So it’s the first week in January. That means we’re all blogging about trying to lose weight right? Yep, me too. If you were bored with all of my “exercise this” and “diet that” posts last year you might as well just go away now, because I’m starting it all over again.

Yeah, wicked boring, I know. But truly, writing about it helped me stay on track, accountable.

So my goal this year is not a particular number. Just for the number to be less than it is now. The goal is to eat right, and exercise as often as possible. That’s it. No tricks. That’s how I did it before and that’s what I will do again.

I started by going to the gym this morning. I also picked my food diary back up, and, you know, actually wrote in it.

ps. The Loser Moms are starting a second round of their online Biggest Loser contest if anyone wants to join us!

let’s try this again

I haven’t talked much about trying to lose weight for a while, mostly because I haven’t lost any, for pretty obvious reasons! However, It’s been 8 weeks since I had my gallbladder surgery, and it’s time to get back at it. I’m healed and cleared to work out now.

My appetite is (unfortunately) normal, and I really do feel pretty good overall. Except. My stomach muscles feel so weak. And the weirdest thing is the numbness on the skin where the nerves were cut. Poke me in the belly pooch and I don’t feel a darn thing. I can feel the muscles deep down when I work out though, just not on the surface. It’s so strange!

Anyway, The last couple of times I went for a walk I got tired very quickly and my abs really felt it. And that was just walking. I haven’t even tried anything else. I haven’t really felt like doing it – like so many other times in my life. It’s too hot. I have too much work to do. It’s too hard to find time when I have Josh at home. I’m too tired.

I need my motivation back! I need to get that feeling back that I had in February and March. I was writing down every bite of food, drinking lots of water, exercising almost every day! I need to start all over again. (This time 34 pounds lighter though!) I know I can, I just have to begin.

My local biggest loser club has its final summer weigh in on Sunday, and hopefully we’re starting over again for the fall months. I don’t think there’s much chance I won for the last few months, but I know I have a shot at the fall. Any local peeps want to join us? Let me know!

I know what you’re thinking, darn I wish I lived there so I can do it too! Right? Right! Well, in a way you can! The Loser Moms Sarah and Devra are doing their own Biggest Loser online competition which I am also joining! Crazy? Yes. Motivated? Also yes! So. Ten bucks, six weeks, starting Sept. 1st! Money motivator! WHO’S IN????

I know a lot of you were on a weight loss journey in the spring too. How are you all doing? Did the summer stall you out like me or are you still going strong? What’s your motivation?

this should have just been a bullet post

I have spent all my time this week doing just a couple of things – healing, sleeping, and trying to catch up on work. Healing is going well, the other two? Meh.

I’m a stomach sleeper. Always have been. I hate, hate, hate sleeping on my back. Needless to say I can’t sleep on mah belly right now. Or even my side. So I don’t sleep much at all really. Kinda stinks since sleep is what I need the most right now.

Work is tough because I just feel so overwhelmed by how much I need to get done, and yet my brain, she cannot focus. Big bad cycle that is.

Thank god for good friends who have taken my boy for playdates a few days this week. Especially Kristen who had him from 8am to 5pm yesterday. I really needed that. Like desperately.

Speaking of desperation. Damon leaves for another business trip tomorrow. Early Saturday am to late Thursday pm. I’m not quite sure how I’m going to manage.

I can’t even drive yet but I’m hoping to feel up to it in the next couple of days. I’m off all the pain killers so I’m allowed, yet my stomach muscles just don’t feel right and I don’t know what my reaction time would be if I had to slam on the brakes or something.

I still have nothing (no really) to wear to BlogHer and shopping this weekend is out of the question. Next weekend my home girl Nicole is going to drive me around and carry my bags so I can at least get something cute to wear. That hopefully fits. (Good lord, Tim Gunn is going to be at BlogHer Saturday so I need one good outfit!)

My body is so strange right now. I’ve lost an additional 7 lbs due to my all-liquid-all-the-time diet in the hospital. (Not including the 15 lbs of IV fluid gain/loss too.) However, my stomach feels very swollen and I can’t yet button the size I was in before I went into the hospital. That really stinks. I’m hoping the swelling goes down before I need to try on clothes.

The good news is that extra 7 lbs – if it stays off – brings me to a grand total of 34 pounds lost. (Okay so yesterday I subtracted in my head and it was 39. I’m going with 34 but it might really be 39 – I’m losing track of where I started.)

Thirty freaking four pounds. I’ve never been this committed, not ever. Now I just have to get past this little gallbladder hurdle and get back on track. Well, in about five more weeks that is. I do worry that as I feel better my appetite will come back I will put some pounds back on while I can’t exercise. Worry, worry.

Sorry this post was so random! I just looked back and it’s just a jumble, but I’m going to leave it that way, because that’s just where my head is at this moment. I shoulda just done bullets.


alone and running, in a good way!

I’ve had a crazy, busy, but mostly good week, and the weekend is about to get even better.

I get to be alone! I feel terrible saying that, but seriously, I know you all get it. Sometimes you just need to be alone.

In about an hour I’m heading out to bring Josh to my MIL for the long weekend. She loves to take him and do lots of stuff with him. I imagine the beach will be involved, as will something to do with horses, as always. We get him back on Monday. That means I get to sleep, completely soundlessly, for three whole nights. Don’t hate me!

So I did go running again yesterday, and it was hard but it still felt great. My calves were burning, but my lungs weren’t. I think that’s progress! I’m going every other day right now, just until my body gets more used to it.

I’m going to do my first 5k on July 4!! My friend Nicole and I are going to do it as a practice one. We’ll walk as needed – for both of us! She broke her toes a few weeks ago so it will slow her down enough for me to keep up. 😉 Heh.

Here’s the best thing – the running has helped me break through my plateau – I lost about 4 more pounds! Woo-freaking-hoo!!! The combination of that and going back to writing in my food journal and watching my calories again has made a huge difference. I really need to remember that the next time I hit a wall.

So my plans for the weekend are to run/walk, clean the house, nap, garden, shop (alone! OMG I can try things on!), watch whatever I want to on TV, maybe hit some yard sales, and go see Star Trek.

What are you doing with your long holiday weekend?

even the downhills hurt

Yesterday wasn’t a fluke. I managed the run/walk in 45 minutes again just now. I actually ran a bit more than yesterday, but I was a bit ~ahem~ sore so going fast was impossible. Heh. It was more of light jog. But still, I did it.

I can’t even tell you how much I appreciated all of your comments yesterday. The support and encouragement I get from you all means everything to me.

I think I need to go throw up now.


I probably just need a tylenol. Oy.

run walk intervals

Okay, I’m going to tell you all something that isn’t going to seem like a bit deal to most, but is a very big deal to me.

I went for my usual 2.5 mile walk this morning and somehow I was motivated to do a few running intervals. (Okay, this might have motivated me a bit – go read it!) I do that once in a while but frankly running has never ever been my thing. Today it didn’t seem quite so…hard. I ended up running a bit more than I walked.

That loop typically takes me 65 minutes when I walk it. Today it took me exactly 45 minutes. I took 20 minutes off my time!

Here’s another good thing, I took 5700 steps so far today, and of those it counted 5550 of them as aerobic. Woot! So my whole “walk” today was fast enough to be aerobic – not easy to do!

BTW, I finally got my pedometer to count closer to correct. Last time I took the same route it counted 3800 steps and only 850 were aerobic! (Generally 1 mile = 2000 steps, but my legs are short so I think I take a few more per mile.)

I may be a sweaty mess, and I’m not sure which is going to explode first – my heart or my lungs (!), but I’m happy. Like I said, it may not seem like much to some, especially if you’re already a runner, but it’s a milestone for me.

Do you know what thoughts were in my head when I was running? I actually considered training to run a 5k. I can’t stop thinking about it even now. Huh. Imagine that.

HBB: week 7

The challenges at Hot by BlogHer this week were all about paying attention and changing up your routine. I didn’t need to change my routine since I haven’t exactly been following it. ~whoops~ What I needed was to get down to business and actually work out. (Which I did most days.)

So instead, this week I chose the diet challenge because I did need to get back to paying attention to it. Really really badly.

After having company two weekends in a row, going out to eat more often, forgetting to write down my foods, not counting calories, etc, yeah I really needed to pay attention! Just that little extra focus helped me end the month on a good note.

I felt like I had a very up and down month and I was afraid I wouldn’t see any progress, but in the end I lost 5 pounds for April. One pound a week this month. I really can’t complain about that even though my goal is 2 pounds a week. It could be better, but it sure could be a whole lot worse!

So here’s the rundown:

January – 3

February – 9

March – 8

April – 5

total – 25 pounds lost

I want to lose 40 total by BlogHer. That gives me about 12 weeks to lose 15 pounds. That’s more than doable!

How are you all doing with your goals?

week 4 challenge

Water. Water. Everywhere. And I drank it all.

I did the Diet Challenge at Hot by BlogHer this week – to up my water consumption and limit non-water drinks to only 2 per day.

We all know the best thing you can do when you’re trying to lose weight is to drink lots and lots of water. And I did that at the beginning but I’d been slacking lately. This challenge was great because it reminded me that I need to keep doing this – every single day. Forever!

I’d gotten into a habit of drinking flavored waters (the 0 calorie packets that you add to a water bottle) instead of plain water and I think I’m getting too much splenda in my diet. I don’t really like using a lot of artificial stuff but I was starting to rely on it to get something sweet. I definitely cut back on flavored waters – only 1 per day this week. My other non-water drink was one cup of coffee each morning.

I certainly didn’t suffer by limiting non-water drinks so I am going to keep going with it. Thanks for a great challenge Christina. I needed the reminder!


On a side note, I’ve decided I’m going to experiment going wheat free for awhile. Although I don’t have Celiac or a wheat allergy, I do think it’s possible I have an intolerance or low-tolerance for it digestively.

That said, I’m not going to start this week. I’d like to get past my birthday next week first – dang if I’m not going to have cake on my own birthday. But I am going to start cutting back significantly while I research the best way to go about totally eliminating wheat. I don’t eat a lot of bread now, however, I do like tortillas and pastas. I’m going to pick up some brown rice pasta or quinoa pasta but I need to find some kind of substitute for wraps.

Any wheat-free suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. I know there is wheat in lots of unexpected foods so I’m going to do some more careful label reading, again.

How are you all doing?


Okay, so I was terrible and didn’t really complete any of the Hot by BlogHer challenges this week. It’s not them it’s me.

I definitely wasn’t feeling the diet this week. Diet = meh. Yeah, yeah, I know you’re not supposed to call it a diet but let’s not kid ourselves, when you’re severely cutting your calories as I am – it’s a diet.

Anyway, I was feeling food deprived so I upped my calories to 1500/day for this week but I also upped my workouts.

Now that it’s slightly warmer in the mornings (like 40 instead of 20!) I’ve been getting outside more. As soon as I get Josh on the bus I’ve been setting off for a 2 mile walk – Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday so far! I’ve also continued my stair stepping, mini-trampoline, and hand weights every evening.

Rather than worrying about losing weight this week I concentrated on building muscle. I did stay level on the scale, but I feel stronger. The killer hill on my walk isn’t feeling so killer anymore.

I don’t want to get bored with this. I don’t want to lose my motivation. I don’t want to stop. I just needed to change things up a bit, and I see that I’ll probably need to do that on a regular basis.

I appreciate the feedback I get here – more than you might imagine. I feel like, not only am I accountable to myself, to my family, and to my local friends, but to all of you too. I know you’re all cheering me on and it makes a world of difference to me. Accountability is my fallback motivation, when my will power temporarily fails me. Thank you for that.


It’s Monday.

It’s been raining for 2 days. And it’s cold.

I didn’t get a chance to nap all weekend. But I didn’t get anything accomplished either.

I cheated and ate a piece of chocolate last night. Okay, okay. I really had 2.

The stupid cat meowed in my ear at 5:30 this morning. I didn’t have to get up until 6:45, but couldn’t get back to sleep.

We missed the bus because I wasn’t paying attention to the time, so I had to drive Josh to school. Now my feet are wet.

I have a pile of paperwork to deal with and I don’t want to do any of it.

My Biggest Loser club had our monthly weigh in yesterday. And I lost 8 pounds this month!!!!!

8 pounds in March.

9 pounds in February.

3 pounds in January.

I’ve lost 20 pounds.

I’d call that a milestone.

Nothing can kill my good mood, not a ton of work or lack of sleep, not a messy house or bad weather. Today is a good day, no matter what else happens!

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