friday is always a good day for bullets

Apparently I’m a slacker, a blog slacker that is. The rest of my life is going at break neck pace. This calls for bullets!

flashback friday: love look at the 2 of us

Edited to add: If you’re here from Proposal 2.0, I linked to one of my older posts because I think it gets the point across that your wedding (and hence your marriage) should be what you want it to be, not what everyone else wants it to be. My best marriage advice – take lots of candids!

It’s the Valentine’s Day edition of Flashback Friday over at My Tiny Kingdom! I’ve been waiting for this one just so I can post a couple of my wedding pictures!

My wedding was exactly the way I wanted it: small and simple. We were outside, under a big white tent, with sixty of our closest family and friends, and great food that I can’t remember eating. It was hotter than heck though, 99 degrees wasn’t part of the plan. Other than all the sweat it was the perfect day!

The best wedding photos are the unplanned ones, aren’t they?! We have tons of candids because there were a bunch of professional photographers as guests. I don’t know why we bothered hiring one! I’m glad we did though because he caught this one in between the set up shots:

It seems like we have more kissy shots than anything else, but this is my favorite:

Sometimes June 24, 1995 feels just like yesterday. (And then I look at my very, very tall hair. Yikes.)

Love you baby. xoxo

one last Christmas reflection

I had the perfect New Year’s Day yesterday. We spent the morning taking down all the trapping of Christmas, boxing up our memories in plastic bins, neatly put away for next year.

We then went to Target for yet one last bin, one big enough for the first fake tree we’ve had in years, and one almost as expensive as the tree. Yikes. Then we got our coffee and smoothie respectively, went home for lunch, and took a 2 and a half hour nap. No really, the boy and I had a glorious long winter’s rest while DH was at work.

We did in fact let the boy stay up until midnight to ring in the New Year, the first and perhaps the last time we’ll do that. Not that he was bad, but frankly if he had been in bed at normal time, I’m pretty sure I would have been too. Apparently I’m an old lady. Confirmed by the fact I crocheted again throughout 3 hour ride on the way to the FIL’s today. At one point I said ‘oy vey’ at something DH said and that was it for him. Now I’m not allowed to say little old lady things at the same time I’m working with yarn of any sort. Oy vey. But I digress.

So the decorations are gone, when it felt like we had just put them up. It feels good to have the furniture back in place, and have clean empty spaces again. Another whole year before the Christmas hype begins again. I can’t decide if that’s a good or a bad thing, honestly. A little of both perhaps. It would be nice if we could keep our holiday spirit year round, without all the rest of it.

As I folded up plastic branches and pulled apart the metal trunk of our tree yesterday, I remembered the only other time we’ve had a fake tree since we’ve been married – the year I was pregnant. It was all I could do to get up and go to work everyday. I couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, could barely walk. I was nauseous all the time and threw up daily though I was far into my second trimester.

Just the idea of Christmas overwhelmed me, buying gifts was impossible, and setting up a tree blew my mind. We were in Virginia, far from our families, just the two of us, expectant, scared, and hopeful all at once. I cried out of helplessness, ordered to lay on the couch on my downtime, not able to create any Christmas spirit, but needing it all the same.

One day, mid-way into December, I arrived home, looked around and cried again. This time tears of joy. My dear husband had dug into our Christmas things, things I thought would stay put away for another year. He’d found our old 2 foot fake tree, leftover from our college days, and set it up with lights and my favorite ornaments. He’d put out as many of my decorations as he could find and waited for me to come home and find it. He’d made my Christmas spirit for me. And he didn’t need a 7 foot tall fir to do it.

That was a good year, so have all the years since, and I hope the next is better than ever.

Happy 2009 my friends. xoxo

if you thought I was crazy before…

You should have seen me around 4:30 this afternoon. I was a complete psycho negotiating with a car salesman while DH sat back and let me. Oh my.

Let’s step back a moment and start from the beginning.

Yesterday I dropped off my car at my mechanic’s for my annual inspection. I knew that one of my tie rods was loose so I expected to spend a few bucks, but I hoped nothing else major was wrong. Kinda wishful thinking really, considering I drive a 1996 Taurus with 126,000 miles on it. Apparently I sucked every ounce of life outta that car, cause the the news this morning wasn’t good. Not good at all.

The worst of it:

Holy cannoli Batman. I was looking at repair bill of about $2000.00. Frankly, the car isn’t worth anywhere near that much.

DH and I agree it’s time to bite the bullet and car shop. Crap. So I say let’s just go tonight and get it over with. DH smartly gets out of work at 1:00pm giving us almost the entire day to deal with it. I didn’t really think we needed that long. Heh. I’m an idiot.

I pretty much knew I wanted another Taurus. I just like them. I’m used to them, they’re pretty reliable, and they last for quite a few miles. We head out to a local, but large, car dealership that we’ve dealt with before, in search of a slightly used one. Saw a few, blah, blah, test drove, blah blah, got financing set, etc. Before you say “Why did you get financing at a dealership? They always screw you over!” Not if you’re armed with other bank quotes at really good rates they don’t! Been there, done that!

Anyway. We get to the final negotiations. Bad trade in offer, and hmmm, the other numbers seem a little funny. Oops, we forgot to tell you about the $399 processing fee. I grabbed my purse and stood up to leave. Dealer panics. I’m livid. DH is good cop. You know what I am – psycho crayzee cop. I’m pretty sure I stood up at one point turned toward the manager’s desk and yelled that I wanted my keys back. Oh, yes I did. Manager panics. Runs over. Fixes deal. I get what I want. DH is happy. Boy is confused (and so very tired of waiting!) We get awesome 4.59 % interest rate!

Wanna see it? Here it is, but make sure you keep reading, you don’t want to miss the best part:

So, at the very end, we’re waiting next to our poor old clunker for the salesman to pull up with our shiny new (to me) 2006 Taurus. It was taking forever. I joke to DH “What are they doing, replacing the new tires with bald ones, or siphoning all the gas?!” Ha Ha.

The mofos siphoned the gas. I’m not kidding. It was over half a tank when I test drove it. Take a guess which warning light came on as soon as we drove off the lot?

it’s gonna be a tough week

DH left for a business trip at 4:30 this morning. He’ll be back sometime Saturday evening. I can only hope nothing pressing comes up with my work, because it’s going to be enough for me to be a single parent all week. How in the world do people do this ALL the time? The boy is currently eating a lunchable for dinner and it’s only the first day. Don’t judge me please….

crazy crazy day

Edited to add

how not to spend your sunday

So we notice a little stain on the ceiling in the foyer, just under one of the upstairs bathroom sinks. Well, technically not we. The boy noticed it a couple of days ago and I mentally filed it away to mention to dh. Apparently I put it in my mental circular file. Luckily dh noticed it himself yesterday and decided to do something about it first this this morning. Me? I would have remembered it about the time the ceiling caved in and we were all asthmatic from mold exposure.

So yeah, the drywall was more than a little damp as he cut into it. And so the hole got bigger and bigger, looking for the dry edges. Out came damp insulation, yuck. Out also came some some strange radiant heat tiles that hadn’t been used in years. We didn’t even know the system was in there. It didn’t take dh long to find the leak – since it’s still dripping – just a small pinhole in the copper fitting on the cold water pipe. Unfortunately, it will need to be replaced. As will the ceiling:

Wicked classy eh?

Perhaps I should have titled this “I wished I played the lottery this week.”


I don’t have coherent thoughts today. So I’ll ramble instead. It’ll be like you’re having a real life conversation with me, cause you know I ramble…not to mention monopolize the conversation. Damn, this really is the perfect medium for me. <lots of heads nodding out there>

I have a pain in my neck. Right down at the base, between my shoulder blades. Too much raking yesterday. I was working on cleaning out the flower beds, getting them ready to transplant some of my seedlings soon. Guess it won’t be planting them for at least a couple of days now. Guess I can’t clean either…well, I don’t do that anyway.

I drove past my local nursery a couple of days ago. I almost drooled at the pansies they had out. Not that I particularly love pansies, but because, omg, the color! I might have to go pick up a few to brighten things up a bit while I wait for my perennials to bloom. I had to stop myself from buying some at at home improvement big box when I was there for other things. I’d rather give my money to the small local nursery but oh I so wanted immediate gratification! I know I’m a dork, it’s okay if you’re thinking that…

Pause while I get some coffee, k? Go look at some freaking cute kitties, but you have to come right back cause I have more to say.

Well I’m back. Did you like that? It’s the boy’s favorite blog. So, while I was making coffee I had to stop and unload and reload the dishwasher. The dishwasher that someone in this house led me to believe was already unloaded and instead only unloaded the silverware basket. That helps me…not at all.

I neglected things here yesterday because I was working on my other website design. I need a work related site and I need it soon. I don’t know if I’ll ever link to it from here though. I’m still conflicted about the whole secret identity thing. (hee hee secret identity – am I a superhero or what?) At least half of you reading are all: secret, huh? But I know who you are….well yes, but I only told a select few friends, and only one of my many siblings. There are other people coming here that I don’t know at all, and that’s great, but, well, you know.

Anyway, that’s all really a conversation for another day. Back to my other website. I’m a photo editor, so it has to actually have photos in the design. I’d like to just pick a pre-made design cause I don’t, we don’t, DH doesn’t have time to redo the whole thing. I thought that was one of the perks of having a technogeek for a husband, but, uh, guess not. (He has his own website to work on – and it’s in worse shape than mine!) Well, the pre-made designs aren’t all that. I think I’ve chosen the best possible, and it should work with the b/w images I want to use on it. In any case, that’s what I’m working on in my free time. Cause I have so much of it. (Well, I do if I skip blog surfing!)

The reason I want my work website ready is because I can’t get my business cards made until I do, and I can’t start marketing myself until I have both. Right now I only have one client that I work for, and even though I love them and they keep me very busy, I still have this nagging doubt that the jobs will continue to be there. The two people who hire me the most may someday suddenly not work there anymore, and if they left would their replacements call on me or some other freelancer they like more? I just don’t know. So, I need to be prepared to get new clients in a hurry. Sigh. One of the very few drawbacks to doing contract work instead of being a real employee.

In other news, we’ve signed the boy up to play t-ball this spring. He did really well with soccer in the fall but we thought we’d try something different. I had to go to a sports store yesterday to pick up a few supplies since his first practice is this weekend. So I go him a new tee, a good one this time instead of plastic wallyworld crap (like the one that broke.) Luckily a friend of dh’s gave him a cute little bat and I had a glove that I picked up last summer. Well two gloves, a righty and a lefty. He can’t seem to decide what he is. I think it’s going to be lefty though. He writes with his left and eats with his right. Weird. I digress, again. So the only other piece of equipment he needed? A cup. Heh. I know nothing. So of course we had to ask for help. I’m still getting over it.

The best part about t-ball? And the most shocking development in the history of my marriage? DH volunteered to be the assistant coach! Yay! I’m off the hook! Yes, I was thinking of volunteering. I loved, loved, playing softball and I want my kid to love baseball. However, I am overly bossy and overly competitive. No, really. You didn’t know that? And it’s only freaking t-ball. So really, its better if I keep my big mouth shut, and luckily DH knows that without saying it, and hopefully his calmness will prevail on the field. Plus, it’s gonna be really cute! (Hey, if you’re still reading then you’re as much of a dork as me so get over it.)

Okay, that might be all I have for rambling this morning. Maybe. Probably not. But I need to send some emails now…

ps. Did anyone else see the Biggest Loser finale? Woohooo! I won’t spoil it for you if you didn’t see it…but seriously woohoo! We can do spoilers in the comments…

can’t think of a title cause I’m still laughing

“Maybe when you’re dead he’ll stop. Or maybe when you’re dead he’ll sniff your old bones.”

Said the boy, after overhearing me tell the cat to STOP FOLLOWING ME.

I laughed so hard I had to walk away. And then heard dh say “don’t encourage him.”

How can I not encourage that? It’s frigging brilliant.

tmi and a war, part two

So getting to the hospital and early labor are truly a blur now. All I know is that for hours I rocked, and walked, and talked, but never dilated past 3. I know dh watched a lot of CNN. Then I got some pitocin to move things along. Idiot me refused the epidural, “for now” I said. By the time I was begging for the epidural, the contractions were so close and strong the anesthesiologist could barely find a quiet moment to stick it in. It’s funny how clearly I remember that part.

After the epi, of course, I could no longer get out of bed. Numb legs and that pesky catheter kind of get in the way of walking. So I laid there and complained, and contracted, whined, and contracted. And dh held my hand and watched some more CNN. I didn’t even let him leave for food.

So, remember that whole need to get the kid out within 24 hours of your water breaking? Well, that’s due to the risk of infection. So a few hours sixteen hours after my wake up call, I was still only at 7cm, exhausted, baby’s heart rate was starting to get a little depressed, and I’m pretty sure I was screaming “just get it out of me.” We all decided the best course of action was a c-section.

Yep, another cesarean statistic. Well, I’m glad we made that decision, because as we discovered, he would never would have come out the other way with his head positioned wrong. The only bad part about the surgery was when the nurse didn’t bring dh into the operating room until after they had sliced me open. And he had to walk right by the carnage to get behind the curtain. Oops.

In any case, the boy, (a boy? wait! we were so sure it was a girl!) was born at 4:30pm March, 20, 2003. Happy birthday sweetie!


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