settling in

I officially live in Massachusetts, (whoa!) and I have a license to prove it. Not a license to kill, but a license to drive. Although around here those 2 things seem to be one and the same! I’m learning to drive in city-ish traffic all over again – this is soooo much like the area in Virginia that we used to live in, it’s actually kind of strange. Learning the layout of Braintree and the surrounding towns has been surprisingly easy, although I’ve yet to attempt a venture into big bad Boston by myself. Can’t be any worse than the DC beltway, right?

I was extremely out of the loop for the first week and a half  we were here – we had no home phone, no tv, and barely any internet. Oh, and the worst cell reception in any house I’ve lived in, well, ever! I couldn’t talk on the phone or text unless I drove to the nearest grocery store parking lot! If you know me you know how seriously awful this was.

We were surviving with only an itty bitty MiFi. Just enough so I could keep up with work but not enough to keep up with the rest of the world. Yeesh. Me no likey…

Anyway! The FIOS was worth the wait and for this past week I’ve been reveling in all things internet again, (except apparently, blogging) and can I just say: hurray for streaming video with no buffering!

Besides having fab download speed, there are many, many, many things we love about this place. Love. The Pool. Oh, the pool. We’ve been here 18 days, and we’ve only missed going to swim about 5 of them. To say we’re making the most of our condo fees would be an understatement!

Did I mention we don’t have to touch a single blade of grass here? Nor trim a tree, or rake a leaf? Ahhh… Yes, come this Fall I’ll be thinking of those poor suckers who bought my old house ringed with massive trees that endlessly rained down ridiculous amounts of leaves – some of them bigger than my head. Oh, OH! While we’re on the subject of “things-I-don’t have-to-do-here” just wait! Wait until Winter comes and I get to rub it in over and over how they shovel all way up my walk right to my front door!!! Ahem. Please excuse my giddyness, you’ll be seeing it again, I promise.

Do you know what we get to do here when we aren’t doing summer yardwork?? (Or Winter snow removal…) We get to GO PLACES and DO THINGS! Seriously. LOVE.

Highlights so far:

Did I mention I love it here? More to come soon, I swear!! Especially an update about the whole decluttering thing. For now let’s just say it’s a good thing we did it. 😉

ps. To my NH peeps, yes, I’ll come visit soon, and I miss you too!

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