We had a fabulous day at the beach with my sisters and their families yesterday. The weather was absolutely perfect, 85 and sunny, and the water was warmer than its normal freeze your toes off temp. Perfect shark weather, but no, we didn’t see any. 😉


I gotta tell you, I had better pictures than this one, (all taken with my new-to-me iphone!) but my boy won’t let me post them. ~sigh~ This blog has been going through some growing pangs lately, because he doesn’t really want me to write about him or post pictures of him anymore. He only approved this one photo because his back was to the camera.

I’m being censored.

If we are doing anything fun or if I innocently take a photo I am often asked “you’re not gonna blog about this are you mom?” Huh. I guess not!

He and I have been here before…you may have noticed there have been several posts about him lately that didn’t really show him. A birthday post without a birthday boy, a science post without a clear face, a post about his treehouse with only one blurry image. As you can see, I’ve had to get creative with my photography. It helps that I’m not particularly good at taking pictures so blurry faces are a natural. 😉

I knew this would come eventually. I just didn’t think it would be so soon! I kind of thought I had until he was 10 or 12 before he stopped letting me write about him. In fact, if he knew I wrote this recently he wouldn’t be very happy about it. I published it because I know someday he’ll appreciate it.

I’ve always self-censored anyway, not wanting to get overly personal on something that can’t ever really be deleted, but I’ve always felt pretty free to post about his childhood. Like I own it or something! Well, he is his own person, and has the right to keep his life off the internet if that’s what he wants. I still might write about him, but only if he approves it. Future photos will be faceless, like they were back when I first started and blogged anonymously. Or there won’t be any photos of him at all. I just don’t know yet.

What happens to a mommy blogger (ugh, it’s what I’ve become but I still hate that word) who can’t blog about her kid?? I really don’t have the answer right now! It’s why I don’t post as often as I used to, and I don’t foresee it getting any better.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t depressing. It’s just different. I have to make a change. Write about my own life, or don’t write at all?

just give me something to blog about

(Disclaimer; If you aren’t blogger, most of this won’t make any sense to you. So don’t even bother!)

Somehow it’s been two weeks since I last blogged. As so kindly pointed out not only by the lovely folks behind the BlogHer ads, and by a real life friend who I didn’t even know was reading here but apparently is tired of looking at my last soup post. ~ahem~ So this one is for you Jen, such as it is. 😉

Anyway, two weeks. There was a time, for a long time, when I couldn’t go two days without writing, much less two weeks. Heck, there were days when I posted twice! I know! What happened that I no longer feel like posting the exciting events minutiae of my day, every day??

Those were the days when I obsessively checked my stats, hoping for more than a handful of hits. I lived and died by how many comments I got in a day. I pimped my posts on twitter and commented like crazy on every blog in my expansive feed reader.

I got my own domain, and a unique design. I thought hard about branding, and niches. I got ads!! (A year and a half and $45 later…) I even started a second blog! Because one was not enough?!!

I envied those going to all the conferences and meeting each other in person. So I went to a conference, and I hugged people I never thought I would meet. I made real-life completely awesome friends. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,* and I loved every minute of it.

But my life got busier in so many ways, and twitter got boring and celebri-fied. I stopped checking Feedburner, and forgot my password to Google Analytics. I stopped using Stumble or Digg, forgot about Technorati, and I haven’t looked at my Page Rank in forever. Heck, I even forgot how to check my Page Rank. And Alexa, wha?

It’s the typical evolution of a blogger. I’m sure you’ve heard it before. (And don’t we all just love these posts?) I know I have, but I never thought it would happen to me! D’oh. and? Duh.

My kid is growing up, and doesn’t really want me telling stories about him here. Posting family pictures in public is getting awkward. One can only blog about a cat so often. (Unless I become the Crazy Cat Lady, and frankly there are too many doing it better.) Weight loss? Heh. Only if it was happening! I have no idea what to blog about. Or even if I want to bother figuring it out. Meh.

And yet, I’m not thinking about shutting it down. I haven’t lost the will to write, just the impetus; that driving force that can turn the smallest moment of the day into a great post. I’d like to be able to do that again.

* Yes, once-in-a-lifetime. I’m not going to BlogHer ’10. As much as I would love to go, I just can’t justify the expense. Sorry peeps. 🙁

ditching catnip

Just a note on comments – my own comments that is. I’ll be changing from commenting as Catnip or Catnip35 to AnnetteK on everyone’s blogs. (Although I’ve already slipped up today!)

I’ve wanted to ditch the Catnip alias for some time now, and have the same commenting name as my twitter account. Having different names has been confusing to everyone – including me! I’m crazy enough as it is, I don’t need to make this harder for myself.

Hope you all have a great weekend! xoxo

one year

A year ago today I jumped into the blog pond with this post.

It was short, mostly because I didn’t know what my voice would be or if I even had a voice. I was scared to put myself out there. I didn’t know what to say, if I had anything to say that mattered or that anyone would care about. I stayed anonymous for months even, thinking that if I was terrible at this, no one would ever have to know.

As it turns out, I’m not terrible at this after all. I have a voice and a few people actually listen and have things to say in return. I’ve taken chances and put myself out there for scrutiny like I’ve never done at any other time in my life. I’ve come out of hiding and I’m better off for it.

I may not be popular, or have lots of traffic, or make any money, but none of that really matters. What matters is that I love doing this. I’m a better writer, a better parent, a better photographer, and a better friend, all because of this space.

I’m glad I took the plunge, 235 posts later and I’m still here, and I know I have more to say! I mean really, when have I ever been able to stop talking?! I can’t wait to look back and see what I did in year two. I hope you’re all still here with me. 🙂


While I was away over the weekend, my dear husband spend a considerable amount of time fixing some little things here on my site. Some adjustments will just help me in the background, but other changes will make it easier for you all to navigate.

The best change of all is that my SEARCH function now actually works! It is in the upper left hand corner, and it does search all the text of my posts, not just tags. Yay!

You’ll also notice you can see the tags for each post, as well as the categories they are filed under. And squeee (!) look in my left sidebar at my sweet new tag cloud! Go hover your cursor over it, I’ll wait…

Isn’t it the cutest tag cloud ever?!

Btw, if you are using anything other than http://feeds2.feedburner.com/catnipandcoffee (or http://feeds.catnipandcoffee.com/catnipandcoffee) it would be great if you could change it.  If you’re using the old atom feed I can’t guarantee it will work in the future. So update, I beg you!  🙂


In honor of this being my 100th post I’m doing something I thought I wouldn’t ever do here.

I’m posting a photo of myself.

In going through my image library though, I’ve discovered something. I have very few pictures of just me. Almost every single one includes either the boy or someone else that might not want to be revealed here. So I chose one from when the boy was only 6 months old – so he’s not recognizable – but me? This picture is exactly me, even five years later.

you found me!

See? I told you it was the same! Now you just need to bookmark this site or add me to your feed reader!

What craziness! I just bought the domain on Friday, and this evening I told DH I wanted to get this done soon, meaning the next couple of weeks! It was finished before I could blink. Maybe he should do this for a living. Heh.

silly search strings

If you’re a blogger you’ve discovered that some people will find your blog using very strange search terms. I can’t help but post some of my favorites (completely unedited!) that have appeared since I started this site.

and my favorite:

ps. Chapter 4 – coming soon.


I’m trying to work on a few design features here. You’ll notice I added MyBlogLog – it’s just so I can get a better idea of whose coming here (note: you do not show up unless you sign up with MyBlogLog and you don’t have to it you don’t want to.) See, when I started I was too dumb to realize I should have put feedburner in before anyone started adding me to their feed readers. Now I have no idea how many readers I really have and WordPress doesn’t really have a way to tell me those numbers. I’ve done it now so if you are already subscribed and you find you aren’t getting your feeds anymore PLEASE resubscribe, and I’m sorry for being a pain in the ass.

Note to the feed readers – ignore anything old they may come up again, I’m also editing tags and such!

So I have finally added the tag cloud – I’ve done this a couple of times and unfortunately a couple of the tags bleed out of the sidebar and I always end up deleting it. It’s really annoying me and apparently there’s no way to fix it without editing the css and I’m not about to get into that. Grrr. I’m going to leave it for a few days and see if it grows on me, and I’m going to stop using that dang “inner workings of my brain” tag so it doesn’t get any bigger!

There’s a few other things I’m considering adding so if you see any other changes, it’s just because I’m over here hurting my brain….

updated: Feedburner was irritating me – so it’s gone and I’m back to my normal feed. Stupid changes.

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