settling in

I officially live in Massachusetts, (whoa!) and I have a license to prove it. Not a license to kill, but a license to drive. Although around here those 2 things seem to be one and the same! I’m learning to drive in city-ish traffic all over again – this is soooo much like the area in Virginia that we used to live in, it’s actually kind of strange. Learning the layout of Braintree and the surrounding towns has been surprisingly easy, although I’ve yet to attempt a venture into big bad Boston by myself. Can’t be any worse than the DC beltway, right?

I was extremely out of the loop for the first week and a half  we were here – we had no home phone, no tv, and barely any internet. Oh, and the worst cell reception in any house I’ve lived in, well, ever! I couldn’t talk on the phone or text unless I drove to the nearest grocery store parking lot! If you know me you know how seriously awful this was.

We were surviving with only an itty bitty MiFi. Just enough so I could keep up with work but not enough to keep up with the rest of the world. Yeesh. Me no likey…

Anyway! The FIOS was worth the wait and for this past week I’ve been reveling in all things internet again, (except apparently, blogging) and can I just say: hurray for streaming video with no buffering!

Besides having fab download speed, there are many, many, many things we love about this place. Love. The Pool. Oh, the pool. We’ve been here 18 days, and we’ve only missed going to swim about 5 of them. To say we’re making the most of our condo fees would be an understatement!

Did I mention we don’t have to touch a single blade of grass here? Nor trim a tree, or rake a leaf? Ahhh… Yes, come this Fall I’ll be thinking of those poor suckers who bought my old house ringed with massive trees that endlessly rained down ridiculous amounts of leaves – some of them bigger than my head. Oh, OH! While we’re on the subject of “things-I-don’t have-to-do-here” just wait! Wait until Winter comes and I get to rub it in over and over how they shovel all way up my walk right to my front door!!! Ahem. Please excuse my giddyness, you’ll be seeing it again, I promise.

Do you know what we get to do here when we aren’t doing summer yardwork?? (Or Winter snow removal…) We get to GO PLACES and DO THINGS! Seriously. LOVE.

Highlights so far:

Did I mention I love it here? More to come soon, I swear!! Especially an update about the whole decluttering thing. For now let’s just say it’s a good thing we did it. 😉

ps. To my NH peeps, yes, I’ll come visit soon, and I miss you too!

the calm during the storm

He has no trouble relaxing amid the chaos.

I, on the other hand, am going insane.

Movers come tomorrow at 8 am to load up. We close on both homes on Thursday. The movers arrive at the new condo at 8 am on Friday. I might not survive this…

delete house, insert condo

If only it was that easy.

You guys. I’m moving in less than 2 weeks. (!!)

I’ve been remiss in keeping you updated on the whole house thing. Probably because time imploded on itself – or at least that’s what it feels like.

Part of me just couldn’t talk about everything that was happening for fear of jinxing it all. The other part of me was too freaking busy!

To make a long story short, we put the house on the market on the Friday before mother’s day, and 8 days later we had an offer.

And they wanted to close in six weeks. June 30, one week after school ends. Um….okayyyy. We quickly found a condo in Braintree, MA, and we’re closing on that one…on the same day.

Needless to say, I’m crazy stressed, more than a little overwhelmed, and frankly I just can’t wait for it all to be over with.

Oh, and you know how I said I would give up at least 1/2 of my belongings, and maybe even 3/4s of them? Yeah. We did that. One of these days, when I have a moment to breathe I’ll tell you all about it!

Anyone want to come over and clean my fridge? Seriously! Aack!

Make the Bed

I’m spending quite a lot of time this week keeping the house perfect for the showings we’ve had. I’m getting really good at fluffing throw pillows and hiding things!

I’m starting to believe there are really just two kinds of people; make-your-bed-everyday-faithfully-people and don’t-make-your-bed-ever-unless-you-have-company-coming-over-people. Really, I think that about sums everyone’s personalities.

I’ve always been firmly in the latter camp. Making the bed seemed so pointless. I’m only going to mess it up again anyway! I’ve  just kept a pretty coverlet handy just in case I needed to throw it over my whole mess nest in a hurry. Does that horrify you?

I am also the type that doesn’t fold laundry before I put it away. I hang shirts as often as possible, and sometimes I pair up socks, but most of the time clothes just get stuffed into the appropriate drawer. You’re judging me now aren’t you?

I’m lucky I have the kind of kitchen floor that looks clean when it’s dirty (and unfortunately also dirty when it’s clean) and the last time I vacuumed inside the couch was probably the last time I wrote about it. In 2008. There are constant piles of stuff on my kitchen table and counter – newspapers, mail, receipts, school papers, things that never have a home. I always usually clean up after the cat when he pukes but the fluffy bits of fur he sheds often stay around for awhile. Okay, even I think I’m getting gross.

I am, admittedly, one of the worst housekeepers on the planet. BUT…

I can’t be that right now. My house has to be perfect ALL the time. I fluff the many, many, many throw pillows around the house. I vacuum when it needs it instead of a week later. I dust, I mop, I find a home for every. single. little. thing. And the first thing I do every day is make my bed.

Today we don’t have a showing and I’m home by myself so I took the time to read the Helix mattress review that came out recently. I have to say, I’m a little envious now and wish I had not read it!  — Even in that state of envy, I still made the bed. I fluffed pillows. I put away the dishes. I picked a speck of cat fur off the carpet. I made the house perfect.

Is it possible to become the other kind of person?? Because I’m starting to like this.

Do you make your bed everyday?

Next time: organizing closets, and who wants to come do mine? Heh. 😉

on the market

After weeks and weeks of slaving over this house, it’s finally on the market today!

We put in new carpets, painted almost every room, cleaned every inch, (okay well, I hired someone to clean every inch) got rid of almost everything we own, and staged the heck out of the place. Not to mention all the the yard work we’ve done to add a little curb appeal. My fingernails are still black from planting tons of flowers. (It goes really well with the white on my elbows from painting trim!)

Did I mention my realtor also stages the house as part of her normal routine? Love it! She’s the only realtor I interviewed that does that. But people! There are fake plants in. my. house! Let’s just say they’re growing on me… 😉

Really, the whole thing came out gorgeous, if I do say so myself, and yes, I still want to move!

George thinks I made things nice just for him:

I am so ridiculously tired. Can I have a nap now too??

Tomorrow I clean the laundry room. Oy. Anyone want to come organize my pantry or clean the inside of my refrigerator? ~sigh~

ps. If you want to see the actual listing leave a comment and I’ll email it to you. 🙂

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