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I’m hope you’ll all forgive the following whine – I just need to get it out!

I’m a little disappointed in myself over what’s going on at ChapterBytes. If you didn’t notice, I put the site on hiatus awhile ago. It was fun while, well, while it was fun. But it hasn’t been fun lately, for me anyway. It’s nothing about what’s been written, I love the writers and I love the story. But when I started the whole thing I didn’t think too much about the administration of it all. And the finding of new authors, and the promoting, and the stats, and all the stuff that doesn’t make it fun anymore. And I don’t know what to do about it.

I’ve had some grand plans for it. I bought a domain name, with ideas of self-hosting, and having multiple streams of storylines, and all sorts of cool stuff. Then suddenly those things overwhelmed me. At the same time I struggled with finding new authors to keep the current story going. I felt like I was constantly selling it, always asking for more writers. I almost dreaded a new chapter arriving in my inbox because that meant I had to get the next writer going and I never knew what their enthusiasm level would be. At the same time the logistics were killing my own enthusiasm.

So now I’m left with decisions. Do I let the current site just die where it is? Do I move everything over to the new domain and try again? Do I start fresh with a new “book” at the new site? Do I use the new domain for just my own writing?

Should change the whole concept into a writing carnival with links? I could set a topic or a first sentence or some other prompt each week and let people who want to participate write on their own sites instead?

The thing is – I put up that hiatus post a week ago and I’ve not had one single comment and only one private email. Does this mean hardly anyone really cares? That I can do whatever I want and it doesn’t matter? If it does matter to someone then I’ll feel bad if I screw it up, but if it doesn’t matter to anyone then I’m free – but disappointed. Clearly I’m conflicted.

I’ve also found it really odd that I’ve had two completely different readerships between these two sites. Only rarely has a regular of one crossed over to the other and stuck around. Well, readership is a strange thing in itself anyway, fickle, unpredictable, and apparently inversely proportional to number of comments. I suppose that’s a whole separate post of it’s own though.

I’m digressing. What I’m really doing is asking opinions here – what would you do if chapterbytes was yours? Not that I necessarily do what y’all tell me to, I’m just curious what you would do.

my fear, in focus

There aren’t many things in this world I’m actually afraid of. Spiders don’t bother me, small spaces are cozy, storms are exciting, the dark just puts me to sleep, and flying is fun. Public speaking is, well, okay, I don’t really like public speaking. I don’t fear mice, or dogs, or insects, frogs, elevators, heights, being alone or being in a crowd. You get the idea. The things that scare many people don’t scare me. Except one thing.

Black snake in Virginia, LOC

Image credit: Library of Congress

When I was a little kid I would lay in bed with my arms tucked in as tight as could be. I was afraid that if my hand hung over the bed that snakes would get me. Seriously. I was convinced there were snakes living under the bed, in the toilet, the the trees, in the basement, in the garage, under the shed, etc. I lived in Maine people. There are barely any snakes in Maine, and certainly no poisonous ones.

Even as a grown-up I still hate snakes. I don’t have nightmares anymore but there is no way on earth I would ever willingly touch one, or even be in a room with one. When we lived in Virgina there was a nasty big black snake that lived under our front steps. I found out when I found a freshly shed skin on the walk one morning. I freaked. The neighbor said that there was one under every porch on the block and to leave it alone – it was good because it ate mice. I said that’s why I have a cat. I desperately wanted to move. And we did just a few months later. Heh, if you ask my husband we moved for a job, if you ask me, we moved to get away from the snake.

Anyway. All this just to say, guess what I’m working on right now? Yeah. A book about snakes. You know what my job is by now right? I’m a photo editor. I get the photos for the book. Yeah. Lots and lots of pictures of snakes. Images of snakes hissing, and slithering, and birthing, showing fangs, and hatching, and eating, and squeezing and…oh my god. Images that are now burned into my brain. Let me tell you something right now, me looking for pictures of ‘pythons constricting large animals’ right before bed, is not a good idea.

PS. I need a slap on the hand for not keep you all up to date on the goings on at ChapterBytes. We have two new chapters up, Chapter 17 written by Karen, and Chapter 18 by B. This story is really moving along and I’m so impressed with the writers! Would you like to write a chapter but you’re being shy about it? Send me an email, let’s talk! catnip35 at gmail dot com.

bad guy byte!

We get to hear the inner workings of our bad guy’s brain over at ChapterBytes this time! AndreAnna has written Chapter 13 from Jack’s perspective as the conspiracy plot grows – go tell her what you think!!

Also, don’t forget I’ve started a ChapterBytes NING group for discussions. It’s not just for authors so come join us and you can give us your opinion too! I’d love to have your thoughts about our upcoming SciFi/Fantasy book and any other genres you’d like to see represented! It’s a perfect place to ask questions, and it’s also where I’ll be making announcements. If you already have a Ning ID you can use that, if not, it’s very easy to sign up. You can also follow ChapterBytes on Twitter.

my own byte

Mercy. I finally finished my ChapterBytes chapter. Just posted Chapter 12. This is the first one from a different point of view. Go tell me if you like it, pretty please?

a byte of forgetfulness

Gah! I posted Dana’s Chapter 11 of Foodie up at ChapterBytes like 3 days ago and I forgot to post about it here! (The word forget seems to come up in my life a lot lately. I forget what I’m supposed to take to fix that.) Dana did a fantastic job and gave us yet another cliffhanger! I love it! When you’re done reading her chapter, go check out Dana’s book review site!

Now it’s my turn to write a chapter again. Holy moly.

I’m on some major deadlines with two of my current work projects, and DH is on vacation this week so we’re supposed to be visiting family for the next few days. I’ll be working from their houses! OMG, penguins are cute and all but I think I’ve looked at 10,000 images of them in the last 3 days. Yeah, not exaggerating either. Even though I’m prone to exaggeration, I’m actually not this time. Ack! I think it might be at least a few days before I can get my chapter written. Anyone want to ghost write it for me?! 🙂 Or give me some ideas? Oy.

Okay, bloggy break over, back to the penguins. Unless my eyes explode.

aack! a big byte!

It’s little long, but it’s fabulous! Chapter 9 is up over at ChapterBytes. Heather has taken us into a whole new world with her twist! It’s so good it just wasn’t possible to trim anything off the word count – but it will suck you in and you won’t even realize it’s almost twice as long as some of the other chapters!

a bit of a byte

Just a quick note to let you know Chapter 7 is up at ChapterBytes, written by Jennifer at Thursday Drive. You did an awesome job girl! I love the twist!!

Anyone else want to write a bit? Don’t be scared! Some of our authors have NEVER written fiction before and you’d never know it. Don’t want to write yourself but you know someone who loves to write and might want to have a little fun with us? Pass it along! Email me at chapterbytes at gmail dot com or catnip35 at gmail dot com.

Not into chick lit? I’m thinking the next “book” is going to be a little scifi/fantasy, what do you think?

oh my!

We have a first over at ChapterBytes. Our first only male writer has written his part of the story. Backpackingdad is, self-admittedly, very comfortable in the mommyblogger world, so when I approached him to write for us I knew he would be awesome. I was right.

When you’re done reading (and commenting 🙂 you have to go see his “alternative” chapter posted on his own site that he tried to pass off as his real chapter yesterday. I almost had heart failure when I first saw it. My plan was to make the next writer turn it into a dream. It actually took me a minute to realize it was a joke. If this “book” ever got published for real, I’m totally putting that chapter in.

uh, hi!

Hey, how ya been? I’ve been a little busy this weekend with *gasp* real life stuff! During my craziness I never got a chance to tell you Chapter 5 of ChapterBytes went up on Friday! Oops. 😉  Erin met the challenge and it’s getting really juicy…

I ate a lot of ribs this weekend, what did you do?

fresh byte

Guess what? ChapterBytes just keeps getting better! Did I mention Ms. Flutter has written quite a twist in chapter 4? Go see!

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