sniffle snort ugh it’s Halloween so I must be sick

The plague has descended on us. Josh is the only one to have escaped it. So far.

This is the 3rd year in a row that I was signed up to run/walk in our local Santa Fund run. And the 3rd year in a row that I was too sick to go.

I did manage to leave the house long enough to take the boy trick or treating.

Take that Voldemort!

This is his 3rd year in a row that he had some kind of caped costume. Of course, he’s never sick on Halloween. Maybe I need a cape.

ps. If you’re looking for serious cuteness, I suggest you go here.

just for laughs

Poor George. Whenever I need a giggle he gets to wear a hat.

Hope you all have a great Halloween! I’ll try to be back tomorrow with a picture of Josh’s Jedi costume.

caped crusader

da na na na na na na na, da na na na na na na na, Batman!

Holy smokes Batman, where’s the fire?

Oh, yeah, these are the obligatory post-Halloween photos!

He was cracking me up with his Batman poses!

Trick or Treating was a blast of course. Some people went all out with the decorations. Who has that kind of time??

See the yellow Batman symbol on his shirt? I painted that! We had a hard time with the whole costume thing this year. He’s too big for a 4/5 and too small for a 7/8 and those are the only sizes costumes seem to come in. I ask you, WHY no size 6??

I had bought a 7/8 Batman costume on clearance after Halloween last year so he had the mask and cape already. I thought I would just buy him a black tee shirt with the symbol on it but the cheapest I found were about $15 plus shipping. Not a chance. So I took one of his old black tees, printed and cut out a symbol to use as a template and filled it in with fabric paint.

It came out pretty freaking good if I do say so myself and all I spent was ONE DOLLAR for the paint! The only extra items I bought were the gloves – and they totally made the costume – and a flashlight that beams the Batman symbol.

Then we went home, he fell into a sugar coma and I raided his stash for the good stuff. 😉 Well really, all I did was take out the FULL-SIZE candy bars some people gave out. He doesn’t need that much candy, for sure!

I hope you all had a great Halloween too!

Happy Halloween!

Halloween flashback:

This was taken in 2003. He was 7 months old and pretty much the cutest baby on the planet. 😉

His cheeks aren’t quite that pinchable anymore!

Silly old bear!

So. The consensus is I should participate in NaBloPoMo – you’ll see the badge on my sidebar now that I’ve officially joined. You can expect an entire month’s worth of photos, and bullet posts, and other miscellaneous crap! If I bore you – just remember it’s your own fault. Hee hee.

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