Ever since I’ve had a home of my own, I’ve bought myself flowers to plant on my birthday. When I lived in Virginia I could buy pretty much anything I wanted and put it in the ground right away, but up here in New Hampshire I have one choice – pansies. They’re the only flower that won’t die on me before mid-May.

As soon as the nursery down the road from me opens this morning I’ll be there buying as many purple pansies as I can. Happy Birthday to me!

(Last year’s pansies!)

Do you ever do anything special just for yourself on your birthday?

Please remember Maddie and Thalon in your prayers today.


Things I’m wondering lately.

So the real the question is…


or contacts?

Huh. To heck with glasses or not, perhaps a better choice would have been make-up! Or better lighting. Or a good background. Or focusing. Or, ya know, make-up.

ps. Forgive the squinting, I just chopped up onions.

pps. I really want to know if I should start a cat blog too!


In honor of this being my 100th post I’m doing something I thought I wouldn’t ever do here.

I’m posting a photo of myself.

In going through my image library though, I’ve discovered something. I have very few pictures of just me. Almost every single one includes either the boy or someone else that might not want to be revealed here. So I chose one from when the boy was only 6 months old – so he’s not recognizable – but me? This picture is exactly me, even five years later.

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