down with dst

I am not a morning person. I never have been. Getting up early every day is hard on me, and you would think it would be particularly difficult in the winter when anyone would rather snuggle back under the covers. Not necessarily. Not when you factor in DST.

My body clock always wants to be a night owl; to stay up until midnight or 1 am and sleep until 8 or 9. If I get the right 8 hours, I’m great all day, the wrong 8 hours (or more) and I can’t stand it. Of course, I’ve had to fight that all of my life, for school, for work, for my kid.

So yeah, all winter when my alarm goes off at 6:30, that’s hard. But not anywhere near as hard as mid-March every. single. year. when stupid, antiquated Daylight Savings Time goes into effect.

Yeah, I know everyone hates losing that hour of sleep when we spring forward. That’s not really what I mean. It takes me weeks to even semi-adjust to the new time. You can fool my computer, and my phone, and my clocks, but you can’t fool my brain into thinking that 6:30 wake-up call isn’t really 5:30. It knows, and it suffers.

I’m sleepy and lethargic all day, so tired that no amount of coffee will touch it. I can’t be the only one who’s noticed this. Isn’t spring supposed to be energizing? When the sunlight rejuvenates us? Don’t mistake me, this isn’t blues or sadness or depression. This is my internal clock saying “WTF? Go back to bed already crankypants.”

So I say, down with DST! There isn’t any good reason for it anymore. Can anyone tell me any benefit from it other than a few farmers who might still care? It creates more problems than it solves, costs companies money, and generally pisses people off. Why can’t we just stop? Just say this is the last year and be done with it. Agree or disagree?

life’s little irritations #11

I haven’t written one of these in awhile but it’s time I did. Because I am quite irritated. By my workout pants.

Since it’s been getting warmer I’ve been wearing a jacket on my walks less and less, and without a jacket – guess what? I have no pockets! Why, why, why, oh why, do exercise clothes not have any pockets?!

I have keys and a cell phone that I bring on my walks everyday. I have to lock my house, and sorry but I’m not going 2 miles away on foot without my cell. It’s just a girl-walking-alone safety issue. I can’t be the only one who has to carry something when I workout. It was the same thing when I used to go to the gym. I don’t want to carry a purse, or have to use a locker. I just want to carry my dang phone and keys!

So I stick my keyring in the waistband of my pants and hope they don’t fall out, and I carry my cell in my hands. I just know I’m going to trip and drop it down a drain one of these days!

I want workout pants with just one cute little pocket. Preferably with zipper or some other way to keep things from falling out. And I don’t want them to cost a fortune. Humph.

life’s little irritations #10

Insomnia. And all the wonderful things that go along with it. Including but not limited to:

Then there are the actual causes of the insomnia:

So then there are the actual things that are in my head that won’t stop spinning. These are each tiny irritations in of themselves, but all balled up together create one big aneurysm of an irritation. The kind of stuff you know you can do nothing about, that there are no solutions for, especially at 4 am and yet you can’t stopping thinking about them but if you don’t your brain is going to explode.

It’s occurred to me more than once that if I could just stop needing to pee in the middle of the night I could avoid the majority of my sleepless nights. Other than actual dehydration, I have yet to find a solution for that though.

Anyway, here I am, wondering if it’s possible that writing all this down will now allow my mind to vacate all thoughts so I can lay down and go back to sleep…except…now I have to be up in one hour 45 minutes 30 minutes. Crud. I have to pee again.

life’s little irritations #9

Latest irritation: the current prices of groceries. Frankly, it’s more than just a little irritation, it’s a huge aggravation for me.

I understand the whole concept about gas prices going up so shipping is more expensive blah blah blah. I call bullshit. You can’t tell me that every single item in the store needs to go up by 20-40 cents per item for them to make up for the extra shipping costs. Three cents, five cents? Maybe. But a can of black beans that used to be $0.69 is now $1.09? Eff that. Milk from a company in the same state I live in is up from $3.99 last winter to 4.29 now? Did their trucks really use 30 cents more in for every single gallon to be shipped? I have a really hard time believing that.

I think we’re being screwed – just because the product manufacturers and the grocery stores know they can get away with it. They have a great excuse and they know we have to buy food right? Well guess what? I’m just buying fewer extras, buying the no-brand items more often, buying in bulk, and waiting for good sales. (And don’t freaking tell me that taking 10 measly cents off a 2.99 item is a sale – it’s NOT.) I have a set amount I can spend and that’s not going to change.

Seriously, when was the last time you saw this make headlines in the news? When the economics of oil is discussed all I hear is about are the prices at the pump. When are we going to really talk about how gas prices are affecting EVERYTHING we buy, and far more than it should. This affects me every single day and I don’t want it buried on page 23 anymore.

As I see it it’s price gouging at its finest, it’s barely been perceptible as it’s crept up on us for the last few months and no one seems to notice. But I see it clearly now at the bottom of my register receipt.

Have you noticed this where you are? Has it affected your bottom line? Are you shopping differently now to lower your grocery bills? I’m really curious if I’m the only one that’s going crazy about this.

life’s little irritations #8

Today’s topic of irritation: grocery store baggers.

Most of the time I bring my own bags to the grocery store. (Well, I bring them when I remember them, and you all know what my memory is like!) I usually have more than enough bags for all of my groceries. Why do I bring those bags? Just like everyone else, I’m trying to reduce my waste, and I hate having all those plastic bags around.

So. Here’s irritation #1: When the baggers try to bag items in plastic first, and then put them in my bags, I get a little, shall we say, pissed off? I sort of understand putting the raw meat in a plastic bag to keep the fabric one clean, but they certainly don’t need to be wrapped individually. And guess what? Those fabric bags are washable! Imagine that! But the dry goods and other stuff? What’s the point of double bagging? I just don’t get it.

I complained to a manager once about how many plastic bags a bagger had just used inside all of my fabric ones. I jokingly (not) told her I had more plastic bags in my cart than I would have if I had just had them bag in plastic in the first place. She looked shocked and said that most of their customers wanted them to do that. Really?! I bet they don’t, they just don’t tell you otherwise!

Okay. Checkout bagger irritation #2: jumbling up my carefully placed items!!! Gah! When I put items on the belt I always put my frozen stuff together, canned goods together, etc., and fragile (eggs) squishy (bread) and crushable (chips) items all together last. I put them together because I expect them to be bagged together! It’s not that hard a concept people. It should make it easier for them to bag, and it definitely makes it easier for me to unload in my kitchen.

Instead, I get home to find the bread squashed between boxes of cereal, the eggs buried under cans, and my dairy products spread out over all six bags. Hey, and did you know if you put frozen things together they stay frozen better? As my boy would say, it’s called science.

Bagging science – I’m gonna call it bagology and I’ll be traveling the US giving lectures on it. I’ll also do one-on-one workshops for those in greater need of bagging knowledge. One of my lessons will be to break down a poorly packed bag while singing “one of these just doesn’t belong here…” Feel free to let your local grocery store know my tour schedule so I can make their baggers better too.

Oh, and one last irritation: YES, I really do want the milk in a bag too! They’re slippery suckers after the humidity condenses on their handles and I’d really prefer to get the gallon into the house without dropping it. Just bag it, preferably with the cheese and my coffee creamer, k? thks.

life’s little irritations #7

Seven? I’m only up to seven? Well only because I forgot about doing these life’s little irritations. I’m sure I’ve been irritated about something, I just didn’t remember to post about it!

Now that I’m back on track and throughly irritated, number 7 is:

That the good stuff on the Olympics is on so dang late!

Now you West Coasters might not notice, but us East Coasters are dragging our butts around all day, and sucking down extra caffeine, in any form we can get our hands on. Our eyes are gritty, our brains are muddled.

I’m also forgetful and too tired to do my chores. Wait. That’s any normal day. Never mind.

Seriously, I love watching the swimming, the diving, the gymnastics. (Although, I’m completely sick of beach volleyball. Put some clothes on!) I just wish the big gold medal events would start a bit earlier. Last night, the women’s gymnastics didn’t start until 11:30 and ended at 1. ONE AM? How is that considered prime-time??

Please don’t tell me, “oh it’s live, NBC’s just showing it when it’s on.” We all know The Master Schedule of events is, if not created by NBC, is heavily influenced by them. They have us on the hook, and they know it.

life’s little irritations #6

I guess I haven’t been too irritated lately, it’s been awhile since I posted one of these!

Today’s irritation: tailgaters.

Now this post is going to make me sound like a goody two shoes old fogey fuddy-duddy, well that’s fine, cause I am. Or at least I am now.

I have a history you see, of speeding. I KNOW! I’ve been a leadfoot since the day I got my license. There was the time in high school when I sort of made my cute little Dodge Omni “fly” and my passengers both hit their heads on the ceiling – and they were wearing seatbelts. I was pretty sure by the loud crack we heard that I had snapped my undercarriage in two – but no.

There was also the time back in 95 when I rolled the same bestest car ever cute little Omni over, because wha? yeah, I was speeding, (and there were deer involved, but really huge moose-like Maine deer!) and hey, I didn’t snap the undercarriage in two then either! Just everything else. I digress, that’s really story for another post….

Now I am a leadfoot in recovery, mostly because I’ve had a few too many speeding tickets over the years, and I’d really really really like to not have anymore for a very looong time and my insurance company would probably really like that too I’m trying to be a responsible mother. My biggest problem now is if others are speeding I can’t help but speed too, but somehow I’m the one that gets caught.

My cure for this is my cruise control. Especially if the speed limit is really low. Like 25 mph. I don’t ever get caught going 78 in a 65. Nooooooooo, I always get caught going like 37 in 25. So I set the cruise, like any good fogey, at about 4 mph over the limit. I know, you hate me, you really really do, cause you’re the one stuck behind me. I’m so sorry, but really believe me when I say, I do it because my checking account can’t take another fine I’m doing you a favor by not letting you speed either. Because…I KNOW where all the speed traps are, don’t you people pay attention to these things?!!

Anyway, I just want to know, why oh why do people have to TAILGATE? Let’s be clear here – I’m not even talking about teenagers who I understand are still in their stupid phase. I’m talking about other adults, usually with one ear in a cell phone, and driving much much larger vehicles than mine. Really, no matter how close they get, I’m not going to go any faster. Do not try to guilt me! Dude, all that tailgating does is it really makes me want to slam on the brakes and and then sue them for rear-ending me. (Just not when the boy is in the car with me, I swear.) I worked for an insurance company once, I know very well who would be at fault here, and it’s not the old fogey chick in front. Just sayin’.

life’s little irritations #5

When the color on the box is nothing like the color it turns out on your hair.

<deep sigh>

I naturally have very (? it’s hard to remember!) dark hair, but with a few bright white bits of fishing line hairs thrown in. I typically just do highlights to distract you from blend the gray. I’ve did some crazy highlights over the winter so when I started to see roots I thought that this time I thought I’d just do an all over color, lighter than my natural shade, but slightly darker than my highlights. I also wanted it a little more red. Doesn’t “medium auburn” sound about right? It did to me. But, no. It might as well have been labeled dark blah.

On a different note – I have something fun coming up later this week! Here’s a hint.

life’s little irritations #4

It’s more than a little irritating when you wake up at 3:30 am from a nice “snuggling with the kitty” kind of sleep because said kitty has just forcefully thrown himself off the bed and has begun horking up something on your bedroom carpet.

Then when you come back with paper towels to clean it up, you first, step in the hork dribbles in the hall, second, realize there’s no way you can clean it properly in the middle of the night and third, you cannot possibly go back to bed with the hork remnants 2 feet away. Gag.

Not only do you have to go in search of a new place to sleep but now so does dh after you’ve awakened him, blinded him with the light, and made him aware of the smell. Heh. I just can’t suffer alone now can I?

So should I be grateful to dear George that he didn’t puke on the bed, or annoyed at him for eating mice and grass and all those things that make him vomitous in the first place? Both I think.

But could you stay mad at this face?

life’s little irritations #3

Realizing at least six months worth (maybe more) of photos are still on my old dead laptop and I don’t have a backup – yes, I thought I did. This is including one I wanted to post. That’s how I figured out they were missing – I went looking for the one and couldn’t find any images from last spring. Do I spend the $$ to get them retrieved or not? Of course I will, there’s pics of my boy on there! But only after I muck about with it myself and see if I can even get it to boot up.

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