You know you need winter to end when…

You pine for the pool every time you drive by it – at least 4 times a day.

The amount of static in your hair/clothes/cat actually might electrocute you.

There is a constant coat of sand and salt on your lovely hardwood.

You gain back 8 pounds and you’re desperate to start running again. But damn it’s sooo cold!

All of your photos start to look alike – and not on purpose. There is nothing else to shoot.

Photo Jan 31, 10 53 42 AM

Photo Jan 16, 7 42 29 AM

Photo Feb 15, 8 15 09 AM

Photo Feb 18, 6 00 42 PM

Photo Jan 29, 7 44 46 PM

I think I’ve reached my limit of pics of bare trees for one year. All of my other recent photos are of the boy or the cat. Yeah, I’m ready for spring.

Did you hear we’re supposed to get another snowstorm again this weekend? *headdesk* I miss green grass and daisies!


me vs. the driveway

It has become my nemesis. Always covered in ice, snow, slush. You name it and I’m shoveling it. Today was no different. Not enough snow to use the snow blower and too much to leave there to melt on its own. Two inches of wet, heavy, heart attack snow. Fat globs of slush plop on my neck from overhanging branches. A foot of dirt and ice clog the entrance, left there by accomplice plows. My shoulders scream for mercy but my arch enemy won’t let me rest. It’s me or the driveway. One of us isn’t going to make it out of this winter alive.

ps. Anyone have a jackhammer I can borrow? Um. No reason.

yeah, more snow pictures

It’s not like there’s anything else to take a picture of out there.

We got a lot of snow yesterday. I stopped caring how much once it was beyond a foot. I just don’t wanna know anymore.

Makes you cold just looking at it doesn’t it?

That’s my poor trellis and fence that blew over in a windstorm late last fall. This is the prettiest it’s looked in a long time!

I think the trees are as tired and beat down by winter as I am. Brrrrr.

I’ll be lucky if this azalea survives. It almost didn’t make it last year. I miss its little pink flowers.

But is sure is pretty isn’t it? Darn snow.

And I really don’t want to hear it if you already have crocuses or daffodils popping up. Seriously.

deja snow

Deja vu anyone? Yes, there is yet another snow storm on the way. And it looks like a “code orange” on the French Toast Meter.* Bwaaahhaahhaaaa!!**

The local TV station says 5-10 inches and NOAA says 5-9 total. Wait. What the?? says 1-2 inches? Oh great, and Weatherbug split the difference with 2-4 of snow plus 2-4 of sleet. Hmmm. So who’s right??? I knew I should have been a meteorologist so I could figure it out for myself!

Either way, I don’t think we’ll be having school tomorrow. Again.

*Link courtesy of DH. 😉

**Milk, bread and eggs = French Toast! I never heard this joke until a couple of days ago, but I pretty much laughed until I peed cried. Really it was worse in Virginia. A prediction of 2 inches of snow there and people would mob the stores in fear of being stuck at home for ~gasp~ a whole day. Here it takes a prediction of at least 6 before people will bother!

not ready for this

Snow. Lots and lots of snow. 10 inches overnight last night, and it hasn’t stopped yet. Another 7-12 inch storm is coming tomorrow. Generally, we don’t get this much snow until January. At this point, I think it’s physically impossible to get the rest of my errands done.

No question that it’s going to be a white Christmas around here!

I caught George laying on the back of the couch in the picture window checking out the snow. He sure as heck won’t go out in it but he loves to look at it! (The lights are on the tree inside the house.)

It disturbed him that I was in his face but he couldn’t get to me. He kept rubbing his head on the window trying to get me to pet him.

If I had to pick one good thing about blogging, I think it would be that it’s making me a better photographer. I’m much more purposeful about what I shoot now. I just never paid that much attention before, and I always considered DH the only good photographer in the family. That’s starting to change, slowly but surely.

happiness is…

…more than just a warm puppy. Happiness is electricity, and I haz it.

Hallelujah!! Thank you to the Canadian power crews! and to PSNH!

Of course, when they fixed the power they knocked out our phone line/internet. Luckily I have a techno-geek hubby with other means for getting internet for the time being.

I can cook! and do laundry! and get groceries! Wait. Why am I happy that I can do chores?

Oh, and no I wasn’t serious. I mean I did actually make ramen that way, but I didn’t have to. It was pure laziness curiosity that made me do it.

Thanks for all your support peeps, you know I love you! Mwah!

broken record

It’s day four of no power.

I’ve lost my funny. It fled as far down the electrical wires as it could looking for a more entertaining host. It left when it realized this is ‘clean out the yucky fridge day.’ There is no humor in spoiled food.

Things are really much better here. The house is up to 70 degrees. I had a glorious long hot shower and I still have internet. Who needs lights? I’m going to try to boil water over a candle so I can have a cup o’ ramen for lunch, only because I’m sick to death of fast food.

Thank you to everyone for your offers of help! I really am fine. Especially in comparison to people with trees in their roofs, frozen pipes, or that are still holed up in hotel rooms. I have a good friend who has had a generator going this whole time, but now her furnace broke down last night. Oy.

It would be harder if the boy was here, but knowing that he’s safe and happy at my MIL’s until whenever we get power back is definitely a relief. It’s easy to just take care of myself.

But did I mention there’s more bad weather coming tomorrow? Yeah.

37 degrees

That was the temperature in my bedroom when I woke up this morning. It was the coldest room in the house. That was good news actually, because that meant none of the pipes froze. The boy and I slept up there with lots of comforters and fleece blankets and we were cozy except for our noses! DH slept (barely) on the couch next to the fireplace so he could stoke the fire all night long. George kept stealing his warm sleeping bag every time he got up!

VIP came through with the generator today. They were so efficient and friendly. An electrician friend hardwired it to the furnace so it’s slowly warming up in here. We have enough power for the chest freezer in the garage, our laptops, the wireless hub, and one tv. No lights, no cooking. But that’s okay. We’re much luckier than most here. We lost everything in our refrigerator including the frozen stuff but that’s not as much as it sounds. I’m just dreading cleaning it out.

The boy is now on the way to spend a few days the the MIL’s house. They came to get him (three hours each way!!) at noon so he doesn’t have to put up with this anymore. There won’t be school for at least a few days anyway. I had to send him with a bag full of dirty clothes. Having been sick all week, I never did any laundry expecting I would be able to do it this weekend. Oops! He was desperately in need of a bath too!

I’m looking forward to the house being warm enough later that I can use some of the hot water for a shower. My butt is is a solid block of ice. Before that though, we have to go out and get some more gas for the generator and some warm food for us. Then we can settle in for the night again with fresh hope for electricity tomorrow.

baby it’s cold inside

Quick update. We have internet for a short time using a power inverter hubby borrowed from work. It’s not strong enough to power anything but the wireless hub so still no heat. Priorities man, priorities. We’re toughing it out at home tonight and keeping a fire going in the fireplace. It’s 45 degrees in here so no frozen pipes. Woohoo.

We were considering staying at the hotel another night until we called down to the front desk in the morning, AS THEY TOLD US TO when we checked in, to say we were staying and they told us they room was already booked by someone else. WHA??? Oh well. We slept terribly anyway and just wanted to be home.

I spent the day searching for a generator and the boy went with DH to his office where the power is finally back on. I got us a on list at a VIP Auto Center for a generator tomorrow morning. They’re expecting a shipment of 50 of them, and I’m like 14th on the list. You better believe I’ll be on their doorstep when they open tomorrow! (After we have a hot breakfast somewhere of course.) Who would have thought you could buy generators at VIP? Good thing I got a hot tip from a Home Depot employee!

Be warm, be well, and I hope to get online again tomorrow!


ice ice baby

Oh, the joy of no power, no heat, and especially, no internet. Not.

We had a massive ice storm last night. As expected, we lost the power just as we were heading to bed around 10. By noon today it was 55 degrees in the house.  By 4pm we were checked into a nearby Radisson. No we’re not wimps! We could handle the lack of warmth if only both of our jobs didn’t require internet access. And DH’s job is in the news business. And his office doesn’t have power either. Kinda hard to get the news out to the people who need it if you can’t actually do your job.

We were very very lucky to get a hotel room by the way. The first one I called had no power, the second was booked and this one booked up about 20 minutes after I got our room. The hotel is full of refugees like ourselves. We recognize each other by our haphazard bags, warm coats, and kids dragging behind us. We aren’t the typical business traveler the place usually hosts. The frazzled hotel staff doesn’t know what to make of all this. They were caught unaware and unprepared, but happy to have the business. We’re just happy to have a warm bed and wifi.

Tomorrow morning we’ll go check on the house see how cold it’s become and decide if we need to drain the pipes so they don’t freeze. It’s supposed to get down below 15 tonight, a high of 20 tomorrow, and then a low of 7 tomorrow night. That’s 7 degrees Fahrenheit. Have mercy.

Luckily Radissons accept pets so George may come back here with us tomorrow night. Hopefully that won’t be necessary and we’ll have electricity by then. I’m not holding my breath though. I kind of like breathing.

The predictions are that we’ll have power back in 2-5 days. If we can keep the pipes from freezing until Monday we should be good, since a warm front is coming in then. Unfortunately, a warm front will mean the contents of my refrigerator that are staying cold out in my screen porch right now will spoil after all, along with everything still in both of my freezers.

All three of us are still coughing, the end of our colds in sight but still likely to keep each other up all night with the hacking. But it doesn’t matter, because we’re comfortable, warmer and more comfortable than most in this area tonight. And we’re about to order room service.

We did find a little beauty in the day:

Ice storms are nothing if not gorgeous. You can check hubby’s flickr for more pics of it. He took all of these at our house. What we should have photographed were the downed power lines at the end of our road, and more downed power lines further down the road, and fallen trees every few feet all the way down the road. And lots of roadblocks. You get the idea.

My very best to my local friends that read here. You all know who you are and I hope you are all faring well.

Will update as best I can tomorrow. xoxo

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