ice ice baby

Oh, the joy of no power, no heat, and especially, no internet. Not.

We had a massive ice storm last night. As expected, we lost the power just as we were heading to bed around 10. By noon today it was 55 degrees in the house.  By 4pm we were checked into a nearby Radisson. No we’re not wimps! We could handle the lack of warmth if only both of our jobs didn’t require internet access. And DH’s job is in the news business. And his office doesn’t have power either. Kinda hard to get the news out to the people who need it if you can’t actually do your job.

We were very very lucky to get a hotel room by the way. The first one I called had no power, the second was booked and this one booked up about 20 minutes after I got our room. The hotel is full of refugees like ourselves. We recognize each other by our haphazard bags, warm coats, and kids dragging behind us. We aren’t the typical business traveler the place usually hosts. The frazzled hotel staff doesn’t know what to make of all this. They were caught unaware and unprepared, but happy to have the business. We’re just happy to have a warm bed and wifi.

Tomorrow morning we’ll go check on the house see how cold it’s become and decide if we need to drain the pipes so they don’t freeze. It’s supposed to get down below 15 tonight, a high of 20 tomorrow, and then a low of 7 tomorrow night. That’s 7 degrees Fahrenheit. Have mercy.

Luckily Radissons accept pets so George may come back here with us tomorrow night. Hopefully that won’t be necessary and we’ll have electricity by then. I’m not holding my breath though. I kind of like breathing.

The predictions are that we’ll have power back in 2-5 days. If we can keep the pipes from freezing until Monday we should be good, since a warm front is coming in then. Unfortunately, a warm front will mean the contents of my refrigerator that are staying cold out in my screen porch right now will spoil after all, along with everything still in both of my freezers.

All three of us are still coughing, the end of our colds in sight but still likely to keep each other up all night with the hacking. But it doesn’t matter, because we’re comfortable, warmer and more comfortable than most in this area tonight. And we’re about to order room service.

We did find a little beauty in the day:

Ice storms are nothing if not gorgeous. You can check hubby’s flickr for more pics of it. He took all of these at our house. What we should have photographed were the downed power lines at the end of our road, and more downed power lines further down the road, and fallen trees every few feet all the way down the road. And lots of roadblocks. You get the idea.

My very best to my local friends that read here. You all know who you are and I hope you are all faring well.

Will update as best I can tomorrow. xoxo

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