrote, almost everything Beverly Cleary ever wrote, and as many boy classics like How to Eat Fried Worms and Frecklejuice that I could find. Sheesh. I’m running out of ideas, someone give me some!

ps. While I’m waiting, I’ll be looking into how to officially change my name to my Pottermore nickname  – hollyfirebolt. I’m sure you can get used to calling me that, right?

pss. Did any of you also get into Pottermore? Or am I the only crazy one here??

psss. Honest to god I made him do a math sheet this morning because I started to wonder if I’m letting him read too much. I am crazy.

sniffle snort ugh it’s Halloween so I must be sick

The plague has descended on us. Josh is the only one to have escaped it. So far.

This is the 3rd year in a row that I was signed up to run/walk in our local Santa Fund run. And the 3rd year in a row that I was too sick to go.

I did manage to leave the house long enough to take the boy trick or treating.

Take that Voldemort!

This is his 3rd year in a row that he had some kind of caped costume. Of course, he’s never sick on Halloween. Maybe I need a cape.

ps. If you’re looking for serious cuteness, I suggest you go here.

when the boy is away, the cat will…

…sleep on his bathrobe.

Every. day.

Why the guilty look George? Or is it that you want to claw my eyes out for interrupting your nap?


A few days ago Josh wore a funny shirt to school that said “I’m allergic to homework” – typical sort of thing for a 2nd grader. Except, then he rationalized to the teacher that it was actually true. And I quote “I’m allergic to pollen, and pollen is on trees, and paper comes from trees and homework is on paper, so I really am allergic to homework!” Oy vey.

fall ball

So once again, I am doing a lot of this:

(I’m really not very good at taking pics with my iphone!)

while I do a lot of this:

(My son is not actually in this picture. Whoops! I don’t know why it’s only one I took. I’ll try to remember the real camera and get one of him next week!)

Yes, Josh is playing Fall Baseball. Yippee.

Really though? It’s better than soccer. There’s no whining in baseball, and there was always lots of whining in soccer. Something about all that freaking running.

The best thing about fall ball is there are no practices, only one game a week, every Saturday. It’s meant to be just for fun for those kids who really like baseball and don’t want lose all of their skills between seasons. I use the term skills pretty loosely here. Oh yeah.

The teams are of mixed ages, and Josh is the youngest on his. He doesn’t seem to mind the age and size differences, and he isn’t the worst player, so it’s going better than I anticipated. He also hasn’t been hit by a wild pitch yet, unlike a number of his teammates!

Anyway, this was supposed to be about me. On Saturday I was sitting in the stands starting a new crochet project, when a friend and fellow crocheter came over to sit with me. Her son was on the other team, and from the bleachers on the opposite side she had spied someone with fingers flashing. She knew that person had to be knitting or crocheting. And then she saw my hair.

I really am that obvious.


So who can guess what my new project is just by looking at the pattern? Hint: it’s part of Josh’s Halloween costume:

(That’s gold and burgundy, not cream and purple. Dang user error iphone.)

vacation all I ever wanted

It killed me for most of the summer to not talk about our vacation here! Now that it’s over I finally can! I didn’t ever mention it because I felt weird about too many people knowing I was leaving the house for 10 days. We’ve had a lot of break-ins in our town and I didn’t want us being away to be too obvious.

Sooooo, we went to Florida, on the hottest week of the year. Yep.

I really don’t like heat, but I got over myself and had 10 days of fabulous! We tried to do fun things every morning and spend the afternoons in the pool, (at least, Josh and I did, while Damon worked.) Only one day out of the whole trip was too thunderstormy to swim. As long as I can get in the water I’m happy. 😉

We went because Damon has a new job, where he will mostly be working from home, but one week a month he will be in the office in, you guessed it, Florida. Josh and I got a chance to tag along to St. Petersburg this time since we had a free place to stay and school hasn’t started here yet.

Okay, I’ve bored you enough with the words, here is our trip in pictures! (For all three of you that actually want to see them!)

Man, those pelicans stunk!

The beach!!

St. Pete Beach was absolutely gorgeous. Next time we go, we’re spending more time there.

We don’t have trees like this in New Hampshire!

An armadillo made out of junk car parts? This is one of Josh’s favorite pics!

We should have seen an alligator right here, but it was even too hot for them. Ugh, the sweat.

After Damon’s work week was over we left St. Pete and spent a few days in Orlando.

The Lego store…need I say more?

Damon had some issues taking pics with his iphone. And he used to be a photographer??! Hee. Okay, it was just a liiiittle bit sunny out, and he couldn’t see what he was shooting. Also, the only day I didn’t wear black. Ahem. Did I mention the sweat?

The best part of the day at Magic Kingdom. Seriously. Minnie air kissed me on the cheek. So ridiculously cute.

Kennedy Space Center was my favorite day. There was lots of air conditioning…

We can’t pass up an opportunity for a Vulcan hand sign. Ever.

And really, what is a vacation without one of these?

ps. I have to give a shout out to my MIL and her husband for staying in the house part of the time and doing tons of chores for us! And another to my friend’s daughter “C” for checking in on my cat the rest of the time! Thank you!

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