noshing and pimping!

I’m a little embarrassed to admit this…

I have a post debuting on Blog Nosh today! No, I don’t mean I edited a post on Blog Nosh – I actually put one of my own on there! I don’t know why I have such a hard time pimping my own blog but there it is – the mortification that I won’t be able to shake all day.

I did it because I’ve edited so many posts there* and I thought it was time the Blog Nosh readers got to know a little bit about me! So go see which post I chose from my archives that I think is my true self! Heh. It’s okay to laugh. Really. I do every time I re-read it.

If you’re clicking around anyway – go click on over to the 2008 Weblog Awards and vote for Blog Nosh for Best New Blog! Pretty please with sugar on top? You can vote once every 24 hours so vote early, and vote often! Blog Nosh’s Editor in Chief Velveteen Mind is a finalist for Best Diarist too!

* send me your best archived posts and I might feature you too! and then you can have one of these:
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the writing on the…

…post it note.

I saw this first at Flutter’s place a couple days ago, then at Slouching Mom’s and again at Jennifer’s yesterday. What can I say but that I’m a follower. Wouldn’t you follow them too?

I do think your handwriting says a lot about you. Mine says that I seem to have forgotten how to actually use cursive. Do schools even teach cursive anymore? I hope so.

click image to enlarge

It also says that I’m just as messy as my house.

I suppose now that I have my scanner hooked up, I probably ought to scan some stuff I need for work, eh? Hmm, or maybe I could dig out my old photo albums…no, must not get distracted…ooo look a shiny pretty thing….

Psst, now go check out my Editor’s Pick up on Blog Nosh today 🙂


Did you all see the launch of Blog Nosh Magazine yesterday? If you missed it, guess what? It’s not too late because there’s new content on it every single day! New bloggers to find every time you go there! Now that’s my kind of place.

What’s Blog Nosh? Just what it sounds like – a place where you can find lots of yummy posts to read, chosen by lots of yummy editors. Find a post you like? (all of them?) Then head on over to the blogger’s site and read some more. You can also check out the Editor’s page to see who’s choosing all this savory stuff! If you go today you can see my first Homemaking Blog Nosh pick! (Stimey!)

Don’t forget, I want to see all of your most luscious links in my inbox for both the Homemaking Channel (gardening, cooking, organizing, home design, crafts) AND for the Entertainment Channel (TV, books, movies) so I can nosh on your blog too! (catnip35 at gmail dot com)

If your blog is featured on Blog Nosh Magazine you get this tasty morsel of a button for your sidebar!

So delicious, it makes me hungry to look at it!

What are you waiting for? Go on!

ps. You know you can email ANY of the Editors on ANY of the Channels right? They would LOVE to hear from you!

I’ve horrified myself

If you’ve read much of this blog, or if you know me irl, you are well aware that cleaning is my least favorite thing to do on the planet. Seriously. When I told DH I was going to be working on the Homemaking Channel for Blog Nosh Magazine he actually laughed and said “well, maybe you’ll learn something.” (Don’t condemn him, it’s no worse than I thought myself AND he helps around here way more than most husbands!)

Anyway, DH took the boy to t-ball awhile ago and I decided to stay home and try to accomplish something. Something immensely productive. I needed to clean the family room. This is the room where the boy and I spend most of our time during the day. Many of his toys and craft items are here, and my work stuff is all here. This fact will be important later – I work sitting in the middle of the couch with all my shit stuff spread out around me. (Mostly because my desk is too cluttered to actually work at. Sigh.) You might already know, but I am a freelance photo editor. That means I always have manuscripts, layouts, pens, highlighters, a water bottle, a coffee mug (well balanced of course), paper clips, date planner, etc. next to me at all times. Yeah, on the couch. It drives DH crazy because he can never come sit next to me. I digress.

I needed to clean because I have overnight company coming it was dirty. As I’m vacuuming it occurred to me that someone might need to sleep on the couch later this week, and god forbid someone might pull the cushions off of it. So I bit the bullet and decided to clean under the cushions. Oh. My. God. Needless to say I am sitting on a very clean couch as I type this.

Confession time. Here is the horror list of what I found, not including Hershey Kisses wrappers just regular trash.

I’m pretty sure I deserve a second cup of coffee for all of that. Or a nap. Or a cleaning lady.

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