goodbye summer, you were fabulous

I’ve been meaning to share a few of my favorite photos from this summer, and well, ugh. I started going through all of the images I took over the last few months, and then I got overwhelmed by the sheer number of them and kind of gave up. My photo “filing” system is incredibly bad. Like every couple of months I tend to dump everything from my iPhone into a folder on my computer and call it good. I have some stuff copied over three or four times, and some things I seem to have lost completely. I need a better way but eh, organizing photos is so boring and I’d rather just go take more pictures.

Anyway! We had a very busy summer, with Josh going away with friends for a week, and then with his grandmother for a week, and then we all went to Florida for another week. Then there were all of the small weekend or day trips we tried to do, plus, you know, working at our actual jobs. I’m tired just thinking about it! Looking back through the images makes me smile though, so I hope you all like them.

daylily in Maine

Daylilies at my mother’s house in Maine.


We spent ridiculous amounts of time at the pool. When he was home anyway!

spider macro

I’ve been trying to get 10,000 steps a day, every day. Taking photos on my walks keeps me wanting to go so I have A LOT of critter pics.

beach sunrise

I’m not generally one to get up in time for sunrise, but it was worth it in Daytona Beach Shores.


I think everyone in Florida owns a surfboard. Right?

lighthouse stairs

Lighthouse stairs. Easier going down than up. Especially when it’s 95ish out. That’s temperature AND humidity. Ahem.

hard rock cafe

Humongous touch screen at the Hard Rock Cafe in Orlando.

Ferris wheel

Ferris wheel at the Marshfield fair. Probably my favorite summer picture ever.

I hope your summer was as fabulous as ours was. Now on to my favorite season, Autumn! (We won’t speak of what comes after that.)

summer of fabulous

I can’t believe summer is almost over and school starts next week. Noooo!!

Honestly, I’m not normally a huge fan of summer, since I kinda really hate the heat. I’m really more of a fall person, but I absolutely loved these past few months.

A couple of days ago, out of the blue, Josh told me that this was his best summer ever.

He said was the perfect mix of play dates with friends, going to camp, swimming, spending time away from home without us, and staying home and hanging out with us.

With my job in a lull since the end of June and Damon able to take a little time off here and there we actually got to DO things together.

I’ll probably never have another summer off from work again so I tried to make the most of it. We went to the beach, the Science Museum, a couple of fairs, and a parade. Then there were trips to the farmer’s market, picking strawberries, and visits with friends and family.

We played board games, and Legos, and football.

Josh and I spent ridiculous amounts of time at the pool. I even got some Sunday naps with my cat while the boys went biking!

I learned how to RUN and lost 35 36 pounds. No really.

Josh learned how to play chess and swim like a fish.

We enjoyed every single minute. (Even the 5am runs.)

I think it was MY best summer ever too.



Sometimes you just need to go to the beach.

Josh and I went to Maine for a couple of days to hang out with some of my family. It was nice to play a little hooky from work!

On the way back home today we turned 3 hour trip into a 6 hour one by detouring to the beach. We had no schedule to follow and since Damon is in Pittsburgh for a couple of days we had no reason to hurry back.

It was a perfect day to play.

(More photos on Flickr.)

out of town ramblings

Oh, hi! I haven’t been around in a while have I? Well, I had company over the weekend and now I’m back in Maine, this time at my sister’s place near the coast. I wanted to visit before the summer’s over, and the timing was good so I could see my nephew (he’s at my sister’s for a couple of days too) before he heads to his new Air Force assignment in England later this week for who knows how long. It was also our last chance to get to the beach before school starts up. It was a perfect day for it yesterday, sunny and hot, and the ocean was so much warmer than my last visit. This is Maine though – the ocean is never that warm!

The boy officially starts kindergarten next Thursday. It’s so hard to believe. We’re all excited for it, but his nerves have been getting to him a bit the last couple of weeks. Can you say cranky and bad attitude? I can. I’ve been practicing a lot lately. As in “change your attitude!” and “why are you so cranky?!”

The only thing I’m nervous about regarding school is the bus. Besides the usual “Oh my god, my baby is going to be on the same bus as 4th graders” but also where the bus stop is. We got the bus schedule and found out that no they don’t automatically pick up kindergartners at their houses. Yikes.

We live in a pretty rural neighborhood so I thought that was a normal assumption. However. His bus stop is actually at the bottom of our road dead end road. There are no sidewalks on either our road or the road it connects with. It’s a very scary corner. There are lots of speeding cars whizzing by, and there have been two hit and runs in that spot in the last two months, both at night, but still!!

Needless to say, I sent a letter requesting a bus stop change to our driveway. He’s the only kid on that bus from our street so I imagine it will happen, but probably not in time for next week. I think I’ll be driving him in myself for a while.

What I am looking forward to most is having my mornings all to myself so I can blog get my work done a little easier. The boy and I have had a really great summer together, better than I expected, but he does get a bit bored with me on the computer so much. I think we’re both ready for a new routine, and he’s definitely ready for a new challange.

So what about you all, are you ready for school to start or sad that summer’s almost over?

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