apparently it’s National Cat Day

I couldn’t just let the day go by without a mention of George!

He’s happy, and super snuggly, and even likes to play again. He follows me around all day, finds every sunbeam that shines into the house, and he’s certain Josh is part of his kitten pack.

I know things can, and eventually will, take a downturn for him again at any time, but for now he doesn’t seem sick at all. Almost fourteen years ago we adopted this sweet young cat that someone had just dropped on the side of the road and left there. I’m soooo glad we did.

Photo Sep 27, 5 20 29 PM

trapped under a cat

I’ve been remiss in keeping up my crazy cat lady image so I thought I’d give you an update on old George.

He’s still old. Elderly in fact. He’s also still alive. We weren’t too sure he would be by now so this is a good thing!

He’s also still pretty dang cute. Unfortunately, he’s big on trapping us for long periods of time in strange places. Since he got sick we feel kind of guilty when we have to push him off so there’s a lot of this going on.

Photo Feb 26, 7 55 10 PM

I think he’s happiest laying on Damon’s iPad. Damon isn’t particularly thrilled about it. I’m fine with it though, since his second favorite place is on my neck/armpit/face.

He still has kidney problems, is too thin, and has to eat crazy expensive food. (He’s not supposed to much dry food now, it’s too hard on his system.) It’s taken MONTHS of trying different canned foods but I’ve finally found one that’s he’s actually willing to eat AND he doesn’t throw up.

Lemme repeat that. HE’S NOT THROWING UP.

If you’ve been reading here for any length of time you know what a frigging miracle this is. Go ahead and search “cat puke” on my blog and you’ll see it’s been a running theme for many years. Go on, I’ll wait here.

Of course, the horking finally stopped about a week AFTER I broke down and bought a steam carpet cleaner because the regular old spraystuff just wasn’t cutting it on the cream rug anymore. Yeah, it’s cream, not cream with tan spots as otherwise assumed. Ahem.

So now I take regular trips to the Pet Smart for the most expensive, organic, grain free, preservative free cat food on the planet instead of being able to grab whatever is on sale at Target. You guys, this means he eats better than we do. Sigh.

Worth it?

Photo Apr 18, 8 17 12 AM

Yeah, we think so.

Photo Jan 26, 8 09 01 AM

I hope I haven’t jinxed us by writing about it. ~fingers crossed~

Photo Mar 16, 9 15 36 AM

If I don’t answer the phone, it’s probably because I can’t get up, and not because I’ve fallen, but because I’m stuck here under a cat and I don’t have the heart to move him.


Could you say no to this face? Of course not. I’m too dang cute to say no to.

Would someone please tell that to these humans I live with. They won’t let me do ANYTHING fun anymore. No chasing birds, no leaving dead moles on the doorstep (best present evah!!), no eating grass, no nothin’ fun. Humph.

The only thing I get to chew on anymore is my own freaking foot. Much more of this and I swear I will bite the hand that feeds me. Um, again.

BUT MOM, IT’S SOOOO NOT FAIR!! He’s on MY porch!! I am really not liking this whole being an indoor kitty thing. I. am. a. mighty. hunter. and I need my freedom.

This is totally beneath my dignity. I must nap now so I can romp and mrroww all night and annoy the humans until they relent. Resistance is futile.

Go away.

Unless you have kitty treats.

Santa Claws

I just can’t help myself. Josh has all these little hats from his multitude of stuffed animals lying about the house. I pick them up, look at them and think how purrfectly they would fit on George. And they do. As long as he sits still.

I swear it’s not photoshopped! Damon and Josh witnessed George posing for a good 10 minutes so I could get the perfect shot. Yes, I managed to hold in my lap and take the photo at the same time…

I am an old cat lady.

poor poor pitiful George

It’s been a crazy couple of days around here. On Monday morning I was getting ready to go to the gym (really, I was!) when I noticed George looked a little a lot wet. I knew Damon had just let him inside (he’d only been out for about half an hour) and I figured he had played in a puddle. Except he wasn’t wet with water.

It was blood.

Now George does tend to be pretty territorial and I’ve found other cat’s blood on him a few times over the years. But this time it was his own and more than I felt comfortable handling.

As soon as I got Josh on the bus to school I was on the phone with the vet, and they got us in right away. (Love them!)

I’m so glad I took him in. He had two very bad puncture wounds. One on the top of his head that went down to his skull (but luckily did not break his skull) and one all the way through one cheek to the inside of his mouth. Poor George!

I have no idea what bit him, but the theories range from another cat, to a fox, a fisher cat, a dog, a raccoon, or even a hawk. I’m leaning toward a neighborhood cat. I’ve seen quite a few around my yard lately and they’re pretty big and aggressive. Anyway.

So the darn cat is on liquid antibiotics and a painkiller, plus I have to flush his wounds twice a day. That’s just as much fun as it sounds. Not.

He follows me around even more than usual and gives me pitiful stares. The first day he just slept and I had to carry him down to his food and water and the litter box when I thought he needed it. It was pathetic.

Yesterday afternoon I noticed his cheek looked a little puffy and red and I was afraid it was getting infected so back to the vet we went. It was actually fine and I felt a little silly after but it was worth it for the peace of mind that he wasn’t going to die overnight.

He’s feeling better much now but looks just awful! And he desperately wants to go back outside. Not a chance. The little dude may never go out again…

Did I mention they had to shave the wounded areas so they could clean them?

I’m not sure if he’s mad or embarrassed about the reverse mohawk!

Then there’s the cheek:

See? Longing for the outdoors. Dumb cat. Yes, he is missing his eyebrow whiskers. They were victims of the vet’s clippers. Just like his dignity.

George, darling, you’re 10 now and can’t fight with the other kitties and win anymore. It’s time to learn to run away!

Or just take a nap.

cool cat

Did I mention I had to keep the boy home from school this morning because he had a fever? He was feeling fine by lunchtime, of course. Besides reading lots of Calvin and Hobbes (I’ve had to order another book because he’s reading them so fast) he spent a good amount of time harassing poor George. Not really though, cause George loves attention from his boy. If they’re not following me around, they follow each other.

This afternoon the boy snatched my camera (who knows why he didn’t grab his own!) and disappeared. He came a couple of minutes later to show me this:

Dude. I laughed so hard I cried.

At least the boy’s photography skills are improving.

And somehow George doesn’t seem to mind one little bit.

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