my preciousssss

So Damon (mwah!) got me a liiiittle present for my birthday. This is my new baby:

I’ve been begging for desperate to have obsessing over thinking about buying a netbook for oh, um, about a year now, and my new contract made it possible now, as well as necessary. Right?? Riiiight. I can justify just about anything I need for work. 🙂 And it’s a refurb so it was cheap a sound business decision.

Can I just say, it’s waaaay smaller than I thought it would be, less than half the size of all of my most recent dead laptop. Y’all know I’m a laptop killer but I’m going to try really really hard not to let it get as hot as Mount Doom destroy this one. Pinky swear.

ps. I recently had a conversation wherein I aged myself. I actually said (and thought for that moment) that I was turning 39. Oy. Although you wouldn’t know it by the amount of grey I have to cover, I am, in fact, 38 today. ~ahem~ I’d really rather save my extra 39th birthdays for after the fact, not before it.

pss. I love that my kid saw the title in draft stage and got the LOTR reference by himself. Heh.

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