a different kind of year end post

So. I just can’t bring myselfย  to do one of those year end wrap up posts linking you to all of the so-called interesting things I wrote this past year. Yeah right.

First of all, I’m almost a full week late now. I’ve been planning to write this for two weeks but I have like 3,000 work deadlines this month and we all know this blog is the first thing to suffer the consequences of me having to earn actual money. (The second is housework. Or is it the other way around? Seeing as I’m sitting here writing in a very dirty little house. Ahem.)

Honestly though, nothing in my 2011 archives was all that entertaining and well, I just didn’t write nearly often enough to bother. Bad, bad, blogger I am. Lucky for me I’d rather read blog posts than write them! There are gazillions of good bloggers out there writing fabulous stuff every day. Lucky for you I’m going to tell you about a few of my favorites. ๐Ÿ™‚

These are women who write about anything and everything; work, relationships, kids, funny stories, heartache, whatever the topic, if they’re writing about it, I want to read it. Some of them you’ve surely heard of and others you might not have. Popularity doesn’t matter to me, good writing does. These are the blogs that when I spy a new post in my Google reader, I skip over everyone else to read them first!

I’m kind of a terrible commenter, so this is my way of saying thank you to them for being awesome. In random order here are some of my favorite bloggers of 2011:

So seriously, if there is ANYONE on this list you’ve never read before, GO RIGHT NOW!!

BUT WAIT! Before you go, tell me your favorite blogs? I’d love to find some new good reads. ๐Ÿ™‚


food link love

Well I know some of you liked my cat link love post, and that makes me think a few others might like all the food sites that I’m addicted to! Some are well known, some not, but I drool over them all. No wonder my keyboard is a mess!

Of course if you just want to just browse random food blogs, which I like to do sometimes, there’s a couple of great places to do that: FoodBuzz and Alltop. There’s million and one food blogs out there, what’s your favorite? I’m always looking for new ones. ๐Ÿ™‚

kitty linky love

Well, we’re on sick day #2. He coughed all night long so I let him sleep in, and now he’s upstairs tucked into my bed watching Sprout. It’s the longest I’ve ever seen him be still.

This post is just for my cat lover friends. You know my cat is like my other kid, and my kid loves cats as much as I do. We love to get online together and look at all the cute cat sites out there. Some of them you probably already know, I mean, who doesn’t know Lolcats?? But there are lots of other cute cat blogs that I love and I wanted to share with you.

Okay, now you know my secret blog lurking habit – it’s all about the cats. Got any other good ones for me?

perfectly perfect

Have you ever read a perfect post?

A post that makes your head spin, kicks you in the gut, and leaves you breathless?

A post that makes you makes you feel everything the author feels, as if it’s actually happening to you instead of her?

A post so wrenching you can barely eek out a comment because she’s rendered you speechless and blurry from tears?

I’ve read a post like that, just this week.

Mrs. Chicken, this Perfect Post award is for you:

The Original Perfect Post Awards 07.08

She’s an amazing writer and she’s always been one of my very favorite bloggers, but this post? This one blew me away.

If you want to see the rest of July’s Perfect Post recipients, head on over to Petroville or Suburban Turmoil today.

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