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Mercy. I finally finished my ChapterBytes chapter. Just posted Chapter 12. This is the first one from a different point of view. Go tell me if you like it, pretty please?

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It’s little long, but it’s fabulous! Chapter 9 is up over at ChapterBytes. Heather has taken us into a whole new world with her twist! It’s so good it just wasn’t possible to trim anything off the word count – but it will suck you in and you won’t even realize it’s almost twice as long as some of the other chapters!

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Just a quick note to let you know Chapter 7 is up at ChapterBytes, written by Jennifer at Thursday Drive. You did an awesome job girl! I love the twist!!

Anyone else want to write a bit? Don’t be scared! Some of our authors have NEVER written fiction before and you’d never know it. Don’t want to write yourself but you know someone who loves to write and might want to have a little fun with us? Pass it along! Email me at chapterbytes at gmail dot com or catnip35 at gmail dot com.

Not into chick lit? I’m thinking the next “book” is going to be a little scifi/fantasy, what do you think?

oh my!

We have a first over at ChapterBytes. Our first only male writer has written his part of the story. Backpackingdad is, self-admittedly, very comfortable in the mommyblogger world, so when I approached him to write for us I knew he would be awesome. I was right.

When you’re done reading (and commenting 🙂 you have to go see his “alternative” chapter posted on his own site that he tried to pass off as his real chapter yesterday. I almost had heart failure when I first saw it. My plan was to make the next writer turn it into a dream. It actually took me a minute to realize it was a joke. If this “book” ever got published for real, I’m totally putting that chapter in.

uh, hi!

Hey, how ya been? I’ve been a little busy this weekend with *gasp* real life stuff! During my craziness I never got a chance to tell you Chapter 5 of ChapterBytes went up on Friday! Oops. 😉  Erin met the challenge and it’s getting really juicy…

I ate a lot of ribs this weekend, what did you do?

fresh byte

Guess what? ChapterBytes just keeps getting better! Did I mention Ms. Flutter has written quite a twist in chapter 4? Go see!

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Chapter 2 of Foodie is up at ChapterBytes! Kristen did an awesome job – go see!

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