yeah, more snow pictures

It’s not like there’s anything else to take a picture of out there.

We got a lot of snow yesterday. I stopped caring how much once it was beyond a foot. I just don’t wanna know anymore.

Makes you cold just looking at it doesn’t it?

That’s my poor trellis and fence that blew over in a windstorm late last fall. This is the prettiest it’s looked in a long time!

I think the trees are as tired and beat down by winter as I am. Brrrrr.

I’ll be lucky if this azalea survives. It almost didn’t make it last year. I miss its little pink flowers.

But is sure is pretty isn’t it? Darn snow.

And I really don’t want to hear it if you already have crocuses or daffodils popping up. Seriously.

oh my aching back

Somewhere around 4 weeks ago we had one of those storms that’s part snow, part sleet, part freezing rain. It was 5 or 6 inches of that crud, icy, messy, and super heavy. The storm didn’t end until around dark, when we all traipsed out into the cold and started cleaning up the driveway. DH always does the snow blowing while I shovel the front porch and the area right in front of the garage where it’s hard to get to with the snow blower.

The boy was playing on the mountains of snow, and DH was near the mailbox when I slipped on a hidden patch of ice and went down. I was more embarrassed than anything, hoping no one saw me fall. I hit on the right side of my back/shoulder/arm. The only thing that hurt right away was my wrist, but the next day I felt it in my shoulder and back too – right around my ribs.

I really didn’t think anything of it at the time – just something to get over. A week later we had 10 more inches of snow, and silly me thought I felt good enough to shovel again. It flared up that night. A week later, some idiot pulled out in front of me and I had to slam on my brakes to avoid him. Thank god I wasn’t speeding and we were on a 30mph road. It normally wouldn’t have been a big deal, but of course, I tensed up and my back and neck felt even worse.

Did I go to the doctor at that point? Of course not! I though I would just have to get over it!

Uh. No. I’m still not over it. In the last few days I’ve been having back spasms. Like a charley horse around my rib cage. When it happens it hurts to even breathe. I had hoped that exercise would help, but it hasn’t. It hasn’t made it worse, but certainly not better. Neither has heat, or cold, or laying still, or anything else. It happens randomly, certainly not all the time, but often enough to make me mad.

I’ve never been one to have back problems, or any other chronic pain. Now have an inkling what it’s like for people who do, and I don’t like it one bit. So off to the doctor I go – my appointment is in about an hour. Hopefully it’s nothing that can’t be helped with a script for a muscle relaxant. I won’t think about anything worse. Fingers crossed.

deja snow

Deja vu anyone? Yes, there is yet another snow storm on the way. And it looks like a “code orange” on the French Toast Meter.* Bwaaahhaahhaaaa!!**

The local TV station says 5-10 inches and NOAA says 5-9 total. Wait. What the?? says 1-2 inches? Oh great, and Weatherbug split the difference with 2-4 of snow plus 2-4 of sleet. Hmmm. So who’s right??? I knew I should have been a meteorologist so I could figure it out for myself!

Either way, I don’t think we’ll be having school tomorrow. Again.

*Link courtesy of DH. 😉

**Milk, bread and eggs = French Toast! I never heard this joke until a couple of days ago, but I pretty much laughed until I peed cried. Really it was worse in Virginia. A prediction of 2 inches of snow there and people would mob the stores in fear of being stuck at home for ~gasp~ a whole day. Here it takes a prediction of at least 6 before people will bother!

not ready for this

Snow. Lots and lots of snow. 10 inches overnight last night, and it hasn’t stopped yet. Another 7-12 inch storm is coming tomorrow. Generally, we don’t get this much snow until January. At this point, I think it’s physically impossible to get the rest of my errands done.

No question that it’s going to be a white Christmas around here!

I caught George laying on the back of the couch in the picture window checking out the snow. He sure as heck won’t go out in it but he loves to look at it! (The lights are on the tree inside the house.)

It disturbed him that I was in his face but he couldn’t get to me. He kept rubbing his head on the window trying to get me to pet him.

If I had to pick one good thing about blogging, I think it would be that it’s making me a better photographer. I’m much more purposeful about what I shoot now. I just never paid that much attention before, and I always considered DH the only good photographer in the family. That’s starting to change, slowly but surely.

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